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Critics of the Vietnam War have often warned that the technology of Vietnam would be brought home and used by domestic pólice forces. That prediction appears to have come true. The conference of the International Association of Pólice Chiefs in Washington, D.C., last week featured $3 million in the latest pólice equipment. much of it perfected for use in Indochina. One of the popular items on display was the "Star-tron." This is a device that looks like a giant pair of binoculars; it enables pólice officers to peer into dark alleys or into windows and dark rooms ; without beingseen. Even more awesome was the S80.000 V-150 emergency veliicle which is, for all practical purposes, an armored tank. The V-150 is plated with quarter inch ) steel, powered by a Chrysler 361 V-8 engine, and travels 50 miles an hour on land and th ree miles per hour through j water. Each mernber of the V-150 crew is ' equipped with an M-16 rifle. The Louisiana state pólice deDartment alreadv has a j V-150 in operation. r