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The Unions Vs. The U: It's Only A Matter Of Money

The Unions Vs. The U: It's Only A Matter Of Money image
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As the University of Michigan reopens after the holidays, so do student files under a federal law passed last November. Most of the problems with the law were resolved when Congress revised it to omit letters of recommendation from inspection by students. Students are free tu examine all the Other information the University has filed away about them. How long the University stays open in 1975 may depend on progress between the administration and the Gradúate Employees Union. A state mediator is expected to join contract negotiations this week, but GEO and the University are still at odds over pay increases. The Union has set January 30 as a target date for a strike vote, should no contract be reached by then. This week also marks the beginning of negotiations between U-M and the new IIAW clerieals unión. Once again, i a ! k s are expected to center on pa) scales. The University may get another union later this month, as surses al University Hospital wil] vote on whether to oin the Michigan Nurses Assoctation. The exacl date tías nol vet been sel Por the vote by the 625 nurses.