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HALF PRICE Complete É Sensatïonal 10 Playback FISHER System JDGARRARD System-50% Savings! ■ rrTiiiA- BBbY bI BA v .BB Bi II i ■ Ik bbbi wi ■ .......■ v mui bbbI f f f f bbI Ésl Sfl BBBb_ Af BI BI bH BB! 9 a fl fl B Featunng Playback s big-selling 1500-SX cnnaratol T ■ # m M m m _■ SlereoFMAM ampie amounls vi,L i„ ' WB BB ■ E ■■1 of low-distortion power full features aoJb.ü Top quality syslem delivers performance comparable tomuch Bfl kJ m ■■■B iwo 10 Three-Way speaker Systems m ff% more expensive combinations' Fisher 290 Stereo FMAM B - f__ MW BV lor natural reproduction Garrards ■■4 ■■11 Receiver has lots of clean power and features to spare, precisión B HB ■■ 40BChanger with Base and Empire C I JE Garrard 40B has Base and Empire 66EX Stereo Cartndge.two B BB 66EX Cartridge I II III tullrange6 Three-Way Speaker Systems Super value1 BB ■ IV "116--N0W HALF PRICEJ (xlSSSLê t eluxe PLAYBACK 50 IbWbbbÍ - lSfiV !ET7ÏÏNICA -V a stwPte System has ful. ■■A' ' KÜI O II 9, BBBl i Aclvanced-design drivers deliver bassresponse tiw UUIlrlllLrl . . jft ■ rich full-range reproduction tu h midrange rH ft B Dl' Reg S159.95 # U fc ff_P 2 a S? !W GARRARD "8Z"-12-0fl! 4-channel H íífc Half Price 8 3-Way System r;,, 1RQ95 4ÉÍ, v. Wnn .-- i Mfc Iho LJÜ X Él üirk' UlcUU - . , ; .■ ■ SansuiSR-212 Manual S, BJ Bf MI BA 71 II BJI Automatic Turntable the Audio 4L S ByWlr %# Technica AT-12S 4-channel Cartridge isyoursfor half pnce f%w í'fMm ExcitingS Tnree-Way P MJ A beautiful package' M'êÊwWMm A luxunous changer Speaker Syslem I Vs LMÉMm complete with Base Dust pours out roomiBBl b 't. fiA r t bV Cover and Empire 66QEX filhng reproduction ' VJ . SlPPPil R-TPSPW ÜW Cartridge with a minimum . BJJ UIOI UU U II Ulill SF hsteners fatigue ( 1 B g II Al r firn F Per.ect.or 4 channel kil '158 31 31 HALF OPP! pAniTn JBBBBB Mm [. Compact unit is easy bilí I IUL Outstanding C-60 low-noise Req S59.95 BS BHBBBB lo 'ns'ail AmP'e clean O. 'ecordmg tape 2997 2997 1BSB3M e=" - g"6 3 f or si .49 MANY, MANY MORE OUTSTANDING VALUES FOR 1975!! Super TEXAS INSTRUMENT Buys! Super Ppiced FM Coitverier! Portable Cassette Headphone Sale! SR-50Oc"SitaM' 4B _A Exactra23 bb fcBfcu 1 BB m)ÜJBBÍBJ Wide-range The most -Df wJ 55 Foui lunciions Mft - -SfeJ BlÍ fcfc stereo headvanced pocket fc ■-'Jl VtSp A'k1s sublracls " - 'J Hl i afi phonesare calculator Hj jStfc HynU multiphes B Bf fc. S BF k bH I i com.ortable and 'oday' VCPO l' %J)pJ,W divides plus g , BB BV M Ibc Bi r A ' prlcecf lo move' JJDgjO kV''C-1 centages "fc%_ 4 r ïi fl ' WasS9.95 r JIMOO %MOO Convert your present auto AM ACBattery cassen -v M O 1 VU"" ■JIJOO radio to hi-.i FM Easy-to-install 4AQO recorder has autoaaqo PBtVj] I # Tl fl has excellent sensitivity Special III"0 shutoff condenser Xl QBIBKBf purchase' I mike more _i B I Locdted in I Westgate Shopping Center Mwaasssi&v