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íE) inflfiïlHJ i) Moon in Pistes, (hen in Aries 1 1 :04pm MOVIES NN ARBOR Cinema Guild: "Geftttemen l'reíer Blondes" llloujrd llawks Maní) n Monroe;7& 9:05. SI Cinema II: "Chinalown" Roman Polanski] 7 &9-.30, $1.25 Medial rio: "The Paper Chase"; 7:3049:30, SI I :i School I 'ilm Series: 'The Seveiuli Voyage u) Sinbad" Htirryhausen's 7:3049:15, at 100 llutehins Hall YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: "Jeremiah Johnson" vv Roherl Redford; 7&9, $1 DETROIT Cass City Cinema: "Witness lor the Prosecutmn" lliilly Wilder j 7&9:30, SI. 50 Detroit I ilm Thealre III: " I hieves I.ike Us" [Robert Altman] 749, $2 (studenls SI. 50) MUSIC ANN ARBOR Ihe Ark Cofïee House: Marshall Dodge, 9. $2.50: luik Bimbo'son the HHI: Bobë James Duo, 9:30, no cover Blind Pig: John Nicholas .nul Bíii Daddy "G" Blues Band, 9:30, SI Chances Are: Head last. 9:30. SI. 50. r&r (lolden l'alcon: InenOs Road Show, 9:30, SI. niiiiu', magie, r&r Mr. llood's Party: Iddie and the Muller Broa . 9:30, ll.c&w l'it-lel Bell: KI D Boys. 9:30. SI .50. hlueprass Rubaiyat: Choice ot the People. 9:30, no cover YPSILANTI Bimbo's: Hot 1 ips, 9:30. $ 1 .50, r&r Huron Hotel & Lounge: Iris Bell. 9, $1 I lie Suds I actory: Chopper. 9:30, SI, r&r DKTROIT Bakers Keyboard Lounge: Michael Urbaniak, 9:30, S3.5O, ja. F.arth Center: The Dogs, r&r, Jerome's Prophoin I link: .icoustic guitar & harmonica. & Larry Arbour; foik-rock, 9 & I0:30pm in the balloom, S2 admission Poor Woman's Paradise-Coffeehoust: bh Shuman Ai Calhy Courtney, 9-1 2in. SI. 50. contem. lolkteminist songs Raven Galler) : Claudia Schmidl & Ken Blooin, 9:30 & 1 I :30. $3.50 Red Carpet Lounge: Mie Hockeis. 9:311, SI. 50, r&r Rock & Ruil l'arm: Salem Witchcralt, 9:30, SI. r&r The Savoy-Shelby Hotel: Ilvin Jones, 10 & 12,' cali 963-7IOO t'or cover info. Premier jazz drummer ELVIN JONES and his cooking quartet grace the Savoy Room at the Shelby Hotel this very weekend. Mmmmmm! The Underground Lpress: The Oiher Brother's Duo, Pamela Valencia, Contagious Others, & Ihe Soulful Sonics, music begins l)pm. shows il 1 1 pin and lam, $2. jazz. Watts Club Mozambique: Laura Lee, 10:30, S3.5O,juz singei KAST LANSING The Brewery: Don Preston, 9:30, S 1 . r&r Li.ards: Bnan Lee, 9:30, blues TV 7am Performing Arts I: The Genius of CharHe (haplin Ch 56 6:5Opm Cornmunity Announeemenis Cable 3 7pm Community Dialogue Cable 3 Bergman lilm lestival: "Virgin Spring" Ch 56 lam Midmghi Special: Oliio l'layers, 1 inda Ronstadl. Kutus Ch 4 EVENTS ANN ARBOR Pioneer High I heul re Guild present "Black Comedy", a Hritish farce b Peter Shatt'er, 8pm, $1 liabysüling avaüable al the Children's Community Center, 7pm-lam, 75hr, 663-4392 Moon in Aries MOVIES N ARBOR Cinema (uild: "African Queen" John Huston vtj Htimphrey Hogart: 7&9:OS, SI Cinema II: "Chinatmvn"; see Iri. 117 Mediatrks: "The Paper Oíase"; seef'ri. 117 New World I ■ïlm Coöp: "Harotd & Mande"; ' 7,8:45410:30. SI. 25 YPS1LANTI Mud Cinema' "Cmderella Liberty"; 7&9: 15, $1 DKTROIT Cass Cin Cinema: "The Batlle óf Algiers" Guio Pontecorvo] 7&9-.3O, $1.50 Detroit I ilin 'Hieatre 111: "Modern Times ICharles ('haplin 7&9, S2 (students SI. 5(1) MUSIC ANN ARBOR Ilie Ark Cotlee House: Marshall Dodüe. see Iri. i17 Bimbo's on the Hill: Bobby James Duo. see Iri. 117 Blind Pig: John Nieholas and Big Daddy "G" Blues Band, see ri. 117 Chances Are: Head Kast, see Iri. 117 (olden t akon: Iriends Road Show. see I ri. 117 Mr. llood's Party: liddie and the