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WFRE NOT PROUD! WHY SHOULD WE BE? AN YON E COUU) SELL A LOT OF NAME brand audio componerm il ihey all but gave them away And we riid and thafs why Michigan 's quality pnce shoppers selectecl Douglass Sound for nearly 40 TONS of audio componen dunng the last two months To see why. come in and hrowse at any of om locations. RECEIVERS PIONEEH - ■ ■ MAR AM Crw'l SONY P HARMAN KAROON We are non openïv diwnjunting mjny NAME BRAND sttreo recoven ANO no need to haiile tor the lov pnce 20% OFf nL ON SOME MODELS OF RECORDERS 1NCLUD1NG CASSETTE 8 TRACK RËEL TO b,fttnou Brdndi Lik I TANDBEFIG CJ J I - m CARTRIOGfS ADC STANTON SHURE SAVE70'. THIS WEEK DiSCOUNTS VAflY OEPENDING ON MUD EL SAVE OVER $100 mjñi NOWS299 ■ ■ ■-Jí NWNO STA - 3OIO MAtAMTZ 4G' OAtlMO 42M liM 405 NIKKO "V% CavuxuJ r vsoux)tnei HEADPHOHES SENNHEtSER JT STANTON ? THE PR1CE IS RIGHT 40 OFF ,. 3 more LARGE SAVINüS ON COMPLETE CHANGER PACKAGES FROM DUAL BSR . CARRARO . tnci othetl Including Bne. Duiicover Cdtincige A PRICE AS LOW AS SOME DEALERS PAY' RECORDINGTAPE SCOTCH 0 SONT d ■■ --dB t ■ MtMOtEX QS ■ tsf M BUTÁT A LOW PRICE Right Off Th D ealr Cost Sh et! IYu touldn I buy bttr hon our pur rtin mIi van .( rou doUf] SHERWOOD 7200 Ir mm v ■: r í i-w i H-, , -. imm. R S360 THES WEEK 0NLY$269 ANNOUNCINGAN EPI SPEAKER SALE PRKECUTSSODEEP THEYACTUALLYHURT tri OU - - ■' 1 (B; Ji.iiJuihim,imEii WAS $69.95 ■ lhnfc.(Knwll'lrr.. NOWS49.9S ■ i', ÏSSn&tf1" ituiihr klifiKinJrimJeni.KVumcT V )W' C7S QS I H 1 ,' SAVEUPTO $240 PAIR. LPi 602 TWUNKMDESTCUT .v Í299.95 Of AU. I 3V ■■ -1'1 '■" w" l "' "'-■ - J " ' C_ '"' ' M- NOWS99 95 ■ I i' Ibphso ;j WAS $199.95 ■■ JJ i4rt-x 1 i't . Au . i.iih I il .1 mhTii THMMKARSOUND Ill-;1;liv" " "'""'■ OF SI BShSV ' "v.e. itK! M .- 25% Off Scrvke LABOR"'"""" ANN ARBOR 331 S. 4 Am. HIFI KALAMAZOO 224 W. Michigan A. 382-3710