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Friday 4 Moon in Ta u rus MOVIES Ann Albor ♦Cinema Guild-'Vm No Angel" [Wesley Ruggiesj 7&9,$1. Cinema II-"The Paper Chase" [James Bridgesl 7&9, $1.25. Mediatrics-"Last of Sheila" (A shocking mystery)7:3O&9. $1. Ypstlanti Mud Cinema-"Soylent Green" (S.F.) ?&9, $1. Detroit Detroit Film Theatre-"Children of Paradise" (Marcel Carne] 8pm only, $2 ($ 1 .students). Cabaret Cinema-"Pink Flamingos" Midnight, (25570 W. Eight Mile). Detroit Film Society-"Blood & Sand" wValentino, and "Algiers" wCharles Boyer; 7pm Detroit Public Library, Putnam entrance. MUSiC Ann Albor The Ark Coffee House-Paul Geremia., 9pm, $2.50, Folk. ♦Bimbo's-Gaslighters, 9pm, $50., Ragtime. Blind Pig-Dave Workman Blues Band, 9:30, $1., Blues. Chances Are-Ten High, 9:15, $1.50, R&R. Golden I akon-Mi.xed Bag, lOpm, $1.50, Jazz. Mr. Fiood's Party-Jaw Bone, 9:30, $1., Country n' Western. Rubaiyat-Free Flighi, 9:30, mild dance muzak. Ypsilanti fhe Suds Factory-Masquerade. 9:30, $1., R&R. Detroit & Suburbs Baker's Keyboard Lounge-Leon Thomas & his new sextet, 9:30, $3.50, Jazz. Bobbie's Lounge-Matt Michaeh. Jack Brokensha. Don Palmer & Úrsula Walker, 9pm. $1.. Jazz, Charley's Crab-Bob Seeleyifastest piano in the Midwesl) nightly except Sun., RagtimeBlues. Dirty Helen's Saloon-Gary Edwards & Sage, 10:30pm, S2., pop-rock. J.J.'s Lounge-Shelby Hotel-The Lyman Woodard Organization, 9pm, Jazz. The Medium Lounne-Thc Bill Herd Group 9:30. SI., Jazz & Blues. "Michigan Concert Palace-Weather Report, Tai Mahal, Little l'eai. Uoors open 7pm, $5., R&R. Moby Dick Lounge-Uick McKenzie Trio, 9pm, S I , Top 30's & 40. Rainbow Room-Shelby Hotel-Buddy Guy & Junior Wells, 9pm, $4.50, R&B. Raven Gallery-The Country Store, 9:30 & 11:30, $3., Biuegrass. Rock & Roil Farm-Birtha (AH-women band from Calif.) & Eye Band, 9:30, $1.50, R&R. Side Door Lounge-Mack I'lak & Bland Allïson, 8pm, no cover, R&R. Union Street-Cherie & Sarah, 9pm, no cover Acoustic-Folk. Watts Mozambique Lounge-Gloria Lynn, !0:30, S3.5O,Jazzsinger. TV lam-Rock Concert, Dr. John, Ch.2. 1 :30am-"The Invisible Man Returns" 1940, Vincent Price, Ch.2. EVENTS Detroit The Friends Roadshow (magie, mime & rock & roll), 9 :30pm, Colonial Lounge (Farmington & 7 mile, Livonia) $1. Streets of Detroit long ago when the auto was new-9am-5pm, Detroit Historical Museum 5401 Woodward, 321-1701. Elsewhere Oktoberfest (music, dancing & Germán food) 6-lüpm, Holiday Inn, Troy, 2537 Rochester Court. Saturday 5 Moon in Taurus then ín Gemini 7:01am MOVIES Ann Arbor Cincma Guild-'Virgin Spring" Ingmar Bergmanl Swed.. subtitles, 7&9, $1. Cinema H-"The Paper Chase" see Fri. 104. Mediatries-"Last of Sheila"see 104. Ypsilanti Mud Cinema-"Save the Tigei" 7&9, SI. Detroit Detroit Film Theatre-"Million Dollar Legs" [Edward Clinc] and "It's A Gift" [Norman McLeodJ both wW.C. FieWs, 7&9:30, $2., ($l.students). Cabaret Cinema-"Pink Flamingos" see Fri. 104. ♦Detroit Film