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Local Motion: Change, Not Charity

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In our last issue, we ran a story on the new community funding group, Local Motion. Based on a self-help concept, the group consists of various alternative, human service organizations, including the Free People's Clinic, the People's Food Coop, Corntree Childcare Cooperative, the Women's Community Center, and many others, as well as local businesses and community residents.
Through our error, a long portion of the story was omitted, which explained how money will be collected. We are running the missing section here to help clarify to our readers how Local Motion works.
In addition, as part of our commitment to Local Motion, we are donating a quarter page ad each time to help publicize the organization, which we believe deserves full community support. Part of the space will be used to print minutes of the open Board meetings, to keep all its activities in the eyes of the public. We think people will be more willing to support an organization if they know exactly how the money is spent, and can come to meetings and make suggestions about funding.
Here are the minutes for the last two meetings, and future meetings will appear as they happen. Meetings are now held every Sunday at 7:30pm at the Community Center, 621 E.William,for people who want to come.
Organizations which have not already joined are still welcome. For additional information on Local Motion, people can call Michael McCormick at 663-6746.

Minutes, 10/24/74

Legal Aid. Free People's Clinic, Ozone House, Drug Help, Ann Arbor SUN, People's Food Coop, Community Center Project. Community Switchboard (observer).
Paid staff-job description accepted, hiring to begin next week. Incorporation and tax status proceeding. Constitution ratified by unanimous vote. Financial statements required for organizational membership accepted by unanimous vote. Discussion of six-month budget to get Local Motion stabilized, major costs $70-90 for salaries with preference for two people 1/2 time at $50/wk.; initia! publicity, $500-750; office and phone, $30-150; supplies, up to $100; incorporation legal fees $50; estimated cost about $3,500 to reach self-sustaining level. Financial statements discussed from LA, FPC, Ozone, A2 SUN, PFC. Collection cannot be called tax without hassle from state, new word needed.



Mike McCormick, Community Center Project; Bill Gruen, Ozone House; Ellen Hoffman, Sun; David Heritier, People's Food Coop; Nancy Rosen, Itemized Fruit and Vegetable Coop; Pun Plamondon, New World Film Coop; Beek Word, Legal Aid; Mary Leinfelder, Herself; Barb Nutter, Corntree.
1) Press Conference list affirmation: Yes-CCP Sun, IFVC, LA, C, FPC, NW; Abstain-Oz, PFC. Passes.
2) What percent tax: T7, unanimous.
3) Torn Bentley to do legal work. Seeking tax exempt status under IRS codes.
4) Official promo materials turned over to committees, to be reported next week.
5) Agreed that orgs will bring one page financial summary to next meeting for initial discussion on seed money.
Should include cash, people, resources, and amt. group could give LM. Also bring ideas on what LM will need altogether.
6) Agreed to start seeking people for paid staff, req. those who know A2 and have org. exper., call Mike McCormick at 663-6746.
7) Barb Nutter in charge of seeking ofc. space.
8) Next meetg., Sunday, 10/27 al 7:30pm. Comm. Ctl 621 E. William St.
Recorder: Michael Castleman.


The major source of revenue for Local Motion will come from a 2 percent voluntary sales tax collected by local businesses on goods and services. For example, a person goes to the corner record store, and buys a $5 record. Along with the $5 purchase, the business collects an additional dime. This voluntary surcharge is turned over to Local Motion to be channeled back into services the buyer may use. It could be the clinic where the person goes for health care, or the coop where the person buys groceries.
Businesses may use one of several means for collecting the tax. It could be just a jar sitting next to the cash register. Or it might be an automatic markup, where a sign on the cash register explains the system. If a customer chooses not to pay, she or he must tell the person behind the counter to deduct it from the bill. Businesses with a deep commitment to the community have the option of giving a small share of their profits back to the people through Local Motion.
Local Motion is not limited to the tax system for raising funds. Initial money and work to get LM going will come from the organizations themselves. This "seed money" will be repaid over a several year time period from funds collected through other means.
Other possibilities for raising money include lobbying for funds from governmental sources, applying for loans or grants. and the more traditional sources of donations or benefïts.

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