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There's no need to leave your warm room this fall to find out m what's happening in and around Ann Arbor- because the SUN is now 7f V being HOME DELIVERED all over the Ann ArborYpsi área. If you yL L subscribe you get the hot news, heavy features, and full calendar info H in the Ann Arbor SUN-at your door, THE DAY WE HIT THE k STREETS. Jf EVERY WEEK $ V Starting last month, the SUN is a WEEKLY newspaper. This means yL L local subscribers are getting the SUN at their home EVE"RY FRIDAY T (for no more, or for less, than it costs to piek up the paper at the 4( newstands). J FREE RECORD OR SUNT-SHIRT ï " If you subscribe to the SUIM for one year (or more) we'll give you a " % special free bonus in the form of an Ann Arbor SUN t-shirt (bright jLv yellow with red SUN logo) OR a new record album. Currently availa L ble is Marión Brown's SWEET EARTH FLYING (pictured on our lK back page). Our reviewer Bill Adler called this newjazz album "a Tf i( gorgeous work", adding "don't deny yourself this marvelous elixir a ji moment longer." (SWEET EARTH FLYING available only until we exhaust our curW H. rent Mm ited stock. Please specify t-shirt size on all orders of one year J ij or more.) jL w INANNARBOR&YP5I J HOME DELIVERY ONLY ■C Deliver the SUN for 4 months (16 issues). Cost: $4.00 (25? an issue) ) f Deliver the SUN for 8 months (32 issues). Cost: $7.70 (24d an issue1 jL Deliver the SUN for I year (48 issues). Cost: $11.00 (23 an issue) l r Name . AddressStreet CityZip T J Apt No Phone Deliver a free record Deliver a free t-shirt Bill me later I T-Shirt Size: S M L X-L Payment Enclosed T r (If you move outside the AAYpsi area, we will will finish your suscription, T 4( through the mails, at your new address.) )t Clip and mail, and make all checks payble to: Rainbow Agency, 603 E. 71 t William, Ann Arbor Ml 48108 ) OUTSIOE AA & YPSI MAIL DELIVERY 4 7 Mail 6 months of the SUN (24 issues). Cost: $5.50 (23 t c 0 an issue) 3 V Mail 1 year of the SUN (48 issues). Cost: $10.00 (21 7 an (SAVE $2.00) . i Mail 2 years of the SUN (96 issues). Cost: $18.00 (19 an SAVE $6.00) M I Mail 3 years of the SUN (144 issues). Cost: $24.00 (17an issue-SAVE $12.00) I L I 4( Name . . - L. W AddressStreet J CityZip r Apt No Phone Mail a free record Mail a free t-shirt: _ Bill me later 3 , T-ShirtSize: S M I X-L Pavment Enclosed i ■ (If you move to the Ann ArborYpsi area we will finish your subscription, via HOME DELIVERY at your new address.) ; Clip and mail coupon, and make all ckecks payable to: Rainbow Agency, 603 E. William, Ann Arbor, Mi, 48108. -JL t HOmC D6UVGRY 994-4557 J