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- j :_- - _ ■ - - - ■ = Club ocations fnr even is and Film Group phoncs and auditoriums in Ihis calendar are on page ?S MNNR9 ê Moon in Scorpio MUSIC ANN ARBOR Chances Are: Masqerade,9:3Opm, $1. r&r Mr. Öood's Partj : Mike Snnth & Kis Country Vulunicers. 9:3Optn, n. c4w YPS1LANT! Bimbo's: Stanley the Madhatter is DJ. 9:3Opm I'he Suds lüclurv : Muksv. 9:30pm, SI, r&t DETROIT 1 . 1 ANSING Liard: .Hm Schwall lihies Band, 9:3Opm, Blues EVENTS ANN ARBOR Ann Arbof People's Bicemennial Committee meeting, 7:3Optn, KIJ S. State, 6658774 HRP Steering Committee meeting Spm in HRPOffiee, ï ! . Wi1li.nn. All welcon. Ann Arboi ('ii Council meeting, 7:3Opm, Citi Hall (Huron & I iith) Revotutionary Student Brigade meeting, 7pm 2207 Michigan Union, 763-6563 for info Indochina Peace Campaign meeting 7:3Opm 332 S. State. 764-754S HER-SELF, Women's Community Ncw paper open meeting. 7:3Dpm, 225 E. Liberty TWÜiËI f Moon in Scorpio MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema (uild: "The Talk of the I.nui" (Georgi Stevens) 7 & 9:05, SI MUSIC ANN ARBOR Chances Ve: Masquerade, sec Mon 1 16 Mr, Rood's Party: Cosmic Cowboys, 9 ÍO pin. 50 iA, VPSI1AM1 Bimbo's: Stanley the Madhatter, seo Mon I (i I lie Suds Ftctory: Mugsj . Mon I '6 DETROIT Raven Gallery: Claudia Schmidl & Kcn Bloom 9:30 10:30. S3 Red Caí peí Lounge: White Heul und Deluxe, 9:3Opm, $1, r&r The Savoy, Sliolby Hotel: Sl'N RA & hit Myth-Sdenct ARKESTRA, 10 4 I2pm, $2 50. Intergatactlc Jazz - - I lic Underground Express: I he Otbet Brothers Duo. music begins 9pm, riiowi al 1 1 pm and lam, $2, jaz2 E. LANSING The Brewèry: Strongbow, 9:3Opra, SI, r&r Li.ird's: hui SchWaJl Blues Band. sec Mom L6 TV 6:S0pm: C'ommunit) AnnoumenuMits. Cabte 3 7:00pm: Community Dialogue, llnst Bruce Warslwl. Cable 3 9:30pm: "One Man 's China #1 ' hrst in .1 si-nos on China, its problems and its pron in solving tliom. I hiv iirsi segment is on ('lulu's leliievotnent ol food lor .ill iis populatton limo quartei of the world's popuution). Ch. 56 EVENTS ANN ARBOR University Committee oi HRP meeting, 7pm in HRP Office, 5 16 I . WilHam, aH welcome I esbians Öpeni mp at I eminisl Credil Union office, 225 E. 1 ibertj Spm, 761-7973 tor info M0011 in Scorpio tlieu in Sagittaríus 1 :41am MOVIES ANN ARBOR CiiiemaGuild: "China Seas" (Tas Garnett) 7 tí 9:05, SI Nou World Film Co-opl riends of ihe Ann rboi SUN "JesusChrisl Superstar," x 9:1SSSI.3J International I ilm Series: "".