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Ozone Parade Who Needs It?

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The Ozone Parade is fast becoming a tradition in Ann Arbor since it replaced the University's Homecoming Parade 2 years ago. There has been a malicious rumor circulating that there isn't going to be a parade this year. HOGWASH! RHINOCEROUS! HIPPOTAMOUS! With the support of thousands of kids, hippies, ' red-blooded citizens, and yes. even stu: dents...this year's parade is goíng to be a l real HUM-DINGHR! Bigger and better than before! It will make all other par ades seem bland and meaningless in com'. parison ! '. Right now the Ozone Parade Committee is taking suggestions for this year's tlienie. : (The first one was "Reet, petite, and Gone!", last year's was "All That Mcat, and No Potatoes'Y) The Parade Commit tee is providing Drop-off stations for all : theme ideas at Campus Corners, The SUN l Office (603 E. William), and the Blind Pig. ': The parade is tentatively scheduled fot ♦ Friday Oct. 25 at i pm. For more information cali the SUN and listen to Jim : Dulzo's "Hot Wax" show on WNRZ this Í Mon. night at 10:30. Help keep the spie n: diforous OZONE PARADEaflfiaL' WIto j needs it? EVERYBODY! Do you thinjc anybody wil! show up?