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Dear SUN. Eariier this week. the curriculum committee of the Literature, Science and Arts school of the University voted to give academie credit lo courses in how to kil!, better known as military science. [ed. note sec story on page 4.] Part of the reason this issue was able to pass was a recent decisión by the LS&A faculty to prevent student parity on this committee. Faced with a recommendation from the GraduaÜOf) Requirements Committee to add three more students to the curriculum committee, making the total six faculty and six students, the faculty instead added three more faculty! This amazing decisión was made without consultation with the curriculum committee itself, when Professor Cari Cohén of the philosophy department claimed that students we re a detriment to decisiou-making. The curriculum committee itself has since passed a icsolution underming this claim, stating the students have been a vauable part of the committee. On the question of academie credit for ROTC courses. only the two voting students al the meeting questioned the morality of military presence on campus. The live voting faculty members approved acereditiation. The question is now scheduled to go before tlie LS&A faculty on February 5, and unless opposition rapidly expands, the ROTC program will get what it wants credit to lure in more future military commanders. Several people are trying to organizê to prevent this from happening, and more people are needed. Anyone interested in working on this project can cali Ginny at 761-6550 (or leave a message if she's no( there.) V'our help is needed. Jana Smith Dear SUN & Paul J. Grant, I don 't know how to go about dealing with you whether to gel outright MAD and outraged, or fake ii easy and try to explain some things to you. I used to be where yoü're at so anybody can change. I don't dig the almost constant negativity and slaugliter in your music reviews, particularly the Aemsmith review (Sun, Dee. 6. 1M74). It was very shallow and l'd lay o'dds it was based on weird attitudes in your head and not the quality of the music particularly Aerosmith's niusic. Now, honey. I ain't into many rock bands these days. There is a lot ofgrossness in the field but everybody to their own thing, you know. Even the lousy musiciaiis must have some following or they wouldn't have an album or be touring. I get off on very few bands. Paul JG. and tliat is what I aim for, that's what I dig to really .er off on a band 's music. Music is a big part of rm, Ufe. l.ike you, I used to be deep into the Airplane, the Dead oíd gíoups. And not up until last year could I get into any new rock groups, the reason being the crazed attitudes }n my head. I was stagnated. l'd say still dreaming of hippie, love, peace. aerti. reefer utopias-the old days. Like you, ! mourned "oh what happened to Gracie Slick?" I had attitudes on shag haircuts (haircuts, period), on fancy clothes the glitter scène, you might say. Peoplc around know F dig good music, and last year a friend of mine kept trying to turn me on to the J. Geils Band, but I could not handle it. I just would not do it because of them crazy attitudes. Finally one day 1 went to see them-they were outrageous! and outrageously good musicians at that! I immediately developed some heavy respect for the cats and lost a lot of my attitudes on styles of dress. This year my same friend tried to lamine on to Aerosmith ... but damn! no go again. My attitudes shined thru. Finally ï went to Allen Park and caught an Aerosmith show and I've been hooked on them ever since. Seeing them made me realize fully what a fooi l'd been copping attitudes on people for the way they look. I swear! Conformism in nonconformity even. You got yer highnosed nerve implying these tuys try to be the jr. Stones. They have their own brand of music U's a blend of what we've been brought up on. All you got to do is listen to know it ain't no copy. Lots of bands have two guitars, a bass, drums and a vocalist. So what if Steve Tyler's got big lips man. He don't look like Jagger, man He don't need to he's hot enough as Steve Tyler. And honey, these cats dress like they want to dress. If having a good body makes them money and gets people off then cool Don't condemn them for that. As far as talent goes our pinions obviously differ lolully. I think Tylcr has a fantast' voiee and topsJagger by far in dancing ability. Theother ' guys in the band are goud musicians witli nu exception -to say they "stumbled around tlie stage" is a GROSS discredii and insult to them and to your readers and rnakes you out to be an ass. Then you add grease to the fire by calling us "children." You said it that's exactly the idea of your readers that you put out. I mean, dig it, these guys, Aerosmith have sold out the Palace. Toledo. Sports Arena, Pine Knob and Cobo Hall. Damn, honey, see what I mean about insulis'! Be more present a fullei picture. Your personal opinión is obviously not good enough (it's called hung up). People in Ann Arbor are just beginning to hear ol them tlu's gig was their first exposure here. Detroit's been hip to them a LONG time!'ve got a responsíbility to the people seriousjy Break out ol your shell! And with all your fancy words (and you put them together well and entertainingly sometimes) help other people break out. Music can do it to you hut with your negative attitudes, you're keeping people down babe. We need energy at this time! So LATLR! -Lexa Ann Arbor To the editor; On December I 3-14, 1974 thousunds of people from all over the countiy carne tu demónstrate in a teach-in and freedoni march against racism. The Ann Arbor Emergency ('ommittee tbr a National Mobilization Against Racism paincipated in the Boston ma rek. Thirty concerned people from the Ann Arbor area oTganized publicity. raised funds and went to Boston. We went to say NO to the escalating racist offensive against school desegregation; to say NO to the racist mob violence against Black students and to exposé the real aims the racist aims behind the so-called antibusing movement. All over the country. racistS are trying to stop the Black freedom movement Trom making further gains. and to roll back many of the gains thai have aheady been won by the civil rights movement. Bul the racists can be stopped, and the Boston freedoni march and teach-in can be the turning point. Just as Montgomery and Little Rock initiated the :vil rights movement that pul an end to Jim Crow in the South, our stand in Buston can Initiale a new surge of freedoni all over the country. And just as students helped lead tlie way in the civil rights movement. we can help lead the way today. The freedom movement of today must tïght racism on many fronts. especially in key areas like empibyment. housng, and education. As students, we are particularly concerned about fighting racism in education. The racist challenge is clear. In Boston. Pasadena. Denver. Detroit and elsewhere they are trying to prevent Black and Chicano students from attending white schools. In New York. they are trying to stop the Black, Puerto Rican, and Chinese people from exercising community control of their schools. Elsewhere, the government is cutting back on programs that enable more Black students to attend college. Elsewhere school administrators are moving to reassert their domination over and cut back on funding for Black, Chicano, and Puerto Rican studies programs. These are but a few examples of the issues that are in vol ved. A mass response is required to counter the racist offensive. Student and community torces can be instrumental in mobilizing this response, just as we played a major role in organizing the freedom march and teach-in. A meeting was held in Boston after the march to decide what to do next. The 250 participants from the East Coast and the Midwest voted to cali a national student conference to be held in Boston February 14-16 to discuss building a broadly based movement to fight back against racism. The Ann Arbor Committee is again organizing to go to Boston for the conference. We need your help. Funds are urgentlyneeded;send your check payable to the National Student Committee Against Racism, 4001 Michigan Union, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104. Come tú the first planning meeting January 2 1 st at 7:30 in the Michigan Union fourth door lobby. Bring your ideas and friends. "You got yer highnosed nerve implying these guys try to be the jr. Stones. Aerosmith have their own brand of music, and it's a blend of what we've been brought up on." Just as Montgomery and Little Rock initiated the civil rights movement that put an end to Jim Crow in the South, our stand in Boston can initiate a new surge of freedom all over the country.