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ZWith the lestiritíes of the past few weeks over, i 's sometimes an e f fort to face the las! few months af winter: bul if entertainment keeps looking like ultut weve gol coming up these next iimple f weeks, things wil! he iuiie beambte, even enjoyable. Z, Costa-Gavras' devastatmg masterpiece of revohition in Greece, will bc shown Wcducsday January 8. 7 & Opni, at MLB4. Z is the second of the International Film Series presented by the Friends of the Ann Arbor Sim. Donation is SI ,50. One week later on Junuary I 5, the series will present the Midwest Premier of 1875, MLB4, 7&9pm. "-]-ie pIOmiscd l and". Chile's t'irst widescreen color epic, compieicd only months beforc ihe military coup.That's at MLB3, 7 & 9pm, also for SI .50. LOCAL JAMS abound with possibiliiies lor a gpod time. John Nichols returns trom Boston to pluy at the Blind Piu January c) and I 7. L'p and coming jazz ensemble Synergy wíl! aise be ai llie Pig, January 10 & II Luther Allison plays Chances Are one night only Sunday .lamiary 1 2. 3 shows. Th Human Rights Party is having a benefit at Mr. Rood's Party Sunday January 12, 8.00 pm C & W Diamond Reo wil! pro-i vide the tunes. Por a mere SI .00. The Golden I alcon brings I you the mime, magic and rock n' roll oi The Friends Road I Show tor thiec nights beginning TTiursday, January l). Chicago folk contemporary folk art ist John Prine takes on Power ('enter Thurs., January 1 6 tor S4 a head. DETROIT MUSIC offers a high-quality variety of musical tonus, thrcc of wliich happen at the Savoy in the Shelhy Hotel. Taking off with his inimitable brand of intergalactic ja. is Sun Ra and his Arkestra. Tuesday January 7 through Sunday January I 2. Was it really seven years agü that the I ui tles recorded "So Happy Together"? Yep, and now {facy're back trom a different angle via 1-runk Zappa. Flo and Eddie and The Turtles at the Savoy Tuesday January 14-1. Elvin Jones, veteran drummer lor scores of prumincni jazz innovaiois íncmcimg inc jonn i oiirane quanei, aiong with bassist Richard Davis and tenor sax Joe Farrell will appear nt the Savoy u. well, Friday Januáry 1 7-19. Fot l he pop sido of tmisic check out Wishbone Ash and Cam el at Musonic Auditorium, Wednesday Janiuiry 15, 7:30 pm. MARCEL MARCEAU ducs lils inspiring pantominc al tlic Power ('enter Juiiuary 10 through 1 2. Shows will be at Spui Friday and Saturday and 3pm on Sunday. The l Women's Community Centci Coffeehouse will be show i ing the CBS News Documentan' "Women in Prisons" ai the üuild House. 802 Monroe St., 7: K)pni Saturday January 1 1. TUBE TIME . . . Chartnel 56 is presenting a ncw series on the Peoplc'.s Republic of China, entitled "One Man's China." The first episode will be broadcast at 9:30pm, Tuesday January 7, and document! China's abiiity to adequately (eed all theii population, onequarter of the world's. The second in the series will be on 9:30pm Tuesday January !4, entitled "ËighJ or Nine in the Morning. Also of interest is the Consumer's Survival Kit "Auto Repairanoia," the basic huws ot car repair, and huw to beware of rip-oll repair shops. You can cafen thal at 7:.i(Jpm, Thursday„January 9 on C'hannel 56. II' you're up early in the day, Víctor Marchetti. ext'IA official and co-aothor of The CIA and the Culi of Intelligence will be a guest on TV2 Hyewitness News, at 7:30am, Thursday January .