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Brothers and Sisters of the SUN. I dug the two anides about IlJD's and thüught I'd run sonie feedback regarding birth control through acupuncture. Acupuncture, like chiropractory treatment, herbal and magnetic heaJing, have been suppressed by the medical profession as much as possible in America which is why birth control through acupuncture is not common knowledge. Why. liow could monopolies and the medical corpora tions manufacturing these inept devices and phoney solutions for birth control, and the medical profession, maintain their capitalistic exploitation if something was brought to light which aliowed females to no longer depend on this obsolete melhod? Birth prevention can be accomplished by applying the following acupuncture bcfore balling . Spleen 6, Stomach 36, conception vessel 4, and large intestine 4. i These same points will discontinue menstrual cramps much faster than anything else. For cramps. acupuncture at these points tickles the right autonomie nerves to make the vaginal and uterine walls contract. That encourages the swollen vessels to return the excess blood in these walls, to circulation and thu.s cramping is gone. in the case of conception, where an ovum is fertilized and mplanted in the uterine lining, these contractions would cause the egg to slougli off. This process is similar lo that provoked by the coil. The coil sloughs off the egg by irritation. Acupuncture just shakes the egg off. They're buth types of intra-uterine abortlon, a soit of post-conception contraception. Aitluuigh I can not recall where I copied this info. it seemed very realistic. however I would do a little research on this before trying. A good book to cop on acupuncture is from the People's Republic of China (where else?), translated by Sebaac Publisher's. P.O. Box 40129. San Francisco, California, 94104. It's calied, "Basic Acupuncture Techniques", it costs about $18.00, 350 pages. However it only costs $9 to clinics, t'ree Clinics, doctors, and people working in pooi tlürd world or a] terna ti ve communities. Hopefully this info can be utilized. Neediess to say the SUN continúes to be eme of the best, if not the best cultural publication in the country. Let it grow! No. 133144