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Moon in Leo then in Virgo 12:1 8am MOVIES ANN ARBOR A2 Film Coop-"Thieves Like Us" 7&9:15. $1.25. ♦Cinema Guild-"Grapes of Wrath" [John Ford],7&9, $1. Cinema H-"Thieves Like Us" in conj. wA2 FilmCoop, 7&9:1S, $1.25. Mediatrics-"Walking Tall" 7:30 & 9, $1. YPSILANTI Mud Cinema-"Paper Moon'see Wed. 1 16. DETROIT Detroit Film Theatre 2-"The Merchant of Four Seasons" [R.W. Fassbinderl. 7&9, (Rackham Aud., 80 Farnsworth), $2., $1. student. MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark Coffee House-Michael Coonoy. 9pm, $2.50, folk. Bimbo's-GaslighteiJ, 9pm, $.50. ragtime. Blind Pig-Danny Spencer & Ron Brooks, 9:3Opm, $l.,Jazz. Chances Are-Chopper, 9pm. $1.50, R&R. ♦Golden Falcon-John Davis Quintet, $2., 10pm,jazz. Mr. Flood's Party -Mike Smith & Co., Fri. afternoon, free. Merrimac County, 9:3Opm, $1. Rubaiyat-Casba with Arnee. 9:S0, no cover. YPSILANTI Bimbo's-Clear, sée Wed. ll6,9pm, $1. R&R. The Suds Factory-Foxx, 9:3Qpm, $1., R&R. DETROIT Baker's Keyboard Lounue-George Benson Ouartet, 9:30, $3.50, jai. JJ.'s Lounge-Shelby Hotel-Lyman Woodard Trio, 9:30-1:30, jazz. The Medium Lounge-The Bil! Heid Group, 9:30, $1. .jazz & blues. Raven Gallery-Buffo (clown, singer, musician, mime, artist) & Mary Folcy, 9:30& 1 1 :30, $3. Rock & Roll Farm-Sunday Funnies, 9:30, tl., R&R. Watts Mozambique Lounge-Spanky Wilson. 10:30, $3.50, jazz singer. TV 6:5üpm-Community Announcements, Cable 3. 7pm-Community Dialogue wBruce Warshal, Cable 3. 7:3Opm-Black Perspective on the News, Ch.56. 8pm-Dance Special-background material on dance presentation at Power Center, Cable 3. 8pm-Detroit Black Journal, Ch. 56. 9pm-Washington Week in Review, Ch. 56. 9:30pm-Otï the Record-a look at Michigan public issues from the state capítol, Ch. 56. 1 lpm-Edward G. Robinson Festival "Little Caesar" 1931) Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Ch. 50. 1 1 :30pm-In Concert-Keith Moon, James Browri, Loggins & Messina, Humble Pie, Bad Company, Allman Bros., Three Dog Night. Seals & Crofts, Chuck Berry, Edgar Winters, Eagles, Jim Croce, Rod Stewart, the Spinners, and Elvin Bishop. 3 hour special. Ch. 7. 2:30am-Rock Concert-Curtis Mayfield, the Stylistics, and the Natural Four. Ch. 7. EVENTS ANN ARBOR University Dancers, 8pm, Power Center, Tickets: $2.50, {matinees $1.50). Mendelssoht) Theatre Lobby, 764-6273. "Reynard the Fox" a children's play presented by the Imaginary Menagerie Tlieatre group, 9pm', Art World's Theatre, 213% S. Main (upslairs), SI. 50. "The Time of' Your Life," by William Saroyan. presonted by City Center Acting Co., 8pm, Mendelssohn Thealrc. Ticket Info:764-0450. Seminar: "Electronic Surveillance" Governmental Misconduct & the Legal Response. 