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Free Home Delivery-Call 9944337 Side Door Lounge-Mack Flak & Bland Allison, see 108. Union Street-Cherie & Sarah, see 109. ♦Watts Mozambique Lounge-Gloria Lynn, see 104. TV 1 l:30pm-In Concert, Suzie Quatro, the Spinners, Ch. 7. lam-Rock Concert-The O'Jays, the Impressions, Ch. 7. EVENTS Ann Arbor ïndependence Struggtes in África: What Road for Socialists? Speaker:Henry Alston, Spartacisl League. 7:3Opm, Michigan Union, Rm. 2207. Further info: (313)921-4626. Detroit The Friends Roadshow (mime, magic and rock & roll)-9:30pm al Colonial Lounge, (Faimington & 7 Mlle, Livonia), SI. Saturday 12 Moon in Virgo MOVIES Ann Arbor Cinema Guild-"Wuth.ering Heights" Willi;im Wylerj 7&9, Si. ♦Cinema fI-"We Still Kill Tlie Oíd Way" [Elio Petri] Ital, subiiilcs, 7&9, SI. Mediatric-"Horsefeathers" and "Coconuts" lai Bros.. 7:30 & 9, SI. Ypsilanti Mud Cinetna-"Electra Glide in Blue" 7&9pm, SI. MUSIC Ann Arbor The Ark Coffee Howsc-Kate & Anna McGarrigie & Roma Bacas, see Iri. 1012. BimboVThe Gaslighters, see 1012. Blind Pig-Baby Boy Warren, sec 101 I. ♦Chances Are-The Shakers, see 1 0 1 I . Golden Falcon-Mixcd Bag, see 1011. Mr. Flood's Party-Merrimac County-see 1011. Rubaiyat-l;ree Flight, see 101 1. Trotter House-AKA Dance: Ypsilanti Bimbo's-East River Drive, see 109 The Suds Factory-Astigafa, see 1011. Detroit & Suburbs Baker's Keyboard Lounge-Richard Groove Holmes, see 108. Dirty Helens Saloon-Gary Edwards & Sage, see 104. J.J.'s Lounge-Shelby Hotel-Lyman Woodard, see 10U. The Medium Lounge-Bill Herd Group, see 1010. Moby Dick Lounge-Don McKenzie, see 108. Rainbow Room-Shelby Hotel-Martha Reeves, ,ee 10U. Rappa House Concert Cate-After Hours Jazz, 2am-6am. Raven GalleryRock & Roll Farm-Salem Witchcraft, see 109. Side Door Lounge-Mack Flak & Bland Ailison, see 108. Union Street-Cherie & Sarah, see 109. VVatts Mozambique Lounge-Gloria Lynn, see 104. "Cobo Hall-Bachman, Turner, Overdrive. 7:30 Tickets, $6.50, S5.S0 at box office. 'Masonic Auditorium-Herbie Hancock w special guest stars Brian Auer's Oblivion F.xpress, Minnie Rippertoa, 7:30pm, Tickets, S7.50, S6.5O, S5.5O, at Hudsons, Grinnells, or Masonic box office. 500 Temple, Det. 48201 . TV 9pm-"Inflation-the Money Merry-Go-Round" seeMon. 107, Ch. 56. EVENTS Ann Arbor ♦George Cariln-Spra, Hill Aud. S3. Detroit Friends Roadshow (mime, magie, & rock & roll)-see Fri. 1011. Memorial Service commémorating Sojourner Truth (famous as an abolitionist and pioneer for women's rights) l-3pm, Oakhill cemetery, Battle Creek. A reception follows. A Tribute to Sojourner Truth. Born a slave, worked in the Anti-SIavery movement. worked for Women's Kights. Memorial Setvice-Sat. 12th-Oakhill Cemetery, Battle Creek-sponsored by Detroit and Battle Creek N.O.VV. Public Invited. Sunday 13 Moon in Virgo then n Libra 7: 1 lpm MOVIES Ann Arhor Cinema Guild-"Simabaddha-The Target" Satyajit Ray Bengali. subtitles, 7&9, $1. Cinema 1Í-"A Very Curious Girí" [Nelly Kaplan) Frenen, subtitles. 7&9, $1. Mcdiatrics-"Horsefeathers" and "Coconuts" wMarx Bros. 7:30 & 9. $1. New World Film Co-op-"Iules & Jim" 7&9. $1.25. Ypsilanti Mud Cinema-"Electra Glide in Blue" 7&9, $1. ' "International Film Series-"Winter Light" (lngmar Bergman) 8pm, $.50, at the Holy Trinity Chapel. EMU campus. MUS1C Ann Arbor Bimbo's-The Gaslighters. see 1012. Blind Pig-Classical, 9:30, $.50. Chances ARc-The Shakers, see 101 1. Del Rio-Live Jazz. Golden Falcon-Discs spun by the Electrifying Mojo, 9:30, $1. Mr. Flood's Party-Surprise evening. Ypsilanti . BimboVEast River Drive, see 109. Thc Suds Factory-Astigaía, 9:30, $.50, R&R. Bowen Field House-BTO wspecial gxiest star Bob Seger, 8pm, Tickets $6, $5 at McKenny Union, Hudson's (Westland & Briarwood). Detroit & Suburbs Baker's Keyboartl Lounge-Richard Groove Holmes, see 108. Dirty Helen's Saloon-Gary Edwards & Sage, see '104. J.J.'s Lounge-Shclby Hotel-Lyman Woodard, see 1011. Moby Dick Lounge-Don McKenzie, see 108. Rainbow Room-Shclby Hotel-Eddie Nuccilli band. Plural Circle, 9pm. $2., Ja. Rock & Roll Fam-Salem Witchcrafl. see 109. Union Street-Mary Foley, 9pm. no eover, Acoustic-Folk. Watts Mozambique Lounge-Gloria Lynn, see 104. TV 2:30pm-Detroit Black Journal, Ch. 56.