Society-"Blood & Sand" and "Algiers" see 104. MUS1C Ann Aibor The Ark Coffee House-Paul Geremia, see Fri. 104. Bimbo's-Gasligliters-see 104. Blind Pig-Dave Workman Blues Band-see 104. "Chances Are-Ten High-see 104. Golden Falcon-Mixed Bag-see 1 04. Mr. Flood's Party-Jaw Bone-see 104. Rubaiyat-Free Flight-see 104. Ypsilanti The Suds Factory-Masquerade-see 104. Detroit & Suburbs ♦Baker's Keyboard Lounge-Leon Thomas, see 104. Bobbie's Lounge-Matt Michaels, Jack Brokensha, Don Palmer & Úrsula Walker, see 104. Charley's Crab-Bob Seeley-see 104. J.J.'s Lounge-Shelby Hotel-Lyman Woodard, see 104. The Medium Lounge-Bill Herd Group, see 104. ♦Michigan Concert Palace-Grand Central Station, Little Feat & Mercury. Doors open at 7pm. $5., R&R. Moby Dick Lounge-Don Mckenzie-see 104. Rainbow Room-Shelby Hotel-Buddy Guy & Junior Wclls-see 104. Rappa House Concert Cafe-After Hours Jazz, 2am-6am. Raven Gallery-The Country Store, see 104. Rock & Roll Birtha -see 104. Side Door Lounge-iwacK Flak & Bland Allison-see 104. Union Street-Cherie & Sarah, see 104. Watts Mozambique Lounge-Gloria Lynn-see 104. TV 7am-01d Time Comedies-"Blue Blazes" Buster Keaton and "Kid 'n Hollywood" Shirley Temple, Ch. 7. 7pm-Community Dialogue, see Weds. 102. 6:30pm-A Season of Celebration-a summer in the life of the Chícagp Free Street Theater, and their Midwest tour. Ch.56. EVENTS Ann Arbor lndo-China PeaceCampaign-Cocktaü fundraiserat Ed Pierce's (1409 Beechwood)46:3Opm, admission $2.50, $7.50, or $12.50. informal, all welcome, the stars will be here. Indo-China Peace Campaign-rally at Rackham Aud., Jane Fonda & Daniel Ellsberg will speak on "It's Stïll America's War." 8:30 pm, nó admission charge. Detroit The Friends Road Show (magic, mime, rock & roll). 9:30pm, Colonial Lounge (Fannington & 7 Mile. Livonta) $ 1 . StreeU of Detroit long ago-see Fri. 104. First "Ascent of Man" section, "Lower than the Angels" 7:30prn,Cranbrook, 520 Lone Pine, Bloomfield Hills. Elsewhere Oktoberfest-see Fri. 104. vSunday 6 Moon in Gemini MOVIES Ann Arbor Cinema If-'islands of Lost Souls" (Erte Kentorj 7&9, $1. New World Füm Co-op-"Romeo & Juliet" 7&9:30(MLB4), $1.25. Ypsilanti Mud Cinema-"Save the Tiger" see Sat. 105. International Film Series-"Through a Glass Darkly" {Ingmar Bergman), 8pm, $.50., (Holy Trinity Chapel) EMU campus. MUSIC Ann Arbor The Ark Coffee House-Parlor Games (A Poetry-in-the-Park Benefit) 7:30pm, $.50, music by Gemini, George Pedersen. Poetry by Chris McLeiland, Steve Schwartz, Donald Hall, Jane KeByon, Cathleen Tebben & Linda Parkei Sttverman. ♦Bimbo's-GasIightcrs-see Fri. 104. ♦Blind Pig-Classical, 9:30. $.50. Chances Are-Ten High, 9:15, $1 ., R&R. Del Rio-Jazz Golden Falcon-Discs spun by Mojo, lOpm, S2. Mr. llood's Party-Jaw Bone,9:30, $.75, C&W. Ypsilanti The Suds Factory-Masquerade, 9:30, $.50 R&R. Detroit & Suburbs Baker's Keyboard Lounge-Leon Thomas, see fri. 104. Dirty llelen's SaJoon-Gary Edwaids & Sage, sce Fri. 