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pctttton SINCE OTHER CAUSES HAVE BEEN PROMOTED AND SUCCESSFULLY LEGISLATED IN THIS MANNER WE FEEL WE WOULD LIKE TO SOLICIT SIGNATURES TO: Legalt?c &ntt Jnflatton THE YEARS OF WAR ARE OVER. It's time to work together to boost the economy. This is more than a slogan or a button for your lapel. Honest to goodness QUALITY MERCHAIMDISE AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLEPRICES! Below are only a handful of money-saving coupons. Sign your name, strengthen the cause and pass the petition on to any friends that may be interested n saving some money on this merchandise or any electronic equipment. AN HONEST EFFORT TO CONTROL'iNFLATION, BEGINNING TODAY AND WITH...(please sign at the "X" and circuíate" ALL SALE MERCHANDISE NEED NOT BE PURCHASED WITH COUPONS. PLEASE MENTION THIS ADVERTISEMENT AT TIME OF PURCHASE. We reserve the right to limit quantities - all items subject to prior sale. rDUAL 1225 TEXAS INSTRUMENTS V. 1 GARRARD ZER0 92 V J SONY STR. 6036 L. AUTOMAT.C SR-SOSai-NT, WOOD BASE. COVER STEReTrTcE.VER TURNTABLE PACKAGE SLIDE RULE SHUREM91ED STEREO RECEIVER onlv $129.97 onlv $127.97 0NLY $142.97 only $149.97 V r Sx rSx - r Sx e f Tch52?' S rWATT'S DISC1[HUREM91eS f ousmake S HEADPHONES PREENER ocaoce - -etv only $14.95 only $2.98 only $13.77 0NLY $88 Sx r Kx -rKx r Kx r -J SENNHEISER HD-414 _ _. Q J EMPIRE 66EX V-! r SCOTCH HI-ENERGY OPEN AIR UUO I DUO u PHONOCARTRIDGE CASSETTE TAPE HEADPHONES record cleaner 60MN $q 98 ONLY $39.97 ONLY $4.98 ONLY $5.97 90 MIN $2.98 V - r Sx rSx - e Sx e J shurev-15,1. J DYNAMICSTERE0 VJ rclo L P AN ASON I C SUPER TRACK DELUX MAGNETIC 60 MIN. LOW NOISE AM-FM BATTERY or PLUG-IN PHONOCARTR.DGE HEADPHONES CASSETTE TAPE PORTABLE RAD.O only $59.97 only $4.88 2 F0R $2-99 only $22.88 S e Sx rS" r Sx r LIVONIA BIRMINGHAM ANN ARBOR 33760 Plymouth Rd. 377 Hamilton 3430 Washtenaw I 'S!I"0IT. .TRENTON STERLING HEIGHTS H MvVPfi JW v3W"VllC7V I9fl V öroaaway 3460 West Road 34208 Van Dyke U■2íB2il■■l■lÉH■M KALAIVIAZOO aFARMINGTON OAK PARK s mf5f5rilH5rTf5 1 214 N. Rose St. 29400 Orchard Lk. Rd. 10721 W. 10 Mile Rd.