( ost Gavras (Greece) 7 & 9pm-Ml 1(4. SI 50 Pri sented by Frieods oi the si N MUS1C ANN ARBOR Blind Wg: Oilur Sule. 9:30pm, SI, iu Chances Are: Skip Van Winkle, c). !0pm, r&r Golden l'alcon Donbte 0 Soul is DJ, 9:3Opm Mr. I lood l'jriy: Cosmtc Cowboys, 9:30pm, 75c& YPSH.ANTI Bimbo's: Detroit Emeralds, 9:30prn, SI. 5(1. soul Huron Hotel & l ounge: Iris Heil. 9pm, 110 cover The Suds 1 aetory: ugsy, see Mon I 6 DETROIT Raven Gallery: Claudia Schmidl & Ken Bloorn see I nes I 7 continuad on page 28 continued from page 27 Red C'arpet Lounge: White Heat and Detuxe sec raes 17 Rock & Roll I um: Salem Whehcraft, 9:30poi il, r4i The Savoy, Shelby Hotel. SUN RA, 2.50. sec Tues 1 7 The Underground Express: PheOtTier Brothers Duo, ee lues 17 Music Hall Center: Sarah Vaughan (one nit'ht óruy) 8:3Opm. hckcts: $8.50-3.50 available al Hudson's. Grinnell's, Sears and Music Hall Bo Offlee. Ja E. LANSING Ihe Brewery: Strongbow, sec Cues 17 TV 6:50pm: C'ommunity Announcements Cable 3 7 liiipm: ('ommunily Dialogue, host Bruce Warshal. Cable 3 EVENTS ANN ARBOR People's lood C'oop meeting, 7:3Opm, cali 61-81 73 for loc.mon Women's Community Center Organizing C'ollective meeting. 8pm, 3rd floor conf. room, Michigan Union Moon in Sagittarius MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema Guiid: "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" (Alfred Mitchöock) 9:05 only, $1 MUS1C ANN ARBOR Blind Pic: John Nicholas, 9:30pm SI blues rit) Chances Are: Skip Van Winkle, see Wed 18 Golden KaJcon: Friends Road Show, 9:3Opin mime, magie, r&r Mr. Rood '5 Cmy: Diamond Rio, 9:30pm Pret.el Bell: Ril) Boys, 9:3Opm, no cover bluegrass YPSILANTI Bimbo's: htstice Wild, 9:3Opin, SI, r&r Huron Hotel & 1 ounge: l Bell, 9pm, SI The Suds Factory: Mugsy, sec Mon 16 DETROIT Raven Galler) : Claudia Schitiidl & Ken Bloom see I nes 17 Red Caipe I Lounge: White Heat and Deluxe, see Tues I .'7 Rock & Roll Farm: Salem Witcherafi see Wed t8 Ihe Savoy, Shelby Hotel: SUN RA. $3, see I nes 1 '7 Ihe Underground Express: The Other Brothers Duo, see 1 nes I 11 I . I.ANSING The Brewery: Strongbow, see Tues 17 Lizard's: Hickory Wind. 9:3Upm. r&r TV 7:00am: l'? Eyewitness Neus. (nest Victor Marchetti, ex-CIA official and coauilnu i' " Ihe CIA and the (uil of Intellipence." C'h. 2 IO:3Oam: "AM Detroit" " I he Women's Place in tlie Home and Other Myths" with Constintina Saphüios-Rothschlld, Professor of Sociology, Wayne State l niversity. Ch. 7 6:50pm: Community Announcements, Cable 3 7:00pm: Community Dialogue, Cable 3 7:3iipm: Consumer Survival Kit "Auto Repairanoia". Viewers iearn lo idenlity car problems themsdves. how to f'ind an honest mechanic and how to prevent unnecessary repairs, ('h. 56 mtim 10 Moon in Sagittarius then in Capricorn 10:59am MOV1ES ANN ARBOR Cinema Guild: "1 opper" (Norman Z. Mc Leod) 7,8:45, i0:30pm, SI Cinema 11: "The Adventures of Robín Hood" (MichaelCurtiz) 7 & 9. SI New World I ilm Co-op: "Paper Chase", 7 & 9:30 (MLB3), $1.25. 