Muller Bros., see Tri. 117 Rubaiyat: Choice of the People, see Pri. 117 YPSILANT1 Bimbo's: Hot Lips, see Iri. 117 Huron Hotel & Lounge: Iris Bell, see Iri. 117 l'he Suds l'aetory: Chopper, see Iri. 117 DFTROIT Büker's Keyboard Lounge: Miehael Urbaniak, see Iri. 117 larth Center: The Dogs. Jerome's Prophetic lunk & Larry Arbour, see Iri. 117 Poor Woman's Par.idise-Cotïeehouse: Marian De Vore. 9-1 2m, $ t .50, jazz piano Raven Gallery: Claudia Sthmidt & Ken Bloom. see 1 ri. 117 Red Carpel Lounge: lhe Roekets, see I ri. 117 Rock & Roll Farm: Salem Witehcratt. see Iri. 117 The Savoy-Shelby Hotel: 1 Ivin Jones, see Iri. 117 flKEMMR The Underground Express: l'he Othei Brother's Duo, Pamela Valencia, Contagious Others, & The Soulful Sonics. see 1 ri. 117 Watts Cfob Mozambique: 1 aura 1 ee, sec I ri 117 I STLANSIN(. fhe Brcwcrv : Don Preston, see I ri. 117 Lizards: Unan Lee, set Fri. 117 TV 6:50prn Community Annonneernenb Cable 3 7pm--Community Dialogue C'albe 3 Kpm Bil Moyers' Foreign Report: Internationaffairs program. Seeretary of State Henry Kissingei is interviewed C'li 56 EVENTS ANN ARBOR benefit dmner featuring an 11 HIOPI-W MINI ill be held at 6:3Oprn ai Bethlehem United Church of Chrisi (423 S Fourth Ave). Foilowing the dinner, Prof, Ali Mazrui (prof ofpolitical scienee) ill speafc on "I ood, Energy, &■ the future of the Human Race"; Donaüon: $2.50. Reservations 662-5529. Sponsored by Atrican Studenls AüSOC. Üonationsgo for the Affican Faraute Reliel Project. Pioneer High fheatre Guild prevenís "lilack Comedy"; see 1 ri. 117 Planetarium show Mercurj . Venus, audienccrequested topics. 2, Jpm ai Museum of Natural History Babysitiing available al the C'hildren's Comrnonity ('enter. 7pm-lam. 75hr., 663-4392 DETROIT International Pet Slum. State 1 airgrounds (Woodward at 8 Mik) Pnes & Awards lor DOGS, CATS, BIRDS. FISH, LXOT1C PI 1 S Doors open at Nuon. ('hildren's Theatre: Cartoons. Laurel & Hard y movies. C'haptcr I oí the John Wayne serial "Hurricane Express", 2pm at the Eaith Center. 1 1464 Miteheli (Hamtramak. SI admission _Jd ÏKS&'t il l3P Wil Moon in Aries MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema (iuikl: "Olympia: Part 1": The 1 estival of the People Leni Riet'enstahl 7 only, S 1 'Olympia: Part II": The Festival of Beauty. 9:05 only, $] Cinema II: "Cul De Sac" Roman Polanki Polish, subtitles: 7&9, SI Medialrics: "Star Trek": S I New World Film Coop: "llarold & Mande"; seeSat. 118 YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: "Cinderella Liberty"; see Sat. 118 DETROIT MUSIC ANN ARBOR Blind Pig: The Silk Purse, 9:30, $.50, classaal ' Are: llead tast, see Fri. 117 Del Rio: I ive ja. 4pm, no cover Dooley's: Jazz & blues, 7pm. no cover Mr. Flood's Party: Êddie & the Muller Bros., 9:30, $.75,c&w YPS1LANTI Bimbo's: Mojo is Dm Jockey. 9:30 Huron Hotel & Lounge: Iris Bell. 9. no cover DETROIT Baker's Keyboard Lounge: Michael Urbaniak. see In. 117 Earth Center: The Sunday Night Blues & Ja Fusión wthe Ist African Primal Arkestra, 7pm, $2 admission Poor Woman's Paradise-Coffeèhouae: 1 ive ,i.. 2-5pm, $1.5n Raven Gallen Claudia Sehmidt & Ken Btoora e I ri. 117 Red Carpe) I ounge: 1 lie Rockets, seo I ri. 117 Rock & Roll 1 arm: Salem Witchcraft, see In 117 The Savoy-Sheiby Hotel: I rvin iones, seo I rl I he Underground Express: I lie Other Brolher's Dun, sec I ri. I WattsChtb Mozambique: Luur.i Lee, see Pri, lord Auditorium: Roben Klein A. B.ury Manilo, 7:3Opm, Tickets: Í6.50, $5 50, S4.5O availabteal Hudson's, Grinnell's, 4 1 