3:30pm. Hutchins Hall, Rm. 1 16. For more information cali the NatM Lawyers Guild, 7633474. Gallo & Lettuce Boycent picketing at Village Corners wrides to Great Scott, 3pm. YPSILANTI Gallo & Lettuce Boycott picketing at Great Scott, 11-5. Saturday 9 Moon in Virgo MOVIES ANN ARBOR A2 Film Coop-"Thieves Like Us," see Fri. 118. Cinema GuiId-"Of Mice and Men" [Lewis Milest one] , 7&9, $1. Cinema H-"Thieves Like Us," see 118. Mediatrics-"Walking Tall," see 1 18. New World Film Coop-"Haroid & Maude," 7&8:45, (MLB 3), $1.25; and "Ninotchka" wGreta Garbo, 7&9:30 (MLB 4), S1.2S. "Harold & Maude" showing at MLB3 7&8:45 - Sat. Nov. 9 _ YPSILANT1 Mud Cinema-"Hitler: The Last Ten Days," 7&9.S1. DETROIT Dctroit Film Theatre 2-"The Conformist" [Bernardo Bertolucci] , 7&9, $2., $lstudents. MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark Coffee House-Michael Cooney, see 118. Bimbo's-Gaslighters, see 1 18. Blind Pig-Danny Spencer & Ron Brooks. see li8. Chances Are-Chopper, see 1 1 8. Golden Falcon-John DavisQuintet, see 1 18. Mr. FlooU's Party-Merrimac County, see 118. Rubaiyat-:asba, sec 118. YPS1LANTI Bimbo's-C'lear, sec 1-ri. 1 18. The Suds Factory-Foxx. see 1 1 8. DETROIT Baker's Keyboard Loungc-George Benson Quartet, see Fri. ! 18. "■J.J.'s Lounjïe-Shelby Hotel-Lyman Woodard Trio, see 118. The Medium Lounge-Bill Heid Group, see 11 8. Michigan Concert Palace-Tim Buckley, Rory Gallager, Rustt. 8pm. $5. Rapa House Concert Cafe-After Flouri Jazz, 2-6am. Raven Gallery-Buffo & Mary Foley, see 118. NEAR Rock & Roll Farm-Sunday Funnies, see 1 18. Watts Mozambique Lounge-Spanky Wilson, see 118. ♦Masonic Auditorium -Maria Muldaur& Torn Rush. 7:30, Tickets: $6.50, $5.50, $4.50 at - box office or by mail. L of D Memorial Bldg.-Dionne Warwicke and the Spinners, 8pm. Tickets: S5., $6., $7. at U of D box office & Hudson's. TV 2pm-Soul Train-Ashford & Simpson, Ch.2 6:50pm-Community Announcements, Cable 7pm-Community Dialogue wBruce Warshal, Cable 3. EVENTS ANN ARBOR ♦Women's Cornmunity Center Coffeehouse"Virginia's Room," (conversation, music, poetry, songs), at Guild Hóuse, 802 Monroe. AU women welcome. ♦Women's Communíty Center Organizing Skills Workshops-(incl. group dynamics, problem solving, conflict resolution, publicity & media & more) 10am-l-2noon & l-2pm, at Guild Hse., 802 Monroe University Dancers, 2:30 & 8pm, see 118. "Reynard the Fox," see 1 18. "The Time of Your Life." see 1 18. ♦Planetarium Show, 3pm, $.25 at Museum of Nat'l History (córner of Washtenaw & N. University). ♦Gallo & Lettuce Boycott picketing at Village Corners with rides to Great Scott, 3pm. YPSILANTI Gallo & Lettuce Boycott picketing at Great Scott, 11-5. Sunday 10 Moon in Virgo then in Libra 2:59am MOVIES ANN ARBOK ♦Cinema Guild-"East of Eden" {Elia Kazan J, 7&9, $1. ♦Cinema H-"Ramparts of Ciay" [Jean-Louis Beitucelli),7&9, $1. New World Film Coop-"Sleuth," 7&9, $1.25. YPSILANTI Mud Cinema-"Hitler: The Last Ten Days," seeSat. 