'Tantastie Planet." 7 & 9:30 (MLB4), SI. 25 DETROIT Cass City Cinema: 'The Spy Who Came In I rom the Cold" (Martin Rilt) 7 & 9:30 SI. 50 Detroit 1-ïlm Theatre: "The Little Theatre of Jean Renoir" (Jean Renoir) 7 &. 9pm, S2 (SI. 50 for studentj) MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark Coffeehouse: Golden Rinii, 9pm S2.5O, folk Blind Pip: Syncrgy. 9:3Opni, $ 1 . jazz Chances Are: Skip Van Hinkte, ree Wed 18 Golden Falcorv: 1 riends Road Show, see Thuis 19 Mr. l'lood's Faity: Diamond Rio, 9:30pm Sl.e&w Pretzel Heil: Rl D Boys, lOprn, no cover, blueiirass Rubaiyat: Fret llight. cover YPS1LANTI Himho's: Jtisfice Wild, see Thurs Í9 Huron Motel & Lounge: IrU Bell, see Thurs 19 I he Stuts Factory: Mugsy, see Mon 16 DETROIT Earth Center: The Muggles Band. Kennon & David 's Mime Show and folksinger Mike Wadeeil, shows al 9 & 1 Iprn. Admission S2 Poor Woman's' Paradise C olt'eehotise: lessie. 9pm to rnidnight, Sl.SOdonation, ligh! nuk Raven GaHerj : Claudia Sehimdt & Ken Bloom 56e 1 nes 1 7 Red Carpel Lounge: White Heat and Dehixe see TueS 1 11 Rock & R(ill Fan: Salem Witchcraft see Wed 18 The Savoy, Shelhy Hotel: SIN RA S4 vee 17 The Underground Express: Thé Othei Brothers Duo, :ee Tues I 1 Cobo Hall: Jacksoa 5, 8pm, Cali Cobo Box Office lor ticket info. E. LANSWíG I he Bjewwy: Stronshow. sce I nos 17 Lizard's: Hickoiy Wind, see Ihurs 19 TV 6:5Opm: Comraunity Announccment Cable 3 7 :0 ipm : Community Dialogue, Cable 3 trOOam: Rock Concert. Hoi luna. R1.0 Speedwagon, Ch. 7. EVENTS DETROIT I he TorontO Dance Theatie, 8:3Oprn ai Music Hall Center tbr the Petforming Arts, 350 Madison, Detroit. Tickets 8.50-3.50 availahle at Hudson's, Sears, Grinnell's, or Musit Hall Box Office, 963-7680. "The tlnest modern dance company in the country." Marcel Marceau, brilliam pantomimist, performs 8:00 pni at the Power Center. Presenied bv Ihe Univer'-ity Musical Society. Moon in Capricorn MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema Guild: 'li Happened One Nipht" (Irank Capra) 7 & 9:05, SI Cinema II: "Minnieand Mosköwitz" (John Cassavettes) 7S9,SI New Wortd I lm Co-op: "Paper Chase." see In 1 Hl. '- antastic Planet,"sec I n 1 1(1 DETROIT ( asv City Cinema: "The Big Sloop" (Howard Hawks)witti Hutnphrey Bogan, 7 & ■■ s 50 Detroil liim Cheatre: "Last Tango in Paris" (Bernardo Bettolucd) 7 & 9pm, 50 ($1.50 lor students) MUSIC NN AKBOR rk Coffeehoose: ("'Ido Ring, see I ri i" Hlind ñg: Synergy, se Fri I 'Id Chances Are Skip Van Winklo. see Wed ! K Golden 1 alcon: I Road Show, see Ihurs I 'i Mr 1 lopd's Part) ; Piamond Rio. see 1 ri I Ín Pretzel BeO: RI D Boys", see I n I 10 Rubaiyai: l ree I light, see In I1U YPSILANTI Bimbo's: íustice Wild, see Ihu ! l Hurón Hotel & 1 mineo: Iris Bel}, see Thúrs 19 rhe Suds I actory: Mugsy, see Mm I (. DETROIT Earth temor: The Muggies Brothers Band, Kennon & DidS Mimo Show, and folksingei Mik WadeeB, see Fri 110 Poor's Paradisf Coffeehouse: Freddi Wilgarde, 9pm to midmghl, SI. SO donanon, coatemporary folk Raven Galléis : Claudia Schmidl íi. Kon Bloofn see Tues 1 7 Red ( arpel I ounge: Whhe Heat and Deluxe see rúes ! 