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Ozone Parade Makes 3rd Smash

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Ozone Parade Makes 3rd Smash

Don't miss your only chance to get out on the streets and make a complete fool of yourself. What other event offers this kind of opportunity? A riot? Five alarm fire? Alien invasion? The Ozone Parade is all of these and MORE.

Since the Ozone Committee took over the Homecoming Parade two years ago, local freeks, students, faculty members, business people and wierdoes have thrilled and amazed their neighbors with feats of daring-do, fiddle-dee-dee, and what-have-you in this rivaled celebration of zaniness.

Don't you come away from a Marx Bros. movie wanting to bop someone on the noggin with a rubber duck, paint someone's face with wall paper paste, fall into a man-hole, drive off a cliff, or some other super thrill tor those penned-up aggressive tendencies? Someday there will be places you can pay to go into and smash shelves of expensive china and crystal glassware but meanwhile ...there's Big Ten football games and the Ozone Parade.

But don’t get the wrong idea, some people even use this event as a productive means for self expression or political and social comment....Yes, even just to have a "GOOD TIME." Unless you do alot of bowling or ice skating, chances are you don't remember what that means, so get out your old pick up trucks, unicycles, pogo sticks, dusty old instruments, teams of huskies, hot rods, etc. and join in the fabulous Ozone Parade Oct. 25, at 3 p.m., at Gate 10 of the Michigan Stadium, and remember EVERYBODY LOVES A PARADE AND THE OZONE PARADE LOVES YOU RIGHT BACK!

-Larry Lobster & Gunther Gorilla