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Air Force Freezes Ufo Story

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, Professor Robert Carr, a former inJ structor at the University of South Florida, announced last week that the United States government has secretly captured a complete U.F.O. with 12 dead beings } aboard. ► Now, Professor Carr is predicting that by December 15th - in about eight weeks J - the U.S. government will launch a care► fully-engineered effort to prepare Ameri} cans fjr an announcement of the existence ► of extra-terrestial life. The Professor created a minor sensation last week after stating in a Florida press conference that the Pentagon has recover ed a perfect "flying saucer" that allegedly had crash-landed in the desert near Aztec, i New Mexico, in 1948. Professor Carr says that his sources for the incredible story are three men directly connected to covering up or protecting the project - a biologist who examined , the bodies; a security guard who protected the ship in a hangar at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio; and a high ranking military officer who reportedly viewed the bodies of the 1 2 small beings while autopsies were conducted on them. The Professor states that all his sources report that the 12 beings were apparently the victims of a decompression accident when the ship was punctured after entering the earth's atmosphere. All witnesses, he says, described the visitors as being exactly like small humans - three to four feet tall; white skinned; liglit haired; blue eyed; in perfect physical condition, but with highly-developed brains. The Professor insists that the 12 bodies are still in "deep freeze" at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and that the ship is being concealed in a hangar at the air base. Wright-Patterson Air Force officials flatly and unequivocally deny the entire account.