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Chile wil! receive $85 million in U.S. foreign aid this year, more than any other Latin American country and more than doublé the amount the U.S. gave Chile during the four years of the Allende regime. The fascist military regime which rules Brazil will get the next largest amount in foreignaid, $70 million, most of which will be for military purposes. The so-called "natural cereals" being sold by the giant breakfast cereal manufacturers contain up to five times the amount of sugar as cornflakes, and are up to four times as expensive per unit of protein. Of the five largest brands, General Mills' "Nature Valley," Kellog's "Country Morning," Pet's "Heartland." and Quaker Oat's "100'i Natural Cereal" contain at least 20% sugar. Colgate-Palmolive's "Alpen" has a sugar content of 1 3% and no more protein per serving than corn flakes, but is three to four times as expensive. Bad news for tuna fans. Consumers Reports says canned tuna fïsh is commonly contaminated with rodent hairs, pieces of feather and insect parts. The magazine tested 52 brands of tuna from 16 major distributors, and says it found filth in at least one sample from all three distributors. -LNS A decline in the retail price of heroin to a 12-month low and an increase in its purity to a 24-month high indícate the drug's availability is on the upswing again, according to a Drug Enforcement Administration report. The report, covering January-March 1 974, contends an influx of Mexican heroin into the U.S. has probably created the new availability. As a result, the DEA contends that her-' oin-related deaths will probably go up over the next six months.