rd Aud Ho office. LAST LANSIV, The Hfewer : Don Preston, see I ri. 11 7 l.iards: Unan Lee. see 1 ti. 117 TV 2pm I he I ilm "Ugelsu": lilusions ol human am bitton and the destructiveness of greed are the ihemcs of Kenji Mlzogucht's 1953 lilm. sel in tendal Japan ('li S6 4;ÍOprn World 1ress: panel of international specialjsts in the political, economie, social, aiul cultural events ol a particular country, analye the foreign piess lor a perspective mi hou the vorkl outside the U.S. ieus international issues Ch 5t EVENTS ANN ARBOR Planetarium Shou Venus, Mcrcury, audieiuc requested topics. 2,3pm, Museum of Natural Ilistor Prot'. Theatre Prognun Showcase senes presenls Stoppard's "The Real Inspector Hound" Spm. Arena Iheatre. I reie Blüg. 1IRI1 ('it Committee meeting, 7pm n IIRI' ifice, 516 E. Williani, all weicoine Younp Socialist Alhatlce class " ís Socialism. 7:3fni in Km. 4304 Michigan Union 1 Rl I DCTROIT International Peí Show, see Sal. 11S Kensington AL Stonei Creek Metroparks will offer guided winter NA 1 IR1 HIKI S begin ning al 9am at the respective nature center. I ree ol charge no reservations necessary Moon in Aries, then in Taurus I0:2Iam MOVIES ANN ARBOR lile I ranie-Tp I ilm I estival: I di tune atut tcn Men's I-ves IA yojjng man is sent lo prison lar marijuana possessíondeals prtmarilx with biomosexuality in prison) 7:3Opm;Aud C-Angeli Hall, FREE. A discussionworkshop will foliow with gay men lor those mterested. THE FRAME-UP FILM FESTIVAL, a series 'of 4 films about prison, begins the series with "FORTUNE & MEN'S EYES", in Aud. C Angelí Hall, 7:30pm, Free Admission. Presented by the INMATE PROJECT of Project Community in cooperation with 20 co-sponsoring affiliate groups. . continued on page 24 continued from page 23 MUSIC ARBOK Hlnul Pig: Blue Monday w Boogie Woogie Red, '. ín. Il, blues Chances Vte: Mojo Boogie Band, 9:30. Sl.rAt Dooley's; Sfcüng movies, 10;30prn,nó cover Mr. I lood's Party: Eddie & the Muller Bros.. sec Sun. 119 YPSILANTI The Suds Ka lory: Pest, 9:30. $.50, r&r DETROtl I arth ('enter Movie Nighi v. Laurel : li;ndv ilickv. V.( . I ickls, and ihe tiri chapter in John Wayne's serial "Hurricane Express" Watts Cluh Mozambique: Spanky Wilson, I0:30pm, $3.50. ia I onl Audilorium: Lynyrd Skvnartl. 7:3Opm, 1 1. kets: $6.50, $5.50, $4.50 avarlabie ji Hudson's, GrintjeH's, & I or.d iul. Bos ()li. l AST I.ANSING Ihe Brewery: Richfc Havens, ': Mt The Subtes: Maddy Watws, 8:30 & 10:30, blues i i.itds: ihe I riends Roadshow;9:30, mime, magie, tnd r&r TV 2pw "N.O.W. Niiw1": (luesi Ls Karen Dei rovi presiden I i the National Organizatton lor Women Ch 56 9:3Oprn Common Ground: "Human Rights Party";Guesl Zoltorl Ferency, HRPCandidate lor Michigan governot in '74 Ch 56 EVENTS NN ARBOR I mure World'ü Lecture Series prcsents GENI RODDI NIH RRV: "Inside Science I kik.ii. Oulside l'his World"; Xpm, liill Atulhorium. S I admisMon HRP Steering Committee meeting, 5pm in HRP office, 5 f6 I.. WUIiam, ;ill weicome Revolutionaiy Student Brigade meeting, 7:3Opm 2207 Michipn Union, 763-6563 lot info. Arm Albor City Council meeting, 7:3Opm. City H:ill (Huron & lilth) Indochina Peace Campaign meeting, 7:3(ipm, 332 S. State, 764-7548 lll R-SI II : VVomen's Community newspaper, opoti meeting, 7:3upm. 225 E. l-iht-t t Ann Arbor Peopte's Hkt'iiiennuil Ccmmitteo meeting, 7:3Opm at Ann Arbor Public Libruiy 665-8774 Moon in Taurus MOVIES N RBOR New Wortd l'ttrn Coop: "The Molher & Ihe Whore" 1 um;rIio 8, NafSci. $1.25 MUSIC NN RBOR Blind Pie' Ihe