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The Michigan State Pólice recently announced that its Turn In A Pusher (TIP) program has paid out $185,000 in reward money and resulted in over 500 arrests so far this year. The SUN can't offer any rewards and we can't put anyone in jail, but we've decided to turn the tables on the infamous TIP program. Believing that most state pólice drug arrests are at best a waste of time, and at worse an Orwellian invasión into the right of people innocent of anythlng but the distribution of beneficial plant life, we've begun a new program, Expose-A-Narc. If you have any information on the activities, identities or whereabouts of people you have good reason to suspect are operating undercover "narcotics" agents, give us a cali right away. Reports from Washtenaw County will be investigated to the fullest by our editorial staff, who will check descriptions, license numbers, hangouts and publish verifiable photographs when we get them. If you know in particular of court hearing dates when nares will testify, let us know, for that is the best time to capture their mugs on film. In the past exposure of local nares in these pages has achieved definite results. Last year we published the face of WANT agent William Burns. Soon afterwards, Burns attacked two SUN photographers for snapping shots of another agent (the SUN is sueing Burns in Federal Court for the assault). The resulting publicity forced Burns to leave the área for a while, but now he's reported back once again. Let's kick him out one more time! These agents will have a far more difficult time operating in our community if the SUN is revealing their whereabouts, activities, descriptions and printing their photos. They depend on secrecy. Cali in the TIPS (Turn In a Pig), we'll tear off the covers ...