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Diana Marcowitz

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This crazy, wacky lady already has quite a following, judging by the crowd at the Ark Saturday night (Nov. 23). A personality like Diana Marcowitz has to be seen live to be truly appreciated. She has an album, "Horse of a Different Feather" (Columbia), but her broad, zany sense of humor and occasional deep pathos come across best in her considerable acting ability and stage presence. Diana did almost all the tunes off her album and many more which will probably be on her second album (having signed a two-record contract). She accompanies herself on piano and brought an electric bass player whom she introduced by describing his outfit. She plays good music-hall piano, but it's her lyrics and expressions that win over audiences. She opened with "Three-toed Sloth" about the joys of being one. It also opens her album and is really just a nice 'Tdlike-to-get-to-know-you" number. Most of her tunes are primarily humorous, but a little chilling when you recognize yourself iñ one of he characters she skewers with some incredible ironie twists of lyric. She also did two short comedy monologues as "Esmerelda Sunshine", a hippie who's been everywhere and done everything. Diana established immediate audience rapport and maintained it throughout the evening. The Ark is a superbly initimate atmosphere ánd since it is not a bar, everybody listens to the music. The music of Diana Marcowitz can best be likened to the style Madeline Kahn sang in "Blazing Saddles." It's a little Gilbert & Sullivan, a little early Broadway, a little early ragtime, and a little New York chic. She sings all original material and, with Ihe exception of "Prima Ballerina" (a somber, nostalgie number), tickles your funny bone while she hits the nail on the head. She has words for agents, managers, old boyfriends, horses, Canada, groupies, Ph.D. candidates, and all the rest of us. Diana's style is still raw and unpolished and therein lies her charm and appeal. If she ever gets slick, she'll lose that appeal, but something tells me that if anyone is destined to remain earthy, it's probably Diana Marcowitz.