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JkZ&fc MellowYelIow Remembered The former Deputy Director of the government's Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs reports the "mellow yellow" craze of the mid-1960s sent dozens of government chemists scurrying to their laboratories. As John Finlator tells it: "There was a story that came out of the Haight-Ashbury, that there were certain procedures by which you could process banana peéis - dry them and smoke them and get a beautiful high." He continúes: "The story was carried by the underground press. One magazine printed the process. AP and UPI picked up the story, and people thought there was something to this banana story." What did drug officials do? Finlator told High linies magazine: "We didn't know what the heil was going on. So we bouglit 30 pounds of bananas, took them into our laboratories and cooked them and scraped them and smoked them and did everything else the underground press told us to do." He says: "We really worked on the thing, and after about three months we found that it was a real put-on. It was a beautiful put-on," Finlator adds.