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WEMU88.1 FM (487-2229) News - 3,5,7 & lOpm, Saturdays Composite - light rock music with breaks for features - 3:10-5pm, Sat. Science Magazine - Reports on the newest development in all sciences and how thev affect your life, 5:30 - 6pm, Mondays. Late Nite Show - Rock music till one, 10:30 - lam Mon - Sundays. Jazz Scope - 6-10pm, Saturdays. The Kollector - live performances by progressive musicians in the emu studios, 7-10pm Sundays. Community Calendar - 5:30pm Thursdays. Evening concert - 8-10pm, Mon-Sundays. The Week End - summary of the week's top news and sports stories. Fridays 7:15pm. Folk Festival Live concerts of bluegrass folk festivals, Sun 5:15-7 pm. CJOM 88.7 FM (519 252 7313) ♦Bill Robertson M-F 6-1 Oam Riek Chappus M-F 10-2pm ♦Rockin Ronnie Legge M-F 2-6pm Dave Loncao M-F 6-9pm Paul Nathan M-F lam Bill Androsiak & Al AH night show Special Weekend Jerry Goodwin Sat-Sun 3-8pm. Dave Dixon SatSun lam National Sunday 1 lpm On Tour llpm Connection Tues-Weds 1 lpm WCBN 89.5 (763-3500) ♦Sundays: 9-12 Classical; 12-lThird World Concert; 1-2:30 Alteinative Forum; 2:30-4 Broadway Show; 4-4:30 Radio Drama; 4:30-5:30 Colleen Chavvin Film Show; 5:30-6 Scattered Arts; 6-7:30 Historie Rebroadcasts; 8-1 1 Gregory Kreissman Oldies Show; 1 1-3 Tavi Fulkerson Jazz. Weekdays-At press time WCBN's schedule was not in full swing though their basic format is as follows: Mon-Fri, 7-9 Morning Show (light rock); 9-12 Progressive Rock; 3-7 Light rock, folk, and progressive; 7-8 Public Affairs (Mon-Women's Hour, Thurs-Latino America); 8-1 1 R&B; 11-3 Jazz. Saturdays-5-6 What i! is; 6-7 Feature Album; 7-8 R&B; 1 1-3 Weird Show. NEWS throughout the week at 2,4,6,9&1 lpm. WABX 99.5 FM (543-9229) ♦David Perry-Mon.-Fri., 6-10am ♦Jack Broderick-Mon.-Fri., 10am-2pm Sun., Noon-5pm ♦Ken Calvert-Mon.-Fri., 2-6pm; Sat., 5-10pm Dennis Frawley-Tues.-Fri., 6-10pm; Sat., Noon-5pm ♦Mark Perenteau-Mon.-Thur., 10pm-2am; Sun., 5-1 Opm ♦Dick Tyne-Fri., 10pm-2am; Sat., lOpm3am;Sun., 10pm-2am ♦Randy Thomas-Mon., 2-6am; Weds.-Sun., I 4Anne Christ-Tues., 2-6am; Sat. -Sun., News with Cindy Felong-7:30 a.m.. 8:30 a.m. & noon, Mon-Fri. AUan Watts Show-Mon 1-2 a.m. BBC Sun, 9 p.m. Upcoming Concert listings-Mon, Wed, Fri, 5 p.m.; Sat, 4 p.m. Rock 'n' Roll News-Thurs. 5 p.m. WDET 101.9 FM (577-4147) Bud Spangler-"Jazz Today" Mon. 9pmlam, repeat Sat. Midnight-4am Jim Gallert-"Jazz Yesterday" Thur. 6:3O-8:3Opm Kenn Cox-"Kaleidophone" Sat. 5-8pm Judy Adams, Greg Smela-"Morphogenesis" Mon. 3-5pm ♦Special Note: On October 12 & 13, WDET will be concluding SAMPLER 101.9, a fourday fund-raising benefit. Live broadcasts of jazz and classical music, all night programming. Pledge number is 577 146 or 5774204. WNRZ 102.9 FM (663-0569) Monday: Jim Dulzo, early; Mike Mastos, late Tuesday: Robín Lee, early; Ivy, late Wednesday: Robin Lee, early; John Goodloe late Thursday: Ivy, early; Jim Dulzo, late Friday : Mike Mastos, early; John Goodloe, late Saturday: Mark Gregory, early WIOT 104.7 FM (419-248-3377) Dorian Paster-Mon.-Fri.. 7-1 1 a.m. Rick Bird-Mon.-Fri., 11 a.m. -3 p.m. Chris Loop-Mon.-Fri., 3-7 p.m. Neil Lasher-Mon.-Fri., 7-1 1 p.m. Terry Gerbstadt-Mon.-Fri., 11 p.m.-3 a.m. Lee Wesoff-Mon.-Fri., 3-7 a.m. "Chris McCabe-Fri.-Sat., 11 p.m.-3 a.m., Mon.. 1-7 a.m. Mohammed Sonsher- Sat., 7-1 1 a.m.; Sun., 3-9 p.m. Special Features include SUN: Feature LP of the week 6:05 p.m. & 8:05 p.m. Clint Doolittle "4 Way Street" Quadrophonic Hour, 7-8 p.m. King Biscuit Hour. 8:30 p.m National Lampoon Radio Half Hour, midnite. MON: On Tour, 10:30 p.m.; Import Hour 11:30-12:30 a.m. FRI: In Concert, simulcast 1 1 :30 p.m. Also listen for Slam Jams, prisoners hour. Coming soon! A regu lar jazz program. WJZZ 105.9 FM (871-0590) Black, mild jazz station with a sampling of light rhythm 'n' blues, too. Community Calendar-3 a.m., 5 a.m.. 1 1 a.m. WWWW 106 FM (961-1067) Jim Jefferson Mon. -Fri. 6-10am Jim McKeon Mon.-Fri. 10am-2pm Mike Benner Mon.-Fri. 2-6pm Jerry Lubin Mon.-Fri. 6-1 Opm Karen Savelly Mon.-Fri. 10pm-2am Brent Wilson Mon.-Fri. 2-6am