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Do Tuesday nights at the Odyssey (now the Whiffletree) stir fond memories? Or did you ever flock to the Primo Showbar on Mondays to catch the last sweet set with Radio King & his Court of Rhythm? For all folks new in town your opportunity is coming next Saturday night to hear one of the best bands Ann Arbor has given birth to. Long-time residents get to re-live some of what was once a thriving local band and music scène, too. Radio King & his Court of Rhythm will visit home on December 14th at a benefit for this newspaper. They've spent the last year working in Boston where they hope to attract enough attention to break into the national pop scène. The band left Ann Arbor feeling there weren't enough places to play (there's less now) and that Michigan was being ignored by the east and west coast record companies. Radio King has a new show, with 50% original material, and all members sharing the singing. They've been catching raves in the New England área for a unique brand of rhythm and blues. The dance party at the Union Ballroom goes from 8-1 Saturday night.