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K CL4SSFEDS BULLETIN BOARD "" Regular Friday & Saturday babysitting available at Children's Community Center. 154 per hr., 50 per hour for second child. For reservations cali 663-4392. Fate held in check, appointments due; Reveal the stars of me and youScales of balance harmonize The regal notion on the rise. -Rich STOP PAYING HIGH PRICES FORWINE! Make your own from simple super market ingredients, at smaJl cost. Good tasting, yet strong and powerful, complete information for making this delicious product. Send $1 plus selfstamped and addressed envelope to Box 334, Belleville MI 48111 [124] Buying Christmas Cards this year? Consider using cards made from recycled paper. You will conserve energy and water. The Ecology Center of Ann Arbor can show that the Environmental Greeting Cards they distribute use 13 the energy and 12 the water to make than non-recycled paper greeting cards. Even more, the Ecology Center's Cards are self-mailers saving the need for an envelope. If you are interested in Environmental Greeting Cards this year, cali the Ecology Center at 761-3186. Or stop in at their offices near Farmers Market on 417 Detroit Street in Ann Arbor Address Envelopes at home. S800 per month possible. Offerdetails send 50 (refundable) to: Triple S, 300JJ Del Rosa, Pinion Hills, CA 92372 [13] Baby sitting, licensed home, evenings, midnights, occasional weekends or days. Five and under. Meáis furnished. Cali 485-8305 [117] Van for light hauling or moving, cheap. Cali 668-6616 [13] I DO GOOD WORK! House repair & construction, typing, moving & hauling, you name it. Good rates. Cali Mike 663-4631. 1213 Astrologer. Bill Albertson, cali 483-1954 [131] Experienced babysitter needed for small infant. North Campus area. Beginning Jan, afternoon daily, cali 663-1315 [13] REMEMBER KENT STATE - Demonstrate against the acquittal of the National Guardsmen! Indict the real crimináis! Demónstrate at Rhodes inauguration in Columbus. Jan. 13th. For more information cali 763-6563 [13] MUSICAL STUFF For Sale: Italian made acoustic guitar, excellent condition, hardly ever used. Cali Reese 662-2342, $45 or best offer. For Sale: Pioneer AMFM, 8 track stereo, $100. Come anytime after 1 2 noon, 420 S. División, apt. 1 . 1212 For Sale: Sunn 2000's bass amp. $800. Fender jazz bass, black with white pickguard, $300. Cali Mike 763-0981 evenings, 6-7pm. 1213 Custom guitar painting, also drums bikes, small objects, etc. Reasonable rates. Quality work done in airbrushed acrylics. Cali 722-6165 (Westland). 1213 For Sale: Fender telecaster guitar. Fine condition, $175 or best offer, cali 663-6379. 1213 Must Sell: Steel string acoustic guitar, Madiera, product of Guild. Line new, great sound. Best offer over $100. Cali Mark at 662-4846. 1213 For Sale: Marshall super 100 amp, mint condition, cali Dave, 6656308. 1213 For Sale: Cheap electric guitar, two 8-traek tape players (one home, one auto). Cali Mike 6634631. 1213 JOBS ADDRESS ENVELOPES AT HOME. $800 per month possible. See ad under Bulletin Board. Triple S. COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS NEEDED-We have several openings for people to work in a unique type of community organizing among the poor of Virginia and North Carolina. The hours are long and the pay is low but it is never boring. For more information, write P.O. Box 1834, Petersburg, VA 23803. [13) FOR SALE For Sale: 1959 Ford 60 passenger school bus with kitchen, engine in excellent condition. Sale or trade. Write 1371 Mead Road, Montgomery, Mich. 49255. 1227 For Sale: 1972 VW squareback, blue, good condition, $2195, negotiable. Cali 697-4649 [13] For Sale: Record players and stereo equipment, drapes, length 84" by 184" by 64" wide, chest of drawers, matching bookcasë-green. $35. Original abstract paintings, art boxes, chairs and tables. Cali 761-9690 [13] For Sale: Westinghouse air conditioner, excellent condition, good for large room, $75. Sylvania color TV, 23" console, excellent picture, $150. 1964 VW, good condition, $150. Cali 973-1428 im_ Farm For Sale: 15 acres in Northern VA, Vi-wooded, Vi-cleared, small cottage with kitchen, electricity ; another larger building for additional living quarters. Also garage, 2 large barns (1 wood, 1 concrete), sauna, and several storage buildings. $26,600, possible to take over mortgage payments. Conact: Source, Box 21066, Washington DC 20009 or cali (202)387-1145 [13] FORRENT Ice skating on pleasant lake, two people, third to share small house. Cali 428-7881 after 5pm Student, 24, would like female companionship over holidays or to share finances and apt. For sincere long term relationship. Write J. Hopkins, 18 Le.xington, Ypsilanti 48055 PENNED PALS SUN READERS, these brothers & sisters are locked up behind cold steel and stone in the prisons of Babyion. CorreSpondence from brothers snd sisters on the street keeps prisoners in touch with reality and makes the time easier. The SUN will send subscriptions to prisoners and military personnel at half price. If you want to subscribe for a prisoner write to the SUN and we'll makethe arrange mcnls. Randy Sanford No. 129578 Marquette, Michigan 49855 Devolie Peterson No. 137951 PO Box 69 London, Ohio 43140 Daryl Harris, No. 137752, PO Box 787, Lucasville, Ohio 45648 Erwin Jones, No. 139-577; PO Box Box 69; London, Ohio 43140 David Susberry III; PO Box 855 - 484; C-T-F Central; Soledad CA 93960 Roger Pittman, B-52410 (8); PO Box608;Tehachapi CA 93561 Lloyd Powell, B-15498 (5-59); PO Box 608;Tehachapi CA 93561 Jack W. Lyon Jr., No. 136-731; PO Box 69; London, Ohio 43140 Don Beyer, No. 85795; PO Box 788; Mansfield, Ohio 44901 ■ 20 W0RDSF0R SÏ! [ Phone 761-7148, or mail form below to 603 E. William St., Ann Arbor. Mi. 48108 all ads $1 minimum, 5d -a word for individuals, 1 0ri a word for commercial ads Non prof it organizations f irst 25 words free, 1 00 a word after I 1 Name: Phone: " Address: . 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