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Alternative Traditions Carry On--with Your Help

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At its peak in the late 1800's, the Oneida Community in Oneida, New York had 200 members, a farm, a construction company, a school and a newspaper completely run by women. The Oneida communards were among the first supporters of Women's Liberation, and also advocated free love. Oneida women ran businesses and wore pants. Surviving as a group for over thirty years, they tried to créate a humane socialist society out of the capitalist society of their time. They took the job of creating social alternatives seriously and we can all learn from their early successes and failures. The Ann Arbor SUN also takes the job of creating stable alternatives seriously, now in 1974. It has taken hard work, heaps of time and energy to get even as far as we have today, but the results of this work can be feit all over town. After years of work by us and lots of other people around town, Ann Arbor has a S5 marijuana law, radicáis on city council, and one of the country "s most stable communities of food co-ops. free clinics, womens' organizations and people's culture. A great deal has already been accomplished, but to keep building we and other groups in town need the help of everyone else who is dissatisfied with America 1974. On the SUN we need people to write articles, take photos, proofread and lay out pages, and help distribute the paper to more people. Ifyou'd like to work with us give usa cali at 761-7148, or ifyou'd like to help other groups, give us a cali and weïl nook you up. ffÜg SïSiMBtiBB