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SUN COLLECT1VE: Barbara Weinberg (Art Director), Kathy Kelley (Production Manager), Elaine Wright (Production, Calendar), David Fenton (Business Manager), Toni Pomaski (Advertising Manager), Dianne Ripley (Office Manager and Layout), Gary Keil (Art and Layout).

MANAGING ED1TORS: Ellen Hoffman, David Stoll, Pun Plamondon, Barbara Weinberg, David Fenton.

CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Bill Adler (Music), Michael Castleman (Free People's Clinic), Ellen Frank (Movies), Tom Kuzma (Science), John Sinclair (Founder).

WRITERS: Jim Dulzo, Marty Stern, Freddie Brooks, Rick Nager, Bruce Weinberg, Paul Grant.

ART & PRODUCTION: Matt Fairey, Tom Kuzma, Chris Frayne, Mike Minnich.

DISTRIBUT1ON & CIRCULATION: Rainbow Agency Inc. (Distribution in Detroit and Lansing by Big Rapids Dist.)

DISTRIBUTION & CIRCULATION STAFF: Frank Bach, Peggy Taube, Pat Curtis, Sue Curtis, Charlie Nelson, Stormy, Ace, Jake "The Shake Woods, Hillary Runyon, Cari Hopper, Lisa, Mark Mallory, Greg Fox, Darryl Brown, John Voisine.

LOCAL ADVERTISING SALES: Tom Pomaski, Bill Koopman, Buzz Byerly, Sue Waters.

VOLUNTEER HELP THIS ISSUE: Margie Kelley, Peggy Skalsey, Lisa Lubbell, David Cahill, Eli Zarel, Nancy O'Connor, Jeanne Dietsch, Rena Cohen, Patti Kretzschmer, Fred Hartzhorn.

COVER: Design by Barbara Weinberg.

Ann Arbor Sun

Vol. 2 Issue 27 Nov. 22-29, 1974

The Ann Arbor Sun is published weekly by the Ann Arbor Sun, Inc., a registered Michigan non-profit Corporation. Offices are at 603 E. William, Ann Arbor, MI. 48108. Business & Editorial phone: (313) 761-7148. Home Delivery phone (313) 994-4337. Home Delivery subscriptions (in Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti only) are $4.00 for 4 months, $7.70 for 8 months, $11.00 for 1 year. Mailed subscriptions (outside Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti only) are $5.50 for 6 months, $10.00 for one year, $ 18.00 for 2 years, $24.00 for 3 years. Second class postage paid at Ann Arbor, Michigan.