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"colombian Suns" Banned At Belleville?

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Reaction to the "Pound-of-Colombian Contest," an Ann Arbor SUN sponsored raffle which offers a free one-pound bag of high-grade Colombian marijuana and other prizes, has ranged from astonishment to indignation to the possibility of court action.
At Belleville High School, just east of the Ann Arbor-Ypsi marijuana belt, direct attempts are being made by long-time Principal Mr. Ford to stifle distribution of the newspaper because of the contest.
Two Belleville area Sun-sellers reported last week that they had been told by Mr. Ford to stop selling the paper at Belleville H.S., where they attend school. The sellers had previously gotten approval to distribute the paper and had been selling it regularly, but when Mr. Ford learned of the SUN Pound-of-Colombian Contest "He called us into his office and told us he was going to 'bring the matter before the School Board' and we should 'refrain from selling the SUN' until further notice," the sellers reported.
Mr. Ford gained some notoriety in the "White Panther days" of 1968 and 1969, when he tried to enforce a ban against all White Panther infonnation at Belleville. During this period he physically attacked one student and expelled him for "White Panther organizing" because Panther literature was found in the student's locker during a search. The student later filed suit against the school administration and Ford was ordered by the local courts to re-instate him.