119. ♦International Film Series: "Rashoman" [Akira KurosawaJ 8pm, $.50 at Holy Triníty Chapel on EMU campus. MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark Coffee House-Michael Cooney, see 118. Bimbo's-Gaslighters, see 118. Blind Pig-The Silk Purse, 9:30, $.50, classical. ♦Chances Are-Weather Report, 9pm, $4.50, nationally known jazz. Del Rio-Tribe, in the afternoon. Golden Falcon-Electrifying Mojo with records, lOpm, $1., soul. Mr. Flood's Party-Jeff Dawson, 9:30, $.50. YPSILANTI ♦BimboYTim Buckley, 9pm, $3.. R&R. The Suds Factory-Old Time Movies. DETROIT Baker's Keyboard Lounge-George Benson Quartet.see 118. ♦Raven Gallery-Buffo & Mary Foley, 9:30 & 10:30, $3. ♦Watts Mozambique Lounge-Spanky Wilson, see 118. Masonic Auditorium-Shawn Phillips and Quartermass, 7:30, Tickets: $6.50, $5.50, $4.50 al box office or by mail. EVENTS ANN ARBOR OPEN HOUSE for the Ann Arbor SUN. l-5pm at 603 E. William St. Univcrsity Danccrs, 2:30pm, see 118. National Chinese Opera Theatre-2:3Opm, Hül Aud., Tickets: $3.50-58.50 at Burton Tower (665-3717) presented by University Musical Society. "The Time of Your Life" see 1 18. Planetaxium Show, see 1 19. Organteing Skills Workshops, Women's Community Center, see Sat. 119. Monday 11 Moon in Libra MOVIES ANNARSOR New World Film Coop-'They Shoot Horses, Don't They" 7&9:1S, $1.25. MUSIC ANN ARBOR Blind Pig-Blue Monday wBoogie Woogie Red, 9:30pm, $1., blues. Chances Are-Great Lakes Express, 9pm, R&R Mr. Flood's Party-Mojo Boogie Band, 9:30, $1.,R&R. YPSILANTI Bimbo's-Burning Tree, 9pm, R&R. The Suds Factory.-Pear, 9:3()pm, $.50, R&R. DETROIT Watts Mozambique Lounge-Kenny Burrell, 10:30, S3.50, jazz singer. TV 2:30pm-"Lüias, Yoga and You" Cli. 56. 7pm-" Acción Chicano," Aztlan Revisted. a contcmporary jazz group, performs and provides the score tbr a film which animales figurines from a Mesoamerican exhibit. Ch. 56. EVENTS ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor City Council meeting, 7:3Opm, City Hall, Huron & Fifth Ave. Free Legal Aid-7-10pm at I-ree l'oople's Clinic. 761-8592. HR1' Steering Committee Meeting. 5:3Opm. 516 i. William, above Campus Bike Shop. Revolutionary Student Brigade meeting, 7pm, 2207 Michigan Union, 763-6563 for info. lndochina Peace Campaign meeting, 7:30pm 332 S. State, 764-7548 for info. Men's Raps-"Our Relationships with Women and the Impact of Feminism," 7:30-10pm at Guild House, 802 Monroe. All men welcome. Herself-Women's Community Newspaper open meeting, 7:3Opm, 225 E. Liberty. ♦Future Worlds meeting, 7pm, UAO office 2nd Hoor, Mich. Union 763-1 107. Tuesday 12 Moon in Libra then in Scorpio 6:24am MOVIES ANN ARBOR A2 Film Coop-'The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes." (Billy Wilder , 7&9:15. $1.25. Cinema Guild-"Hunchback of Notre Dame" Difterie , 7pm, $1. and "La Notie" Antoninni Itulian. subtitles, 9pm, S 1 . YPSILANTI Mud Cinema-"ïhe Gold Rush" and "l'ay Day " ( Chaplin ) , 2 & 8pm , $ 1 . MÜSIC ANN ARBOR Blind Pig-Cirrus, 9:3Opm, SI., jazz. Chances Are-Great Lakes Express, see 1111. Golden Falcon-lïamingo Motel, lOpm, $1., R&R. Mr. Flood's Party-Stu Zonder, 9:3dpm, $.50. YPSILANTI Bimbo's-Burning Tree, see 1111. The Suds Factory-Pear, see 1 11 1. continued on page 18