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If you can stay between the lines when you clip the coupon out, we'll knock an additional 2% off the already super-low coupon price.

Burgess Safari Lite

best camping/emergency lite EVER!

No filling, spilling, flames, or stinky fumes. Lights up a tent, camper, or cabin with brite, shadowless fluorescent light. The combination of high-voltage batteries & low-current drain spells l-o-n-g battery life. Extra-sturdy polystyrene & stainless steel case. Complete with AC cord for plug-in use plus 2-69 volt batteries. Notice how we resisted using any lousy puns about what a "brite idea" it is?

Retail Value: $33.95

$19.95 with coupon

Sherwood S-7100 AM/FM/Stereo Receiver

If you compare specs, you'll see why audio & computer publications alike have dubbed it a "Best Buy." More Power than other major brands selling for $$$ more. Features you normally don't find in the price range, like FM Muting, which squelches interstation noise as you tune between FM stations. Tape, aux, Magnetic phono, headphone jacks terminals for 4 speakers, wood cabinet, 3 YEAR WARRANTY! Regularly $239.95 With Coupon: $199

Harry Moss 8-Track Car Stereo

Positive or negative ground - owners of British cars take note! Separate R & L Volume sliders plus tone control. Take advantage of the importer's bookkeeping error! Retail value: $49.95 $19.95 with coupon

Logix Electronics Experiments

over 40 fun projects for ages 9 & up. Who says learning has to be dull? Here's a complete course in elementary electronics that's more fun than a month of saturday morning TV cartoons. Over 100 transistors, diodes, capacitors & other components snap together to create over 40 safe, educational experiments. Profusely illustrated guidebook explains it all in step-by-step easy-to-grasp language. Logix #7100 Retail Value $14.95 $9.95 with coupon

Police/AM Pocket Portable 

With Coupon: $9.95 Retail Value $19.95 A steal at 50% off! Tunes upper VHF Police/Public Service Band (146-174 mHz) plus standard AM Broadcast band. Wide tuning range lets you monitor police activity in any community. Slide-rule tuning dial. AM/VHF switch. Volume On/Off control. Built-in AM antenna, external telescoping antenna for best Police reception. At this low price, it's almost like shoplifting!

Lava-lites, large'n'small

More romantic than candle light, more fun to watch that the beer clocks at your neighborhood tavern. Each glass cylinder is gently illuminated from below. Molten forms silently rise and fall, never doing the same thing twice - no wonder Lava-Lites are a perennial favorite for giving & getting! Not only do we offer 2 sized, but also a choice of red or blue/green goo. Any time you're feeling soft & mushy, set the mood with Lava-Lite! Large Lava-Lite Retail: $29.95 With Coupon: $19.95 Small Lava-Lite Retail $19.95 $14.95 with coupon.

Music Muffs 2-speaker Headphone AM radio

Enjoy your favorite station as loud as you like without making enemies around the house. Great for wearing at sporting events, while doing your own sporting, or even on-the-job (even it it's not that kind of job...) Cushy, padded ear-cups seal sound in, noise out. Warm your ears with the latest hot sounds this winter. Uses 9 volt battery (not included) Midland #91-035 Retail Value $24.95 $17.95 With Coupon

Gosh Timmy, it's hard to stay between the lines on these coupons.

I didn't think anything could keep you in line, Uncle Allie.

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