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Vietnamese Students Face Deportation

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1 ) Write letters of support tbr the students' request for political asylum in the U.S. Explain your awareness of the repressive regime they would face if deported to Saigon. These letters should go to: Joseph Sureck, District Commissioner of Immigration 300 N. Los Angeles St. Los Angeles, California Leonard F. Chapman, Jr. Commissioner of Immigration Immigration and Naturalization Service Washington, D.C. William Sa.xhe, Attorney General U.S. Department of Jus tice Washington, D.C. Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State U.S. Department of State Washington, D.C. 'rank PestaƱa f the students' lawyer) 6 1 9 S. Bonnie Brae Los Angeles, California 9005 7 2) Contact the local IPC Office for copies of a leafiet describing the students' case. The office is located at 332 South State Street. 764-7548. 3) Join IPC, or help out financially. To keep informed on what is really happening in Indochina, and what you can do to help, subscribe to Focal Point, IPC's newspaper published every three weeks. Subscriptions run $4 per year, and can be obtained from IPC, 181 Pier Ave., Santa Moni ca, CA 90405. Vietnamese studente in the U.S. are facing a campaign of harassment by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service which includes thieats to depott them to General Thieu's Saigon, where they would surely face persecution for their anti-war activities in the U.S. The seven students pictured above are now facing deportation hearings. Americans concerned about these students should write to the addresses listed on this page.