I riends Road Show.9:30, $1, mime. magie, r&r ( tuiiuos Are; Jckel,9:3, Si DooIeyV Skiing rnovies, IO:3Opm, no cover Mr. 1 lood 's Parly: Iric 9:30, V5() YPSILANT1 BiraboN: Stanley the Mudluiter is Disc Jockey, 9: 50 The Snds I aclory: Pe;ir. sec Men. 120 DETROIT R.iu-n (i.dlen : Bxiffo and I Urine Pliilpne. l):.i'i & 10:30, $3.50 RedCurpel Lounge: The Rockets 9i3O, $1.59, r&r Watts Club Mozambique: Spanky Wilson, see Mon. 120 LAST LANSING The Urewen : tast, ?:30, SI. r&r The Stabtes: liaidy Waters, see In. 117 TV 5:5iipm (ommunity AnnoiiiKeineiiis Cable 3 7pm lupe Kepl.iy ofMonday Nighi Cit Conniil Meeting CaWe 3 9:3llpin One Man China No. i: "Self-Reliaiu-e"-, Since I%S China hdd luid all lts foreign debts paid otïand since ihcn lus developed ns economy without loreign aid. torcign loam, or foreign iimestmeni Ch 56 lOpm Soundstage: lionnie Raut wiih Hudd C!uy and Junior W'CIK Ch 56 EVENTS N ARBOR HRP University Comroittec meeting, 7ptn in the HRPOMice, 516 1 . William. all wekome l.ehian Opening: rap gruup at I ■eininist Kederal Credit Union office, 225 I . Liberty, 8pm, 7 f, I - 7 7 ï tor inhL National Student ('ommittee Atrainst Racism oriiamational meeting, 7:.i0pm. Kourth Hoor lobby. Michigan Union. RE: to plan aetivitíes and organiíe a bus to go o Boston Moon in Taurus, then in Gemini 6:23pm MOVIES ANN ARBOR New World I lm Coup: "The Mothér & the Whore" 1 nstadie H. MLB3, S 1 .25 YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: "Hlume in 1 ove" w George Segal;7&9:!5. M MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark Cot'tee House: Hoot Amateur Night, 9, $.50, tolk Blind Pit:; The Other Side. 9:30. Si I , jazz Chances Are: Jucktfl. see 1 nes. 121 Mr. llood's Party: brie Cilau. l):,10, S.75 YPSILANTI Huron Hotel & Lounge: Iris Bell. 9, no cover The Suds lactory: Pear, see Mon. 121) DETROIT Raven Gallery: Buffo & Klaine Philpoe, see Tued. 121 Red Carpet Lounge; The Rockets, see Tues. 121 Rock& Roll larm: Myra.9:3(, $l,i&r Watts Club Mozambique: Spanky Wilson, see Mon. 120 EAT LANSING The Brewery: Head iiast, see Tues. 121 TheSial'Ics: Muddy -Waters, see Mon. 120 I i;iriis: Ali.m Lee, 9:30. country TV' 6:5Opm Cooimunity Annouticeinents. Cable 3 7pm-Comnronit Dialogue CaWe 3 EVENTS N ARBOR The Marionette TheatreTl Petet Arnotl dor dults). 8pin in Reskiential College üudJlorium (Easl Ouad) Professor Whiity speak on LABOR IIISIORV. 7:3()pm jt nn Ar bol Public l.ibr.iry. Spon sored by Al Peoplc's Bicentennial CommUtee Pcoplc's lood ('oop meeting, 7:3Opm, ljII 7618173 lor bestión Women's Comnuiiiiiy (onici Organizing Committee meeting, Xpm. 3rd Hoor conL roorti, Michigan Union DKTROIT Advanced Tui Chi lIuss, 6:30-8pm jnd Kundaiini Yoga dans, 8:3Opni ü the I jrlh ( enter. I 14f4 Mttclieli (Hamtramak), I ree y I f J ( t I J V V J Moon in Gemini MOV ÍES ANN ARBOR Cinema Guitd: "Pearls of the Crown" (Sacha Guitry) 7. SI: "I ;isi umi Loose" 1 1 red Newmeycrl 9:05, $1 YPSILANTJ Mud Cinema: "Blumc in l.ovc": sec Wed 122 MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark CotTee House: John Nicholas, 9, 11, blues Blind Pig: Silvei tonos. ?:30, SI. r&b, country, r&r Chances Are: Jackel, see Tues. 121 Mr. Hood's Party: Diamond Reo, 9:30. S.75, c&w Pretzel Bell: RID Boys, 9:30. $1, blueprass YPSILANTI Hurón Hotel & Lounge: Iris Bell, 9, $1 The Suds Factoty: Pear. see Mon. 120 DETROIT Raven (iallery: Bu fío & llainc Philpoe, see lucs. 121 Red Carpet Lounge: I lie Kinkels, see lúes 121 Rock & Roll I arm: Myra. see Wei!. 122 Watts Chíb Mozambique: Spanky Wilson, see Mon. 120 I AST LANSING 1 lie lirewery: Head East, see 1 ties. 121 [lie Stables; Muddy Waters, see Món. 120 TV 6:5Opm Comimimty Announcemetits Cable i 7pm -Community Dialogue Cable 3 EVENTS ANN ARBOR The Marionette Uieatre oí Peter Arnoti. see Wed. I 12 Men's Raps Mecii.i event and disctiJSÍon ol' the masculino imago. 