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# A 'tt W ' conti nued f rom page 21 Rainbow Room-Shelby Hotel-The Friends Roadshow, 9pm, $2., magie, mime & R&R. Side Door Lounge-Mack Hak & Bland Allison, 8pm, no cover, R&R. Union Strcct-Jan Eugenides, 9pm, no cover Acoustic-Folk. Watts Mozambique Lounge-Gloria Lvnn see 104. EVENTS Ann Arbor People's Ballroom Formation Meeting, 8:30tim at 1510HÍIISI Wednesday 9 Moon in Cáncer then in Leo 4:03pm MOVIES Arm Arbor Cinema Gtijld-"Variet 'i..A. Dupont] Chaplin Short. 7pm, $1.; "Broadway Meïody of 1929" [Harr) Beaurrjont] 9pm, $1. Ypsilanti Mud Cinema-"WestworiI" 7&9. $1. Detroit Mar Brothers FestivaJ-26000 Evergreen (cvl'o Wed.) 8pm. I il M il il - ini h'ii MUSIC Ann Arbor Thc Ark Coffee House-Hoot Amateur Nite, 9pm,.$.75. Blind Pig-Tlie Otherside, 9:30. SI.. Jazz. ♦Chances Are-Dr. Bob & The Headstuffen. see Tues. 108. Golden Falcon-Discs spun by Double-OSoul, $ 1. Mr. Flood's Party-Silvertones. 9:30. $.75, R&B. Ypsilanti Bimbo's-East Rivor Drive, 9:30pm, &5(1 R&R. The Suds Factory-Astigafe, see Tires. 108. Detroit & Suburbs Baker's Keyboard Lounge-Richard Groove Holmes, seeTues. 108. Bobbie's Lounge-Ursula Walker & top trio, see Iri. i Cl4. Dirty Helen's Saloon-Gaiy Edwards & Sage, see 104. Moby Üick Lounge-Don McKenzie Trio. see 108. Rainbow Room-Shelby Hotel-Martha Reeves, 9pm,S4., R&B. "Rock & Roll Farm-Salem Witchcraft 9:3Orm SI., R&R. Side Door Lounge-Mack 1 lak & Wand Allison, see tO8. Union Street-Chene & Sarah, 9pm, no cover, Acoustic-Folk. Watts Mozambique Lounge-Gloria Lynn, see 104. Cobo Arena-Jefferson Starship, Gracc Slick, Paui Kantner and R.E.O. Speedwagon, 7:3Opm Tickets $6.50, S5.S0 at box office, Hudson's, Grinnell's oí Mail To: Cobo Arena 8,0. I , Washington Blvd., Detroit, Mich. TV 7pm-Wnan-"Female Sexuatity" nationwtde . questionaire results. Ch. 56. llpm-lt's Your Tum-"íntetnatioaaí Meditatie Society" Ch. 56. EVENTS Ann Arbot Tecture Seiies-Árt from the Fai Kast "Chin icheaoloev" 7:3Opra, And. A Angelí Hall. Ypsüanti '"lrilmte to Black ornen" 8pm, Roosevelt Hall Aiid.-KMI. . Pnctiy. modern dance, musk A; a guési speaker. Admission free. Spnspored by the Black Students Association of Eastem Michigan L'ntversiiy. ThursdaylO Moon in Leo MOVFES Ann Arbor A-2 HlmCo-op-"Start the Revolution Without Me" Bud Yorkin) 7, 8:45, 10:30, Aud. B. SI. 25; "The Seven Samurai" [Akira Kurosawal 7:30 only, SI. 25. Cinema Gtiild-"1he Women" [GeoFW Cukorl 7&9:30, Si. Women's film Series-'Take this Woman" (documentinp women employed in menial jobs), "From 3am to lOpm" (a day in the life of a Yugoslavian working housewife), and "Carinp More Than a Day" Ton chiid care) 8pm FREE Aud. C, Angelí Hall. . Ypsilanti Mud Cinema-"Westworld" see Wed. 109 MUSIC Ann Afbor The Ark Coffee House-Gemini, 9pm $1 Folk. Blind Pig-John Nicholas, 9:30, $]., Blues. Golden Falcon-Masterpiece, 9:30 pm, $2 Soul. Mr. Flood's Party-Siivertones, see Wed. 1010 Ypsilanti Bünbo's-East Rivcr Drive. See 109. T!ie Suds Factory-Astigafa, see 108. Detroit & Suburbs Baker's Keyboard Lounge-Richard Groove Holnres, see Tues. 108. 