7 Rock cV Roll Farm: Salem Witchcraft.see Wed I '8 he Savoy. Sholhv Hotel: SUN RA. $4, sec I ues i 7 The Underground Express: The Other Brothers Duo. seo I nos I 7 Masonic Auditorium: lJohln Vinton, 8pm. tickets $6.50, 5.50. 4.50 avaüable ut Ma?onic Bo Office, Grinneil'sand all J.L. Hiulsou's All seats reserved E. LANSING The Brewory: Stiongbow, see Tues I 7 Lizard's: Hickory ind, seo I huts 1 9 EVENTS ANN ARBOR Women's CoBimanity Center Coffeehouse: 7:3itpm. (uild House, 802 Monroe. The CBS News documentar "Wumen in Prisons" will te shown Marcel Marcean. sÉfi 1 n. 110 Babysitting availabie at the ('hildren's Coramuniiy Center, 7pm-lam. 75hr, 9943 1 60 DETROFT The 1 oronto Dame Theatre, 2pm and 8:30 (matinees J7.SO-3.OO). See Iri 1, pi Children's Theatre: with Boomo SheQown, mystica) Jerry ihe magician. and Kennon & Davkl's Mime Show, 2pm at the EartH ( entej (11464 Mitchett, Hamuarflck) New Moon in Capricorn then in Aquarius I0:04pm MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema Guitó: "A.K.A. Casshw Clay" (Jim Jacobs) 7 í; 10:15, Sl;"Jack Johnson" (WiHiam Cayton) 8:30 only, Cinema II: "i ., Wonderfu! üfe" Capra) 7 & 9:30, si New World 1 "ilm Co-op: "Paper Chae"7 & 9:M (Nat. Ska. auditorium), SI .25, "Famaslie Raaet" se Fri 110 MUS1C ANN ARBOR lilind Pig: Slik I'iirso. :.!ilpm. 50f, dastical Chances Are: Luthet AUison, 3 shows. $2.50 blues Del Rio: Live jazz, 4pm Dooley's: Uve emertdmment. 7pm Golden Faícon: Double-O-Sotd is DJ. 9r30pro Mr. Ffood's Party: HRP Benefit. Diamond Rio, 9:30pm, SI.c&w YPSILANTI Bimbo: Mojo is DJ, 9:3Gpi8, soul Hurón Hotel & Lounge: Iris Bell. ')pm, no cover DETROIT Poní Woinan's Pjradise Coffeehouse: live ja. 2-5ptn, $i.5O donalion Raven Galtery; Claudia Sehinidt L Ken Blouin see 1 ues 17 Red t irpct Lounge: White Heat and Deluxe sec 'I ues I '7 Rotk & Rolt Farm: Salem Witchcrafl see Wed 18 Ihe Savoy, Shelby Hotel: 1 AST NfGHT: SUN RA, J3, see I ues 17 I tic l nderground Ixpress: I (ie Oiher Bro(her Dun. see lues 17 E. LANSING The Brewery: Strongbow, see Tues I :i TV 2pra: The Japanese film "Sanjuro" Kurosawa's 1962 tilín depicting the absurdii o( the rigid code of llie Samurai. Ch. 56 6:30pm: "Legacy" Yellowstone National Park. tirsi in a series of shows on Ihe varkuis nalional parks is the l.S. Ch. 56 EVENTS AjNN ARBOR HRP City C'orhrmttee meeting, 7pm in HRP Office. 