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AL DRIPE RECEIVER TZrnlULSALE! k_aaHHKHiMWiMftM ' -- - ■' 8üfè$üta- Get Any Of These 3 Premium f2:. '.:.. _ Receivers For H ALF-PRICE ■ - iMlMMlW When Purchased With Any 6f Pair of Speaker Systems Jj And Changer Below! I V !■[ k '' - ' "" _ ft Dollar-for-dollar and feature-fora & ■ , K - -- " j ■■flA ■ k feature one of the best buys on & W a V I mV[r_MMM B I rf .A A Vil k the hi-fiscenetoday' Ampie clean ft L ■■■ V I JÉ I Éfl k power plus an outstanding stereo k I H rBB 9 I ' M k V k FMAM tuner section. Super■ QI BLJBJj"l B jP & VA 1 versatile Drives two pairs of BJB f VB speaker systems' Input connecnnn irAT .__ n.!! í '-■ L. B tions tor turntable. tape deck and PRO JECTone Receiver I mmmKKÊmmmmmmÊ_____ rsodge,?6 50% OFF! Save $114.07! iïk a % +++y Introducing the Mark I Stereo JhP -SP -fl' r 3 bmmm, FMAM Receiver. Remarkable . performance plus sensational -" k features and versátil ity ' mbmwM .VH HW distortion. wide-response stereo wÊÊ ■■ .fli BL amplifier. High-performance AM j9 FM section has ceramic filters for mPPB iM S unbeatable selectivity Ultra-low CIOUCD OQfl DanOIIIOII -ÉP dÉP M --- ... -_■; - _ 2 ,.V FM sensitivity Center-tune ridílLll tdU lICwCIVCI Mrl X ■ JBM meter Outputs for mam and A-, H i Vt 1 T ■MM mote speaker systems Automatic VOlfP V1 A Q#l li Ltf Bfe B speaker protection circuitry OC1VC M IV'iWl ■ V 1 M tB orfeliomenal valué" vou ve been for a medium-pnced Stereo % Vl j MMHHBMI ■MÍ Hü FMAM Receiver with ultra-sophisticated performance m VTZZZZjMOÊBZZ - m- - - -H and features, consider this extraordinary Fisher unit' ft . . . Plenty of power with less than 1% harmonie and WQ - .- ' ' ' ' IM distortion Provisions for record changer. tape deck fifck '&k A 'Sfc tJA' O O O O BÉ and up to 2 pairs of speaker systems1 A four-star valué1 MA " ■ ■ - t ' W Four Superb Speaker System Values ■ Mighty 6" Three-Way One of our most popular speaker byslems delivers nch. we!l-defmed bass and smoolh. __ clear treble response. Acouslic AlIgS suspension design Perfectly L1JJ matchedtoanyof theabove ■ " receivers' B ■ h Bh pk Bdh bbI ■ I K ' ' " - 0i& jt jCfc jifcjt jjWBfcfrfc4xFMj3yitjjJ ■ b ïi I '" ïi SSMSSuCSSdSEKMsfiAtalSíSSÍHtSlSH 1 1 totop-rated EPI ■ BbBbkd-. .... . rss:s SèÊ Wide-Range Abestbuy' I I U U WUJ QQS5 fel I II compact booksheff OTj " I .11 speaker system. Solid ' " '. . .. H ' bass response and nm ■ ■ v a ■ I pure. clear highs. Rif! UPIitllPI F-d U Ultra l.stenabie UIU VUll LUI II 't Outperformsmuch 10" 3-Way System ■ -- Super-etticient system with 100-watt .' ' H Slü powerhandling capacity Umqueenclosure sj ■■ design extends bass response to 25Hz' P Built-m loudness compensation . Hr Unsurpassed for rock üf%QC 'st ■■ Bb music reproduction' 9u I Ër Itíl - Three Outstanding Turntable Values j BSR Z310X Changer Package .■B Lák - For precisión record-handling at a budget dBHLjHt'-I pnce, you can't beat this great BSR unit! _ÉWP jf'l - 'fJÁÉBíbornes complete with base, dust cover BKlW ■ ÜiÈÊw Bi mJÁ ancl stere0 cartndge' Cueingpause conJbOL. ÊÊkvM J& 9 trol. Heavy-duty motor for constant speed gSfefeSkk WÊ }Kt BR HT Peratl0n Low rumble. wow and fluiter GARRARD 70 Changer Package LHHKC20 Garrard quality and reliability! Plus ,.3 wJÊK r loads of deluxe features' Anti-skating sL _ a éÊti r control. Exclusive Synchro-Lab Motor ï .S_ AT Ê r Low-massaluminumtonearm Cueing 9 I'8Í r pause control Includes base and ?BBá _ jím r Empire 66EX Cartndge. Ö öi r fl BIC 960 Semi-Auto Bj ( 4h rSr "ne of the 'mesl and rnost adB SïïS r vaneed turntables on the market! B Sry record up to 6 times before shutBB i. F.r "n9 'tself "' AlJl0 arm return ÊËx$m!swim.V Be" dnve' Very sophisticated arm B gflf#4P OOO design Ultra-low rumble. wow BJ PB' ■■!■ ant) "u"er Includes base and ■jl IVW Shure M91E Cartndge Located in Westgate Shopping Center 2555 JACKSON RD., ANN ARBOR AT THE CORNER OF MAPLE RD. 665-6161 íhe elecfronic plQLqround