7:3Opm,4 fyler. l-.ast Quad Sponsored by Anti-Seism Resource Center. All men wekomc Jatues I o (Anthropolosrisi. Harvard)' will lecture on: "Spcakim: tfi P.iris: on Rotinese Ritual Ljngua.üc" 4:0(lpm in I ast Conference Room. Rackham Blüg. Presen ted by the Center tor South and Southeasl Asian Studies. Dl TROIT Begjnninp Tai Chi class. 6:30-8pm at the l-.arth Centert Ril'. S(MM g)llu Moon in Cemini, then in Cáncer 10:20pm MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema C.uild: "A Niiilu al the Opera" Sam Woodj w Marx Uros.; 7. 8:45, & 10:30, $1 ('mema II: "Visums of 8" Ann Arbor Premiere 7&9.S1.25 Medatrks: "Harold & M.iuUe"; 7. 8:45. & 10, $1 New World lilm (dop: "The Emijarants" 7 & 9:45, SI. 25 YPSILANT1 Mud Cinema: "liltime in I ove": see Wed. 122 DETROIT (ass City Cinema . "Ncen Sarflurai" Akiru Kurosawaj ?A9:3ft, tl 5ü Detroit lilm Iheatre 111: "The Solt Skin" l Irancois Trutïanl ] 7&9. S2 (suidenls $1.50) Shown in RJckham Aud.. X( I arnsworth MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark Coffee House: Heady Wist, 4. $2.50, tolk Blind Pig: Tribe. 9:30. SI. a Chances Are: Jacket. 9:30, $1.50, xSlI Mr. I lood's Pariy: Jawbone. 9;30, $1, c& Pretzel Heil: RIT) Boys, "30, $1.50", bluegraw Rubaiyat: Choice ol' the People, 9:3(1, no cover YPSILANTI BúnboY Rockels, 9:10, S 1 .50. r&r Huron Hotel & Lounge: Iris Bell, e Ihur. 123 The Suds Factory.:, IVar. 9:30, SI, r&r detroit Baker's Keyboard Lounge: Pharoah Sanders, 9:30, J3.50.jaZ2 1 urth Center: Peach, jazzrock h.nut, t folk sinter & other entertainment, 9pni. $2 admtssion. Poor Women's Paradise-Coffeehouie: Rowena, 9-1 2m, SI. 50. traditional tolk R.nen GaUer) ■ Bttffo & F.laine PhUpoe, 9:30 & 1 1:30, S3.S0 Red Carpe I I oonge: The Rockets, se Cue, 121 Rock& Rolllarnr. Myra. sec Wed. 122 Th Savoy-Shelby Hotel: Iracy Nelson and Mirabt, 104 12. Cait 963-7100 for cover, info. Watts Club Mozanjbtqoe Spanky WHjoq, see Mon. 12(1 Masonk Auditorium: Mvtn I ee & Co., 7'.3Opm Takels: $6.50, S5.5O, $4.50 availible al Ihidson's. Grinnell's, & Masonk Box Office KAST LANSINC. l'ho Brewery: Head East, see Tuei. 121 The StaWes: Muddy Waters. 9& I 2m. blues TV fi:5opm Community VnnouncemenUi Cable 3 7pm Cornmuniry Dialogue CabJe3 lOpm Bergman Fibn Festival: "Thtou Gbts Darkly" ( li 5b EVENTS ANN ARBOR The Marionet te Thealre ol Peter Arnolt. see Wed. 122 Babysinins! Available al the Chüdren's Community ( enter. 7pm-l.irn, 75S' hr, 663-4392 Willie Williani's Stars of Stars Chicago Blues Revue featurtng: 1 uulle Spann, vocals;Sunnyland Slim. piano; Carey Bell, harmonica: Willie "Winehead" Williams, drums; Odcll Cumpbetl, hass;and IddieC. ('amphell.fcuilji . A I)AN( I PARTY presented b I riendsul the nn Arhoi SI N. 8:3Opm-lam ia the UNION HA1 I Rix Donation $3.00. Moon in Cáncer MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema Guild: " laran. the Ape Man"" W.S. VanDyke] 79:05, $1 Cinema II: "To Kill a Mockúlgbird" Rohen MuUigan] 7&9:15, M Mediatrics: "Harold & Maude"; see 1-rL 1 TA New World. Kim Coop: 'The I nrigjants": see l'ri 124 and "Sacco & Vaneui"; 7&9:I5. $1.25 YPSILANT1 Mud Cinema: "Detiverance" w Hun Kcnids; 7&9.S1 DETROIT Cass City Cinerrw; "LaStrada" lcllim 7& 9:30, SI. 50 Detroit I ilm Theatre III: "Shoeshine [Vittorkj deSkaj 7&9. $2 (Student-. M.50) MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark ColTec House: Heady West, ace I ri. 124 Blind Pij;: Trtbe, see I ri. 124 Chances Are: Juckel, see r i . 