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Fleetwood Mac Heroes Are Hard To Find, Reprise MS2196

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Will you people out there stop talking about Peter Green and Jeremy Spencer and listen for a second? Thank you. The new Fleetwood Mac, which has always been a logical successer to the oíd, has been putting out good music for five albums now, two more than Green made. They are obviously here to stay. The new album has funk and fun and the vocals of Christine McVie, who can rip your heart out by the roots with her clarity. It's got rockers and blues. It has a song about the mystedous Bermuda Triangle. It has an instrumental with almost all the beauty of "Albatross." It has Bob Welch who is a fine guitarist. It has harmonies worthy of the Beach Boys. "Silver Heels" and the title cut are marvelous lyrically.

Yeah, I wish Peter Green would come back, too. But he hasn't, and Fleetwood Mac plays on without him. And they're still good.