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PAPER RADIO-City Editor Ellen Hoffman takes a look at who will be running in this spring election and other local news briefs Page 5. HARD TIMES IN YPSIL ANTI -The rash of auto-worker layoffs is bringing great grief to this FactoryUniversity community. By David Stoll Page 7. INFORMED SOURCES-Our successor to Planet News, national and international events from a people's perspective. By Pun Plamondon Page 9. THE 1974 STORIES WALTER CRONKITE MISSED-A look back at a tumultous year. By Ellen Hoffman Page 10. CRYSTAL BALLING WITH DR. STRANGELOVE-Linda Ross plots the prospects for '75 in national and world affairs Page 12. ASTROLOGY FOR THE NEW YEAR-Uranus has just entered Scorpio. Genie Plamondon deciphers the changes for believers and cynics Page 14. 1975: A LOCAL FORECAST Page 15. KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPHY: EXPLORING THE GALAXIES OF LIFE-Mitchell Botney reports on the revelation of the aura surrounding all living things Centerfold. THE SOLAR ALTERNATIVE-Richard McMath discourses on the potential for solar power vs. the social stranglehold of the nuclear method Centerfold. MUSIC: Meg Christian n A2 Page 18. Records Page 19. An Interview with Chick Corea Page 20. BOOKS-Mary Wreford reviews Dan Rather's "The Palace Guard" Page 22. MOVIES-Ellen Frank on "The Godfather Part II" Page 23. CLASSIFIEDS-Page24. HEALTH- The Barefoot Doctor on Stomach Ailments and Pregnancy Page 25. COMMUNITY CALENDAR-A complete listing of films, music, TV, radio and events for Ann Arbor, and Ypsi, plus Detroit highlights Page 27.