104. J.J.'s Lounge-Shelby Hotel-Lyman Woodard see 104. Moby Dick L.ounge-Don McKenzie-see 104. Rainbow Room-Shelby Hotel-Eddié Nuccilli's band, Plural Cirele, 9pm, $2., Jazz. Raven Gallery-Country Store-see 104. Side Door Lounge-Mack Hak & Bland Allison. sce 104. Union Street-Mary l'oley, 9pm, no cover, Acoustk'-I-oIk. Watts Mozambique Lounge-Gloria Lynn, see 104. Women's Cultural Center-Open mikes night. TV 2:3Opm-"The Unquiet Death of Julius and E-:iheI Rosenberg"Ch.56. EVENTS Ann Arbor Arts & Crafts I air by U of M Artists & Craltsmen Guíld, FREE, al Farmer's Market on liith St. 'National Shadow Theatre of Malaysia, 2:30 pm, Rackham Aud., University Musical Society. Tickets at Burton Tower, A2, 665-3717. Detroit ♦Streetsof Detroit long ago-see rri. 104. Oktoberfest (music, beer, pretzels & Germán food)-Noon-tOpm at the Wilfred T. Conneily Council, Knights of Columbus, SouthfieW between 12 & 13 Mile. First "Ascent of Man" section, "Lower tHan the Angels" 3:3Opm, Cranbrook, 520 Lone Pine, Bloumfield Hills. Monday 7 Moon in Gemini then in Cáncer 10:30pm MOV ÍES Ann Arbor New World Film Co-op-Billy Jack" 7&9: 15, $1.25 MUSIC Ann Arbor Blind Pig-Biue Monday wBoogie Woogie Red, 9:30pm, SI., Blues. "Chances Are-Masquerade, 9pm, R&R. Mï. Flood's Party-Tim Carr, 9:30pm, $.50, t-olk. Ypsilanti ♦BirnboVSqueeze, 9:30, $.50, R&R. Detroit & Suburbs Side Door Lounge-TV taping of Rock & Roll bands. Union Street-Mike Monaghan, 9pm, no cover, Acoustic-Folk. ♦Watts Mozambique Lounge-Gloria Lynn, seeFri. 104. TV 2:3Opm-Lilias, Yoga & You, Ch.56. 7:00pm-Acdon Chicano-Chicano Culture, Ch. 56. 8:00pm-"lnflation:The Money-Go-Round" an indepth study of nalion's economy w Mihon Friedman, John Kenneth Galbraith, and Walter Heller. Ch.56. lï:00pm-It's Your Turn-"The Fifth Estáte" Detroit' aJternative newspaper. Ch.56. 1 :00am-"Dangerous Money" 1946, Charlie Chan, Sidney Toler;Ch.2.' EVENTS Ann Albor Mass meeting to organi?e & sign-up for classes-the Creative Arts Workshop, 7:30pm at 62 1 William. lf you ean't make (he meeting, cali Community Switchboard, 663-1 1 i 1 . lndo-China Peace Campaign meeting 7:30pm at 332 S. State. 764-7548 for more info. Tuesday 8 Moon in Cáncer MOVIES Ann Arbor A2 Fílm Co-op-"The Wild Child" [FrancoisTruffautJ 7&9, SI. 25. Cinema Guild-"Variety" [E.A. Dupont] & Chaplin Short. 7pm, $1. "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon [John Ford) 9pm, $1. Ypsilanti Mud Cinema-"The Chaplin Review" (19181923), 2&8pm, $1. MUSIC Ann Arbor Blind Pig-Jive Soup, 9:30, $1. Jazz. "Chances Are-Dr. Bob & the Headliners, 9pm, '50's nostalgia. Mr. Flood's Party-Tim Carr, see Mon. 107. Ypsilanti The Suds Factory-Astigafa, 9:3Opm, $.50, R&R. Detroit & Suburbs Baker's Keyboard Lounge-Richard Groove Holmes, 9:30, $3.50. Jazz organist. ♦Bobbie's Lounge-Ma tt Michaels, Jack Brokensha, Don Palmer & Úrsula Walker, see Fri. 104. Moby Dick Lounge-Don McKenzie Trio, 9pm, SI., Top 30's&40Y continued on page 22