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Yes, it's your last chance to enter the Sun's Legendary Weed Contest of 1975, which comes to an exciting end next Friday, January 24th, when one of our lucky readers wins a full-scale pound of high-grade Colombian This great contest, wonderful as t s, hap The entries have been pouring in hand over smoking marijuana! pens to be tied up to something even better at fist during the past two weeks as the Sun's "Win A #C least in our humble opinión: a concentrated suba Pound of Colombian" Marijuana Contest and B.q tlQ Qf f scription drive to get more people readmg the Sun regSubscr.ption Drive has shot into h,gh gear. Now. with V"! Lfi ular'V' NW' Vü dnt have l V,r " '" ?" one week to go before the Grand Drawing next Friday af C" A. XOi. der t0 enter r even t0 win the Le9endarY Weed Cont of ternoon reveáis the Winnei t the Pound and oui othe, glamoi JT M Vï of 1975, but on the other hand, wouldn't it be somuch better ous winners (see list of pnzes, below). you've just seven more & K VX&è f you did? After all. we m.ght get into somethmg the next daysfrom the time this issue hits the stands to get your entry A. ■ M &t time that's even more bizarre than the Colombian Contest. blank entered in the Contest. Just f ill out the Official Entry Qf L Mt M LL right? So enter today, wh, Ie there s still time, and please Blank below and get it to our office at 603 East William g L % f Cl send in your bucks for a subscription to.wr communiforo noon on January 24th in time to be eligible for the Sf Bl êT I" ty newspaper. SUPER PRIZE OF THE DECADE! l W S JV J nnil)T nIICC TUC ÜAIMPCI RIR DDI7FQI 1J7 D0N T MISS DAIVICE! I JIJ rnlfabWi UL %L TJr Ih And whileyou're at it.doing all these great things in the First Prize as we've mentioned so many times by now A ATS Ai. name f the Sü"' VU " shouldnlt m'ssuOu; nex! Su,n that you'd be sick of it if it wasn't what it is (Whew!)W ?TtfMl Dance' sPnsored bV ou' als on rcamPus; the Fns of ONE POUND OF COLOMBIAN WEED. gu;iranteelto()t ytíKS1 & the Ann Arbot Sun Ifll be next, January 24th, at you high. Second Prize (four big winners) ,s a free pass to the KÍS V-&tf the MiChÍ9an Unn Ba,l',TVd '"cÍadcAc cVToc" New World Media Projecfs Spring Term Film Series, good for GfojS1 w PT Original b9'e mUS'C bV Williams STARS OF STARS more than 50 free flicks. Third Prize. for the next ten winners, is a f PflOV Chicago BlueS Revue' Wlth LuC'"e Spann' harp geniUS CareV.Bel1' free, autographed, hardcover copy of John Sinclair's book GUITAR v legendary pianist Sunnyland Slim, and people dancing and going AnÜArbor SunTheinners will be chosen ' can't make the dance, well, you'll read and certif ied at a drawing Friday afternoon NAMK I about it - and most of the other interesby Democratie County Commissioner ADDRESS APT. NO I ting happenings in the area - in the next enne McClary. and the results will be CITYSTATE ISSUe f the SUN' P the Stre6t January allyannounced Friday night at the Sun i plinNll.. 31st Wlaking nvs, or merely covermg it, nanrp in thp Mirhioan Union Ballroom I fMKlNl , the SUN s in the middle of things! Dance in the Michigan Union Ballroom. send U. Ann rbSl_N. M3L. Willian,, Ann_Arb_or. Mi.48108_ J CONTEST ENDS JANUARY 24!