5 1 fi E. William. all vvekome continued on page 30 continued trom page 29 HKP Benefit al Mr. I lood 's Party with country rock band Diamond Rio, 9 till dosuij.'. Uonation SI. 00. Benefit to help HRP keep roof over its head Marcel Marcean. 3pm, see I ri. 110 ÍÍÍÉÍ 13 Moon in Aquarius MOVIES ARBOR Cinema Guild: "Utamaro and Hls live Women" (Kenji Mizoguehi) 7 K 9:05 M New World lilm Co-op: Doublé Feature: "M.A.S.H.T'Brewiter McCloud" 7 & 9 (Nat. Sri.) $1.25 MUSIC ANN ARBOR Chances (Vre: Mojo Boogie Band, 9:30pm, SI .5(1. rir Mr. l'luod's Party: Mike Sniith & HisCounii Volunteeis, 9:3Opm, 50f c&w YPSILANTI UimboV Stanley ihe Madhattei is DJ. 9:30 I ho SucK Factory: Chopper, 9:3Öpm E. LANSING I lic Brcuery: Strongbow, see Cues 17 The StaWes, George Benson, Hipni & im, ij L'iiitansi TV 6:30pm: "1 e;',ic " Acadia National Park, Mamo. ('h. 5ó 9:3Oprn: Common Ground "Rape in Detroit". Ch. 56 ll:00pm: " Your Turn" Cliildliirth Without Pain. Ch. 5f EVENTS ANN ARBOR HRP Steering meeting, 5pm in HRP Oöice, 516 E. Wflliam, all welcomi iiii Arhor People's Hiccnlcnnial C'oinmiticc meetiiiL'. 7;.ïopni, 819 S. St;iie. review ol' midwestern conference in Champaign, Uhnois, 665-8774 Aun Albor ( ny Council meeting, 7:3Opm Citj Hall (Huron & Fifth) Revolutiohary Student Brigade niccting. 7pni, 2207 Michigan l!nion. 763-6563 lur info Indochina Peace Campaign meeting, 7;3öpn 332 S. State. 764-7548 Hl LI-: Women 's Community Center open meetiflg, 7:3Opm, 225 E. I iberty Moon in Aquarius MOVIES ANN ARBOR New Workl I ilm Co-op: "Tora, Tora, Tora" 7&9:30(Nat.Sci.)$l .25 MUSIC ANN ARBOR Blind Pi-r: Ann Arbor Experimental Jazz 9:3Opm, SI Chances Are: Head 1 a-U. 9:3Opm, $1, r&r Mr. ITood's Party: Gemini, 9:30pm, 50í, folk YPSILANTI Bimbo's: Stanley the Madhatter ís 1)1. see Mon 1 1 3 The Suds t actory: Chopper, sec Mon 11 3 DKTROIT Ravcn Galieiy: Claudia Schmidt & Ken Bloom 9:30 & 10:30, Í3.00 Red Carpet Lounge: White Heat and Deluxe, 9:30. SI, r&r llie Savn'. Shelby Hotel: I To Ai Iddie and tlic Turtles, 10 & 12. cali 963-7100 for cover into. Ihe Underground Express: TheOthw Brothers Duo, imisic begins 9pm, shows al 1 1 pin & lam, $2,jaZZ E. LANSING The Brewery: Buil Angus. 9:3Opm, $1, r&t The Stables: George Benson, see Mon 113 TV 7:l) Performing Arls i Shadowson the Wall. "I tic Ari oí D.W. Griffith I " Cli. 56 6:3Opm: "i.egacy." Everglades National Park. Ch. 56 6:50pm; Comiminity Announcements, Cable 3 7:(K)pm: Cummunity Dialogue, host Bruce Warstul, Cable 3 9:3Opm: One Man's China "1 ídn oí Nie jn ihc Morning". The tille of this film comes from j talk Mao fje-Tungonce gave to a proup of young ('límese. The vurld ís yoiirs, ,is well as ours. bul m tlie last analyxis ii ís yours. yu young people. ful] of visior anü vit.iliiy, are in the bloom ol'life. like the sun al cijiln O! nine in the. mornins. Ch. 56 10:00pm: Soundttage "John Seliasüan and David Bromberg." Ch. 56 EVENTS ANN ARBOR 1IR!' University Cömiilittee meeting. 