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The non-profit Rainbow Multi-Media Corporation of AnnĀ Arbor is no longer in business. John Sinclair, Peter Andrews and Darlene Pond, co-directors of RMM, made that announcement last week, explaining that the organization could not survive after losing $112,000 on last month's Blues and Jazz Festival.
The Festival losses came after the Republican majority on the Ann Arbor City Council exiled the event to Windsor, Canada, where police harassment and border hassles kept the turnout painfully low. Artistically, though, the Festival has been receiving rave reviews from the music press and those who attended.
The people who made up RMM have gone separate but amicable ways since the company disbanded. Peter Andrews and Kevin Wall are working on a music/management business to be known as Andrews and Associates, while Sinclair, Linda Ross and Darlene Pond have formed a wholly new group to be known as Rainbow Productions, a printing and media-consultant organization.
As part of the disbandment, RMM is no longer involved in the Rainbow Room in Detroit's Shelby Hotel, which will now be managed by the Shelby itself under a different name.
Besides producing the internationally acclaimed Festival for three years and directing (but never owning) the Rainbow Room, RMM was also a chief organizer of the free summer concerts, helped organize numerous community benefits, and maintained a printing/graphics operation below the Blind Pig Cafe.