124 Mr. I lood's Party: Jawbonc, vee I ri. I 24 Pretd Bell: RI-D Boyx, see In 124 Rubaiyal: Choice ol the People, see I ri. I fiA YPSILANTI liimlni's: RocVi-ls. see I-ii. 124 lluron Hoicl & I ounge: Iris Bell, lee I luns 123 rhe Suds l'attory: Piar, see I ri. 124 DETROIT Baker's Keyboard I ounge: l'lium.ili Sanders, see ri. 124 I arth Center: Peach, see I ri. 124 Michigan Concert Palace: Spirit and Iron Butterriy, Doors open al 7pm, show si.irts al 8:3Opm, $5,r&r Women's Paradise-Coffeehouse: Harmony Grits, 9-l2r, 's 1.5(1. Muepa Raven (,allei : Bttffo & llanif Philpoe, see I ri. 124 RedCurpet Lounge: The Rockets, see I nes 121 Koek & Roll 1 arm: Myra. see Wed. 122 I he Savoy-Shelln Hotel: I racy Nelsiin & Mir.ibi, see Kri. I 24 W.itts Club Mozambique: Spanky Wilsort, see Mn. 120 EASTLANSING lhe B re wet y : llead East.see I nes I '21 TheStablcs: Muddy Waters, we fr'ri. 124 continued on page 26 cominueu rrom page zv TV 6:5()pm Community Announcement CaWe 3 7pm Community Dialogue Calbe 3 7pm Soandstage: Bonnie Raiti w Buddy Ouy and Junior Wells C'h 56 l():30pm The Music Culture of tedia Ch 56 EVENTS ANN ARBOK I hu Manoneiic of Peter Amotl, see Wed. 122 Workshop o) Zen Bmidlmm, from 9:3Oánr 4:J0pmin Michigan Union Balltoom. conLribution of S 1 5 C5I0 foi students wnh LD i is asked lor llu1 lull diiy program. Hiihysit tin ïvailable al the ('hildrcn's ('oinmunily Center, 7pm-lam. 75hr.. 663-4392 Moon in Cáncer, then in Leo 1 1 :OOpm MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema Guild: "(Ico from 5 to 7" Agnes .i da] 7, SI "lkic Vour I ife" Jan rroeü] Swedish, suHitles, 9:0S, SI Cinema II: " I Point" Harry Nitsion] 7 Oblio afld lus dog Arrow; 7&9. S I New World Mm Coop: "Deliverani"; 7&9, $1.25 YHSILANTI Mud Cinema: "Deliverance"; see Sat. 125 MUSIC ANN ARBOR Blind Silk Purse, f-.3Q, $.50, clareieal Chance Aro: Jackel, see I'ri, 124 Del Rio: l ivo ja, 4pm, no cover Dooley's; Blues S ja. 7pm. no cover Mr. t-lood's Parly: Jawbone, 9:30, $.75, c&w YPSILANTI lluron Hotel &. Lounge: Ins Bell. 9, no cover DETROIT Baker's Keyhoard l.ounpe: Pfearoah Sanders, see Iri. 124 Poor WomanA Parudie-Colïeeln'iisc l.ive (azz, 9-l2m.$1.5() Raven Galier) : Buffo A I laine Philpoe. see In. 124 Red Carpct Lounge: The Rocketi, see lues. 121 Rock & Rol! I arm: Mya, see Wcd. 122 Ttíe Savoy-Shelby Hotel: Mir.ibi, Id & 12. Cali 963-7100 Cor cover info. Walt Club Mozambique: Spanky Wilson, ee Mon. 12(1 Golden Coach (30450 VanDyke-Wurren): C'huhhy Checkcr-"! oi Iwist Again";6&9 pin. Tickets: $5 (plus 3 drink minimum). All sc.its rewrved. 573-7850 I VST 1 . ANSING llie Brewexy: llrad bast. see lúes. 121 TV Ipm "Citizen Kamr"; Academ j A ward winning movió ol I941,difectcd b) Orson Welles ('h 50 2(Wn I he Japanese I ilm "Harp 5f Burma"; Kcn Ichikuwa's I9.S6 haunting film ofgirili and spiriltuil redemptíon ('h 56 EVENTS ANN AKBOK HRPCit) rommiilcc ineelinp; Ipm n URPoffice, 5 íh 1 VVillmm. .ill welcomc DETROH COUNT HASII & lus band will pertorm Cr.Mt mi al Wusic ll;ill Canter 35fl Madíson, ai HruslDONl: NIGIITON1 Y Tickets: $8.50. S7.5O, $5.5(1, $3.50 are availaWo .il lludson's Grinnetl's, Sear's, oí Músk Hall H Office or tall 963-7680; student ratos are availahlf Stffltiiï Èl Full Moon n Leo 10:09 MOV1ES ANN ARBOK New World lilm Coup: "Isl Krot ie I lm I estival"; 7,8:45.1(1:3(1 JNatSci), 5 1 . 