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who brought you - Inf lotion gjË - Unemployment mÊ JP - Combodio Br -The Energy Crisis 0 One of fiem wonfs fo confinue the job. JOHN REUTHER wants to change all that! Your ncumbent Republicop Congressman has been on the oh eight years. Things have gotten steadily worse. You're paying 35% more for f ood than you did two years ago. Utility rotes n Michigan are up 50% ... and they're still on the rise. The Republicans campaigned on the slogan "Law and Order." While in office, the national crime rate doubled in the last six years. The war in Indochina is for from over . . . it's costing thousonds of Vietnamese and Cambodian lives not to mention $10 million a doy desperately needed for human needs. BBIBBW HAD ENOUGH? W Thensend.lOHN W% ■ M Re u tli er # toCONGRESS Ê ) t from the 2nd District ' Paid Political Advertising BB H