0irty Helen's Saloon-Gary Fdwards & Sage see Fri. 104. The Medium Lounge-The Bill Herd Group 9:3Opm, $1., Jazz & Blues. Mbby Dick Lounge-Don McKenzie, see 108. Rainbow Room-Shelby Üotel-Martha Reeves see 109. Rock & Roll Fann-Salem Witchcraft, see 109 Side Door Lounge-Mack Flak & Bland Allison. see 108. Union Slreet-Cherie & Sarah, see 109. Watts Mozambique Lounge-Gloria Lynn, see 104. TV 8:30pm-Detroit Black News. Ch.56. 10pm-"Tim Weisberg-Jazz Rock" Ch. 56. 1 1 :30pm-Geraldo Rivera, "Goodnight America" Ch. 7. 12:30pm-Vibrations Encore-"The BrubecksDave & Chris" Ch. 56. EVENTS Ypsilanti C'icety Tyson, acties, will speak, 8pm, Pease Auditorium. Detroit The l'riends Roadshow (mime, magie, & rock & roll)-9:30pm at Colonial Lounge (I arminpton & 7Mile. Livonia) $1. lndependence Struggles in Africa:What Road tbr Socialists? Speaker:Henry AJston, Spartacist League, 12:3öpm, Hillberry A, UCB, Wayne Staic Univcrsiiy. Elsewhere Sky Theatre-Abrams Planetarium-MSU. E. Lansing, Donald Moye, 8:15pm, Si., percussion solo presented by The Creative ArtsCollective. Backed by Roscoe Mitchell ot' the Art Ensemble of Chicago. Advance tickets: Abrams Planetarium. STudent Union, MSU, and Discount Records, Grand River, E. Lansing, Mkh. Friday 11 Moon in Leo then in Virgo 5:56pm MOVIES Ann Arbor 'Cinema Guild-"Point Blank" {John Boorman] Short:Liquid Jazz, 7&9, $1. Cinema H-"The Wrong Boif'IBryon Forbesl 7&9, SI. Ypsilanti Mud Cinema-"Wcstworld" see 109. Detroit Detroit Film T)ieatre-"in the Name of the Father" [Marco Bcllocchio] , 7&9pm, $2., Sl.students. MUSIC Ann Arbor The Ark Coffee llouse-Kate & Anna McGarrigle & Roma Baran, 9pm, S2.5O, l'olk. HimboVThe Gaslighters, 9pm, $.50, Ragrime. ■Blind Pig-Baby Boy Warren, 9:30pm, $1 Blues Chances ARc-The Shakets, 9pm. R&R. Golden [■alcon-Mixed Bag. 9:3Opm. $1.50, .ij . ■■Mr. Flood's Party-Merriroac County, 9:30. RubaJyat-Freè 1 li.dit. 9:30pm, mild dance ItlUSIC. Ypsilanti Bimho's-his! River Drive, see 109. The Suds Factory-Astigafa, 9:30pm $1 R&R. v Detroit & Suburbs Baker's Keyboard Lounge-Richard Groove Holmes, see 1 08. Dirty Helen's Saloon-Gary Edwards & Saae, see 104. J.J.'s Lounge-Slielby Hotel-Lyman Woodard, 9pm, Jazz. The Medium Lounge-The Bill Herd Group, see 1010. Moby Dick Lounge-Don McKenzie, see 108. Rainbow Room-Shelby Hotel-Martha Reeves, 9pm, $5., R&B. "Rock & Roll Farm-Saiem Witchcraft see 108. %