2 5 MUSIÍ ANN AR BOK Blind Plg: Blue Wonday w Boogie Woogje Red, 9:30, $1.bhi Chances Are: Mojo Boogie Band, 9:30, $1 , r&r PooleyY Skiiiif; mouc. IO:3Opm, nu cover 1i ptood's l'urty : Mike Smith & his Country Vdliinlcors, 9:30, $.50, c&w YPSILANTI Thé SuiK I aciorv : latí QuaS, 9:30, $,50 EASTLANSING ITw lirewory: Cheap I riek, 9:30. $t, i&r Lizards: Iriends Roadshow, 9:3lt. mime, inank . and r&r TV Kpm "World Huneer. Wlm Will Survive" Ch 56 EVENTS ANN ARBOR Kuture WorldN 1 ecture Series presents Al I.ITHMAN: "Auroville"; Au l.volving Alternativc Kuttire"; 8pm,Hill Auditorium, I ree adniissiun I1RP Stecnn! Commitlee meeting, 5pnt in HRI' office, 516 L. Willium Revolutkinary Student Brigade meeting, 7:30 pm, 2207 Mkhrgiin Union. 7d3-(563 Ann Arbor City Council meeting, 7:3Opm, City Hall (Huron & lifth) indochina Peace Campaign meeting, 7:30pm,332 S. State. 764-7548 HERSELF: Womcu's Cominunity newspapet. open meeting, 7:3Opm, 225 E. Liberty ffltöltMl 18 Moon in Leo, then in Virgo 10:15pm MOV I ES ANN ARBOR Cinema Guild: "Mother & the Law" ID.W. Griffilhl 7, $1 - "Broken Btaüoms D.W. OÜffith] silent;9:O5. SI New World lilm Coop: "2nd Erotic I ilm Feslíval"; 7.8:4S&I 0:30 (NatSci), S tJS MUSIC ANN ARBOR Blind Pig: The Ann Ardor Experimental Jazz Band. 9:30, $1 Chances Are: l.igntnin', 9:30, SI, r&r DtwleyV Skhng movies, IO:3Opm, nocovet Mr. Rood's Party: Stonéy ('rct-k. 9:30, Ï.50, c&w v YPS1LANTI l;m Quaii.see Mon. 127 DETROIT Baker's Keyboard Lounge: Pharoah Sanders, 9:3(1. $3.50. au Raven Gallery: Buitn & I luine Hhilpoc, 9:30 & 10:30, $3.50 Red Carpet Lounge: Lighuiin' Red. 9:30, SI. 50 SI. 50. blues The Savoy-Shelhy Hotel: llowlin' Woll, 10 & 12, Cali 963-7100 tor cover info., blues UAST LANSING The Brewery: Ctieap Trick, see Mun. 127 TV 5:5Opm Communily Annotinceitienls Cable 3 7pm Comnuinity Dialogue Cable 3 8pm Tape Replay ol Monday night City Council meeting Cable 3 9:30pm One Man's China No. 4: 'The People Army." The lïrst fílm lo give Western audiences an inside picture ol the Chinese Army. There is no other army hke il in the world. It is in fact more than an army: it is a vast school ut politics, engineering, dgiiculture, as woll as i flghting torce Ch 56 EVENTS ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor People's Bieentennial Committee meeting. 7:3Opm at Hl 9 S. State HRP University Committee meeting, 7pm in HRP offfce, 516 E. William, all welcome Lesbians Opening: rap group at Feminist l-ederal Credit Union office, 225 E. Liberty, 8pm 761-7973 tor info. IPfflLíEíKiiffiR1 - . __ . Moon in Virgo MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema Guild: "Mothei and the !.,iw" & "Hinken Blossoms"; see Tues. 128 Friends of the Sun International l-'ilm Series: "State of Seige [Costa-Gavrasj 7&9M1 B, SI. 5d YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: "Haper Chase" v fimothy Bottoms;7&9. SI MUSIC ANN ARBOR Ihe Ark Coffee House. Hooi Amateur Night, 9} $.50, folk Blind Pig: I Tic Other Skte, 9:30, $ I . jazz Chances Are: Dr. Bop and the Headuners, 9:30, SI. '5(Ts Mr. I tood's Party: Sune (reek. 9:30, $.75. c&w YPSILANTI lluron Hotel &. I i'imue: hi-. liell. 