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Martin Sostre is a black Puerto Rican sentenced to 30-41 years in prison for possession and sale of narcotics in Buffalo shortly after the 1967 popular uprising the re. A well-known political activist, at the time of his arrest the 43-year-old Sostre was operating the Afro-American Bookstore where he sold militant black and third world literature. The key prosecution witness, Arto Williams, has since repudiated his testimony and said he was part of a pĆ³lice scheme to frame Sostre, but Sostre is still in prison. A writ of habeas corpus is currently pending in Buffalo's federal court but Sostre's lawyers (the New York American Civil Liberties Union) feel that letters urging a pardon sent to the Governor of New York (Malcomb Wilson, Office of the Governor, Albany) and his Democratie opponent (Hugh Carey, 295 Madison Ave., N.Y., N.Y.) may help release him.