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Counterspies Come In From The Cold

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John Marks is a 30 year old longhair who spent four years in the State Department as an intelligence analyst, then wrote a report on Cambodia for Henry Kissinger. After US and South Vietnamese troops invaded that country in 1970, he quit his job. Together with an ex-CIA agent named Victor Marchetti, Marks recently authored the best-selling CIA and the Cult of Intelligence. Winslow Pedk spent several years in Turkey and Indochina as an intelligence analyst for the National Security Agency (NSA). Several years ago Peck left NSA and helped form a counter-spy organization called the Organizing Committee for a Fifth Estáte, which has uncovered and publicized various Orwellian schemes on the part of the US government. These "spooks" as they're called in the trade, visited Ann Arbor earlier this month to present a program on "Technofascism and the Intelligence Community." They are a new breed of professionals who are using the skills taught them by the government or Universities to blow the whistle on the secret security and intelligence agencies for which they once worked , to expose their Ilegal and immoral acts across the globe and here at home. Daniel Ellsberg and Anthony Russo are the most famous, "but," Marks said after his address at Rackham Auditorium, "it's hard to switch sides. Ellsberg had a financially stable future, which most of us don 't. No one wants to hire a whistle-blower. If there were more alternative economie opportunities more people would come over. We're certainly in touch with others like ourselves." CHICKENS COME HOME TO ROOST For the past quarter century, the CIA and the larger intelligence community has been protecting our "national security" by combating communism, socialism and national liberation struggles around the world. They have strayed from their original purpose since 1947 of the "overall supervisión, coordination and processing of foreign intelligence", to outright intervention in most of the countries of the Third World. According to Marks "there was a successful coup in Cuaterna la against the Arbenz regime in 1954, the CIA lead the Bay of Pigs invasión of Cuba in 1961. They paid for and led a secret 12 year war against Laos with the blessings of three administrations. They attempted to overthrow Sukarno in Indonesia back in '58. In Cambodia, they were instrumental in overthrowing Sihanouk to pave the way for the US invasión. In Chile, they funneled $8 million into the country to destabilize the economy. $8 million American dollars at the present rate of exchange is about $40 million in Chile. There was a coup in Egypt which led to the Suez crisis. They were directly responsible for the murder of Che Guevara in Bolivia. If this isn't intervention, what is?" "This may lead us to believe the CIA is out of control ", Peck said, "but the fact of the matter is that the CIA is very much under control. It is under the control of the President and his chief National Security Advisors." The top secret "40 Committee", made upof various national intelligence agencies, review and decide on all CIA covert operations. lts decisions and recommendations are passed on to the President who must give the final ok for the project to go ahead. According to Marks and Peck, the covert operations are the desperate actions of desperate men trying to hold a crumbling empire together around the world. As Peck pointed out, "The Watergate caper shows that when the empire begins to crumble from within due to its own inbalance, the instinct of the intelligence community is to protect the empire. Naturally if worst comes to worst, they'll use the same tactics at home they've been developing for the past 25 years overseas." TECHNOFASCISM This threat of fascism coming home, is called by the Fifth Estáte, "technofascism"..."It reflects the intentions of the power elite to solve their problems by reverting to a form of fascism. But given modern technology, the methods of oppression and control will change to accommodate the new equipment available," Peck pointed out. "Fascism is always seen as the final solution to problems that can 't be remedied under the present conditions," Peck went on. "But because its the final solution, it is a sign of weakness, not of strength." A whole pandoras box of technical weapons is open to domestic agencies, the FBI, state and local pólice agencies, selective service, IRS, Federal Drug Administration, Atomic Energy Commission. Even the Department of Transportation has a secret investigative agency called the TAD-50 to infíltrate militant truckers locáis that are involved in truckers strikes. According to Marks, the CIA most probably operates locally. "They will contact a conservative professor and enlist his aid in seeking out Third World students who are upwardly ■ mobile in their home countries and who will assume a position in government upon their return. In this way they plant people in government many years in advance of when they want to use them. Or, they may contact professors who have been abroad or are going abroad for purpose of debriefing them." The FBI has been bugging local activists phones for years, as various court battles have shown. The Army Military Intelligence (MI) group maintained an office in the local armory to compile dossiers on political activists from the mid sixties to 1972. Recently the SUN learned that the MI office was disbanded, but the Defense Investigation Service (DIS) set up in the same location with apparently the same persone. (See Sun, Dec. 6, 1974.) "If DIS has an office in Ann Arbor for the stated purpose of doing security clearances for personell working on Defense Department contracts, either through the University or private companies, nothing is keeping them from having a file cabinet hidden away somewhere with the names of local activists or smoke dealers." Peck said while discussing local government spy operations. DIS told the SUN that they have two officers assigned to the local office but Peck thinks they are lying, "I doubt ver seriously if two officers could handle the case load even if they were just doing security clearances, they probably have some "deep cover" people working out of that office." THE CIA AND THE CULT OF INTELLIGENCE Marks' book is the first in United States history to be subjected to prior government censorship. Court battles reduce the CIA's 350 proposed deletions to 168 before the book went to press. While all but 28 passages censored have since been made public in other places, the court order still forbids the authors from revealing the content of censured material. According to Marks, the missing passages name heads of state on the CIA payroll, CIA black propaganda operations and provocative reconnaissance missions. "The real reason for the government lawsuit was to set a precedent. Now thal they have it, it'H be hard for other intelligence defectors to publish the truth about the intelligence community." Another intelligence defector, who spent seventeen years as a CIA operative in South America and now lives in Britain is already evading the precedent, however. Phillip Agee's book, The Company Man, may not pass US Customs barrier but it has escaped censorship by being published in London earlier this month. Marks feels that Agee's book is very different from his own. "Öurs is a desk top, Washingtonian view, the world as it appears from CIA headquarters. Agee's book is about the nitty-gritty work of CIA field operations-down to earth intervention." Marks believes that the CIA has outlived its usefulness as an information gathering agency. "With the advancement of intelligence gathering technology, like spy satélites, over the horizon radar, ultra sonic listening devises, infrared cameras and other monitoringequipment, the old fashioned cloak and dagger spy is on the way out. But the agency is in the hands of men who came up through the ranks of Covert Operations, fighting commies on foreign fronts. They just won't give up the Helm, as it were." "Obviously, in the day of detente, there is no need to have a spy parachute behind the Iron Curtain, nor would it do to have a U-2 spy plane or Pueblo spy ship captured while Henry Kissinger is having tea with Chairman Mao," Winslow pointed out, "but they can and do ply their trade in developing countries, protecting American capital and continued on page 24 Counterspies continueci from page 4 stabilizing right wing. fascist governments. There is no doubt but that they will ply their trade here if the President determines it is in the "national security." John Marks and Winslow Peck are optimistic. Tliey see the government and its intelligence services as a paper tiger. Temporarily it is capable of inflicting damage on ourselves and people around the world, but in the long run it's an empty, paper tiger, run by fools who are tying to hold back history.