9. rw cover The Suds I actory: lan Quait, see Mon. I f21 DETROIT Baker's Keyboard Lounge: Pharoah Sanders, sec Tues. f28 K.ivcn Gallety: Buffo & llame Philpoe. sec lues. 128" Red Carpel lounge: The Rockets, sec Tues. 128 Ihe Savoy-Shelby Hotel: llowlin' WoJf, sec Tues. 128 tAST LANSIN(, Ihe Hrewery: Flo & 1 ddie. 9:30 I iards: lian Lee, 9:30, country TV 6:50pm ('omnuinity Announcements ( a lile 3 7pm Community Dialogue Cable 3 EVENTS ANN ARBOR People's 1-Ood ('oop meeting, 7:3Opm, cali 761-8173 lor local ion Women's Communit ('enter Organizing Committee meeting. 8pm, 3rd Hoor conf. room. Michigan Union Arm ArborCivic lheatre presenls Moliere "lartutTe". The play is aboul ü Ijmily whu is victimized by a very devej con man ulied Tartuffe. Ii is .1 ijle of humor1, hypoctisy .md intrigue. Tickets are available ai Liberty Musie Shop & Mendelssohn Theatie Bo Office 662-7282. wmmmmm Moon in irgo. then in Libra 10:lSpm MOVIES ANN ARBOK Media tries: "The WBd One'" w Marton Brando; 7,8:30&tO, SI YPSILANTI Mud (inem.i: "Ppei Chase"; se Wod. I 21) MUSIC ANN ARBOK Blind Pi.u: Muskadine Blues Band. l):M), $1 Chances Are: Dr. Hup & the Headliners, ee Wed. 129 Mr. Flood's l'.iri : Diamond Reo. 930, t 75, Pretcl Bell: Rl I) Boys. 9:30, SI, bluegraüs YPSILANTI Huron Motel & I ounge: lus Bell. 9, SI I he Stids I actory: lan Ouail, see Mon. 120 RooseveU Auditorium: The Trihe. Spin, I ree. Sponsored by Office of Studenl Lile. unique jazz evperience. DETRCMT Baker's Keyboard Lounge: Pharoah Sanders, see Tues. 128 Raven Gailery: Butt'o & llame l'hilpoe. see 1 nes Tues. 128 lhe Savoy-Shclby Hotel: Howtin' Wolf, see Tues. 128 TV 6:50ptn ( diiiimiiiiiy AninHimeinenis Cablï 3 7pm Oomrnunity Dialogue Cable ) EVENTS NN RBOR 1IRP Mjss Meeting, 7:3Opm,4th flooi Michigan ünion. Campaign priori ties will io sel tor sprina clfction, dl.O strike supporl discuxsed Ann Arhor t uk Phestre preeent s Moliereis "Tartul'fe". see WTd. 129Moun in Ltbn MOV1ES NN ARBOR rtnema Guild : "Rulésol the Game" Jean Renoirl hrench, sub-titles; 7&9:O5. SI Cinema II: "1 e I on lollci" 1 1 mus Malle Fiench, subtitles; 7&9. Si' Medlatrics: "American (.r.itiiu"; 7:3049:30, $1 New World Film Coop: "Cabaret"; 749:30, SI 2J YPSI1.ANTI Mud Cinema: "Paper Chase': see Wed. 12? DETROIT Ciss ('uy Cinema: "Our Relations" n I aurej &Hardy and short: "II I Had a Million" w W.C', l-ields: 1&1):M). SI ..SI) Detroit I ilm Fheatre III: "It I HadaGiín" [Stefan Uhet 7s1). $2 isiudents J1.50) MUSIC NN AKBOK Phe Ark Col fee House: Lon Killen, 9 $2.50, folk Bliint Pis: Muükadine Blues Band, see Thurs. 1 10 Chinees Are: Chkkef,9:30, $1.50, r&i Mr. Flood's l'.inv . Cosmic Cowboys, 9:30, M . Preizel Bell; Rl D Boy%.9:30, $1.50, btutgnss Rubaiyat: Choice i the People, 9:30, aocovei VI'SII Wil Huron Hotel & I ouiuv: lm Bell, see Thurs. I Q SikK i actory: bn QusH, l 10, $1 Dl I ROIT li.ikcr Keyboard I oungc: Phuroah Sandcr, si-c liios. 128 Raven (i.ilk-r BgtTo & I luine Philpoe, se Tuex. I2S riie Savoy-Shelbj Hotut: Howlm' Wolf. tee ! nes TV 6:S0pm Comniunitj nnouncumcnl Cable ) 7pm Commurtitj I lialoiiiu! Cali lopm Bergman I ilm Ixstival "Wintei I uln'"; feai of the alom bomb is n tlioinc ("h 56 EVENTS nii ii'.ii Civk fheatre presenls Molitro's "Tartuffe", see Wed. 129 Dl I KOI I Geurgc Beïnard Sll.l' "Don Juan n Helt" mII lio presen led al Mtuk Hall Centei i 5(l Madi son ,ii Brush) lor OM NKJH1 ONI Y. 8:30 pin. Siarring a tress Myrna Loy & acturs Ricardo Montulban. I dwurd Miilharu, & Kurl Kasznet. Ik keu: S8.3O, 50, $3.50 ;irc avallable .il Hudson's, Grinncll's, Sear'n, & Muüh Hall Box Olïki, ui cali 963-7680 I ASI I VNSING Showcase lazz presen is ihe Ciarj Burton Quinlet, Shows ui 8:30 & I0:00pni in MtDanel Kiva on IS(. campus. A.dmiietwn $3 00.