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Sun T-shirts Are In!

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im&WfëM l : i VVe've tinally received our lirst sliipment ot Ann Arbor Sun T) your door every Friday. Just fill in, clip, and send one of the boxes t-shirts-which means that folks who have ordered during the y below-or cali 9944337to start getting the Sun every week. + t kist 30 days are getting their shirts right now. AND, ifyou JOeSk. ■■ Cm I I .L F" " _l t act last, yon can lunc a beautilul red-oti-ydlow Sun t-síiirt ol ymXVSX OlOTl I ID lOUr ■ flfiriClS yourveryown right away! These shirts are available only iTJUÖr "ZJa ' wr "vvm ■ iwi through subscribing or signing up new subscribers -so read on VOT if you can turn us on to 3 new subscriptions we'll give you a free and send us your orders pronto. i3ÍCL Op t-shirt-turn us on to 5 and we'I! give you the Marión Brown album. Or, - _ ._ Xl ËiiM lJ ' yu Pf. we" Pay yu a '0% cash commission on every sub you SunsfTinG WMfSr' turnin v""l'%x" ■■"%i J js=wv? ust use a P'a'n sheet of paper to list new subscribers' name, address, ifyou subscribe to the Sun for I year or more you get your ehoice WJ f ate' zif and phone number, along with the length of each sub : of either (I) a new Sun t-shirt, or (2) Marión Brown's Sweet Earth Fljing, 31 ootíí of upremium (jf " he blanks below as a sample Send , the jazz album our reviewer Bill Adler called "a gorgeous work...don't ÍrS PRE-PAID subs t0 us and we send Vo" yur t-slnrt andor ; deny yourself this marvelous elixir a moment longer" CM s (If you want to piek up some regular cash selling subscriptions, we'H ♦ : In addition to all this. if you live in the Ann ArborYpsilanti area. Pay yu a fu" 10 on every sub you turn in. Contact Frank Bach at ♦ ; we'll personally HOME DEL1VER every copy of your subscription to 994-4337 for details.) IfM AIMIM ARENAR &YPSI DUTSIDE AA & YPSI IVIAIL DELIVERY HOME DELI VERY OIMLY OLY CFIRST CLASS SERVICEJ ♦ .... _ : ■_.„.,_.. , . ' Deliver theSUN for 4 months (16 issues). Cost: $4.00 (25 an issue) Mqil 6 months of the SUN (24 issues). Cost: $5.50 (23 i c 4 an issue) _ .. Mail 1 year of the SUN (48 issues). Cost: $10.00 (21 an (SAVE $2.00) Deliver the SUN for 8 months (32 issues). Cost: $7.70 (24 an issue1 Mail 2 years of the SUN (96 issues). Cost: $18.00 (19ían SAVE $6.00) Deliver the SUN for I year (48 issues). Cost: $ll.00 (23 an issu) Mail 3 years of the SUN (144 issues). Cost: $24.00 (17an i:;sue-SAVE $12.00) Name Name - - AddressStreet AddressStreet : : cityzip CitvZip : Ap, No Phone APt N Phone Í " Mail a free record Mail a free t-shirt: Bill me later Deliver a free record Deliver a free t-shirt Bill me later T-ShirtSize: S M I X-L Pavment Enclosed T-Shirt Size: S M L XL Payment Enclosed (If you move to the Ann ArborYpsi area we will finish your subscription, via (If you move outside the AAYpsi area, we will will finish your suscription , HOME DELIVERY at your new address.) through the mails, at your new address.) Clip and mail coupon, and make all checks payable to: Rainbow Agency, Clip and mail, and make all checks payble to: Rainbow Agency 603 E ( 603 E . Wilham, Ann Arbor, Mi, 48108. William, Ann Arbor MI 48I08 i - ' ' ♦ imff!1! "-- llBfüRI IBmii BPBmBBBiiH Hl iPPRIiilllii gara ara at 60: illiam, and v I you M