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- . . Last month we received a shipment of six brand new coinboxes, bringing the total number of Ann Arbor SUN coinboxes to fifteen. The reason that we're making special mention of this fact is that all of these coinboxes have been purchased, over the last year, with money loaned us by SUN readersupporters. We want to express our gratitude to the folks who have helped us in the critical job of getting this newspaper out to more people. Your support has been essential to the growth of the One of the people who has loaned the SUN dollars told us recently, "It makes more sense to loan my money to the SUN than to stick t in the Ann Arbor Bank." We couldn't agree more. The SUN can not only put your money to better use, we're also able to pay you back at a higher rate of interest than any bankcurrently offers. And we still need your support. There are thousands of people who would use the paper every week if we could only get word of it to them. Dollars loaned to the SUN now wil! go towards things like more coinboxes, racks for stores, advertising, even (if we get the cash) an Ann Arbor SUN billboard. If you have money that's going to sit around the bank for a few months, please consider letting the Ann A. _ „. SUN use it instead. We're a "good risk" (we're going to be around for a long time) and we can tailor payment plans and interest rates to suit your needs. For more information contact David Fenton or Frank Bach at 761-7148. And thanks again for your support . . y