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Al Green

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Al Green, "Explores Your Mind, " Hi, SHL 32087. I put this album on late at night and it drove me straight to bed . . . and not to sleep either. Al, producer Willie Mitchell, and the rest of the gang from Memphis mapped out the heat-sensitive areas of our brains long ago and album after album keeps a rubbin' on that nubbin.

"Explores Your Mind" is simply another disc of perfect formula music. There are no surprises but the elements of Al's smooth thing - the strings and horns, the background vocals, Howard Grimes's easy loping drums, and Al's moaning, crooning sincerity - are expertly shuffled from tune to tune, a marvelous clockwork lotus. Also the portrait of Al on the cover is enough to make you faint. Sh-la-la lovers . . .

--Bill Adler