7pm in HRP Office. All welcome Lesbians Opening: rup jtroup ai feminist Federal Credit Union olficc. 8pm. 225 I l.iberty, 761-7973 lor info Moon in Aquarius then in Pisces 10:24am MOVIES ANN ARBOR International lilm Series: "Promised 1 and" U'hüe) 7 i Vpm, SI. 50. Presen ted by Iriends of the SIIN MUSIC ANN AKBOR llic Ark CofTeehouse: H001 Amateur Nipht 9:00pm, 50i Blind Pin: The Olher Side. 9.i30pm, $1 . jaU Chancos Are: Head I a&l . see Tues 1,14 Golden halcón: Doubte-O-Soul is DJ, 9:3Optn Mr. liood's Party: Gemini, '):30pm. 75 tolk YFSILANTI Btmbo's: The Rulfins, 9:30ptD, soul Huron Höte! 4 lounge: Iris Bell. 9pm. no cover Ihe Suds Kactory: ('hopper, see Mon 1 l 3 DtTROIT Raven Gallery: Claudia Schmidl & Ken Bloom, sec Tties 114 Red Carpe) Lounge: White Heat and Deluxe see lues 114 Rock & Roll Farm: Salem Witchcratt, 9:30 si. r&i The Savoy, Shelby Hotel: Ho & lildie and the furttes, sec Pues 114 The Underground Express: The Other Brothers Duo, see Tues 114 Masonic Auditorium: Wishhone Ash and Camel, 7:3()pm. Tickets $7.50, 6.50 5.50. availabie at Masonic Box Offiee, Hudson's. Grinnell's E. LANSING The Brewery: Buil Angu, I ues 114 The SUbles: George Benson, see Mon i13 TV 6:30pm: "Le;acy" Corand Tetón National Park, Wyomlag. O. 56 6:50pm: "Community Announccments" Cable 3 7:00pm: "Comniunity Dialogue" Cable 3 7:00pm: "N.O.W., Karen deCruu . President of the Nutional Organization t.r Women. Ch. 56 EVENTS ANN ARBOR People's Food Coop meeting, 7:3()pm, cali 761-8173 tor location Women's Communily Center Organizing Collectivo meeting, 8pm, 3rd (looi conf. rm., Michigan Union. ELSEWHERE Ihe I riends Roail Show, lpm. Dun Roven Club. Nortln-illc, SI. Mime, magie, r&i Moon in Pisces MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema Guild: "Open Cuy" (Roberto Rossellirti) 7 & 9:05. SI MUSIC ANN ARBOR Blind Pig: Oíd Buck, 9:3Öpm, SI Chumes Aro: Head Ijst. sec I nes 114 Mi. I lood's Party: Diamond Rio, 9:30pm 754, cft Pretzel Ml: RI-0 Boys. 9:.ïllpm. no covei bluegrass UAC Concert Co-op presenis: John Prine, Kpni ;it the Power Center, tickets S4 ireserved scjIs) YPS1LANT1 liimbo's: Hot I ips. 9:3Opm, r4t Huron Hotel & Lounge: lus Bell, 9pm, SI Ihe Suds I aetory: ('hopper, see Mon 113 DETROIT Raven Galtery: Claudia Schmidt & Ken Bloom sec lues i14 Red Carpe) 1 ounge: White Heat and Deiuxc see Tues 114 Rock & Roll I arm: Salem Witehcrafl see ed 115 Ihe Savo) , Shelbv Hotel: I lo ,Vl l-.ddie and the Turltes, see lues 114 The Underground Express: Ihe