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Little Buddy's Beat Freeze

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Canadian physicians have encountered amazing success with a bizarre new surgical technique on infants that literally allows the babies "to die" for about an hour. The new technique was spelled out by Doctor William Mustard of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association. Doctor Mustard said that infants bom with severe heart defects are made to "die" by draining their blood and then dropping their body temperature to about 60 degrees. He stated that this permits surgeons to conduct delicate heart operations for up to 60 minutes without any bleeding taking place. The Doctor said ithat after the repair is'completed, the baby's body is warmed and the blood is rcstored. He stated: "These children wake up crying, and they've been dead for an hour. It's astonishing." Doctor Mustard said there is no indication of any brain damage occurring ing the one hour of death.