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American Tortured In Chile

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Columnist Jack Anderson reports that a 3 1 -year-old American woman was "brutally tortured last month by Chilean Air Force officers in an insect ridden prison" - yet the U.S. State Department has t'ailed fo even protest the incident. According to Anderson. art teacher Amy Conger was arrested on October 1 1 th by Chilean Military Pólice. He states she was "threatened with death. forced to ride with brcasis bared through the street and thrown on a bed and menaced with rape." Anderson adds that the woman was catapulted down a stairs while blindfolded, deprived of water, denied sleep and forced to stand until she altnost collapsed. All of this. Anderson said, was instigated in art effort to have her sign a false confession. The columnist writes that after 13 days of this treatrnent, when she still re f use d to sign the con fession. Air Force officers told her she was being taken to an infamous torture center where prisoners were known to have been given electric shocks on the most sensitivc parts of their bodies, stretched on racks and immersed in human excrement. Amy Cönger then signed the confession, and was finally released to the U.S. State Department, Anderson says. Even though Chile is currently seeking S85 million in additiona! U.S. aid, the State Department has not requested so much as an apoloey over the incident.