Odier Brothers IHh, see Tues 114 t. LANSINC, Ihe Brewery: Buil Angus, see lues 114 The S tables: George Benson. see Mon 113 TOLEDO Toledo Sports rena: .1. C.eils Band, 8pm I ickets S5.5O in advance avaüable at Hudson's or hy mail tb: ToledoSports rena Box Otïiee, 1 Mam Si Toledo ühio TV 7:(K)am: Performing Arts Shadowson the Wall. "The Art of D.W. (irittlth. Ch. 56 6:3Opm: Legacy "Arehes National Park Utah". Ch. 56 pm: Hlaek Journal. Ch. SE EVENTS ANN ARBOR HR1' Mass Meeting, 7:30pm. 4th Hoor Miihigao Union, all welcome. Meeting will eteel new coördinator and steering committee tor HRP. ELSEWHERE Ihe 1 riends Road Show, see Wed 115 Moon in Pisces then in Aries 1 1 :04pm MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema Guild: "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (Howard Hawks) 7 & 9:05, SI Cinema II: "Chinatown" ( Roman Polanski) 7 & 9:30, $1.25 DETROIT CassCit) Cinema: "Wjtness lor the Prosecution" (Billy Wilder) 7 & 9:30, S1.5U lililí IIMII SS XjT NSÜSSI II IIIIIIIX., Detroit I ilm Theatie: Thteves üke l s" (Robcrt Altman) 7 & 9pm, S2 fS 1 .50 foi students) MUS1C ANN AKBOR The Ark Coffeehouse: Marshal! Dodge, 9pm ■S2.5O, tolk Ulmd Rg: John Midiólas and Big Duddy "G" 9:.M)pm. SI, r&b Chancos Are: Head EaSt, see Flies 114 Mi. 1 lood's Party: Eddie & the Muller Bios, 9:3öpm,$l,c& Prct7el Heil: Rl-I) Boys. I0:00pm, mi cover bluegrass Rubaiyal: I ree I light. 9:3Opm, nocovei YPS1LANTI Bimbb's: Hot I ips. sec llnirs I h, Hurón Hotel & Lounge: Iris Heil. see I Imrs 1 'Ij6 The Suda Factary; ('hopper, sec Mon 113 DETROIT Poor Woman's Paradise Coffeehouse: Abby Shuman & Cathy Courtney, ?pm lo tnidDight, SI .51) doiulioii, COHtemp, l'olk and feminist smu's K.nen Galiery: Claudia Schmidi & Ken Bloom see Tues 114 Red Car pet Lounge: White lleal and Deltive see I uei 114 Rock & Rol! larm: Salem Witcheraft see Wed 115 The Sa voy, Shelby Hotel: Elvin Iones, in & I2pm. Cali 963-71 do tor covei info, lite Underground Express: TheOther Brothers Duo, sec lues I 4 E. LANSINt; I he Brewerj . Huil Angus, see Tues 114 I he Slables: George Benson, see Mon 113 TV 7:00am: Performing Arts Shadowson the Wall, 'The Genius ol ( h.irlie Chaplin." Ch. 56 6:3(lpm: Legacj "Olympii National Park, Washington." Ch. 56 6:50pm: Community Announcements Ch. 56 7:()0pm: Community Dialogue, Ch. 5b EVENTS ANN ARBOR Professional Theatre Program presenta "Olí. COWARD!" Hpm, Power Center. 1 icket info: 76441450 info: 76441450 I BABYSITTING I at the FRIDAY& SATURDAY 7pm-lam 994-5160 Babysit lint; uv;iil;ible al Ihc Chiklren's Community Center, 7pm-lam, 75hr, 9943160 ELSEWHERE The I rieiids Road Show, sec Wed 115 Coming Friday thru Saturday Jan. 17, 18, 19 ELVIN JONES The Savoy, Shelby Hotel, Detroit