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.mul Moiimi. the altcniative lonmnmif) voluiitary jïmding cooperativc whkh made is ' debut ui u vos conference last f all, is . n the move. . 1 full-iili rtiembership drive will ■ launckedat LM's firsl hi-anmial 'Community Fairfrom nooft on Saturday, February I5ih ai Commtihity High School (formeriy -Iones School. X. División betwcen Ann and LawrenceJ. The enfire cummunity is invited and ena wragcd to aiiend. and to join with the 22 member human services organizatit ns and mi impressive array of local musical talent in cdebration of the opening of LM's votuntary fund-ntising campdign. WHAT IS LOCAL MOTION? I ocal Motion is a non-protït. non-partisan. tax-exempt eorporation whose memberswork cooperatively to raise tumis Tor one another, to ensure that human services [ike legal aid. duld care. liealih care. crisis intervention, wholesoraè food disirilmtion. youth. gay and women services eau prosper and grow in Ann Vboi , despite the dismal national economie situat "mi and ai t -backs in góver-nrrjental local Mol ion is a self-help coalition of human service organizations, pariicipating businesses and concerned individuals who work togeth- er to enrich the qualit) of lite in Anti Arboi LocaJ Motion isgoverned by a board of 'directora comprisèd of representatives of the menibei organizations, local Businesses and the at-iarge community. All policy and funding decisions are made democraiicallv bj the board al weekjy meetings open to the cummunity. THE VOLUNTARY SURCHARGE I ocal Motion raises money through a strictly voluntan 2'.' sufcharge on reiail goods and services. Participating businesses coilecl the surcharge Trom customers who would I ike to support the organizations they depend upon tor vital lite services. The businesses tuin the su i charge collections övei to the LM boarcT. and disbursements in the form of outright grants oi loans are made twice per year. Alternativo funding CO-ops like Local Motion have proved successful in several othcr communitiesthroughoufthe U.S. from Philadelphia to Santa Cruz. The Philadelphia People's Fund mobilied 5000 people affiliated with,o6 organizations to raise S25.OOO last year. And. with fewer people. the Champagne County. Illinois Sustaining Fund netted S30.000! THE RECENT PROGRESS OF LOCAL MOTION Since the official inauguration of Local Motion last fait, the board has been busily laying the foundations for what it hopes will become the permanent, efficiënt, fund-raising arm of a united altemative community. Seed capita! of over S2000 has been loaned to Local Motion to cover start-up costs by several member organizations: Corntree Daycare Coop, Ozone House, The People's Food Coop, Free People's Clinic, "Herself," and the Community Center Project. These funds are being utilized to hire a paid staff, open an office, and to cover the costs of extensive communitywide publicity. The board has hired two half-time paid coördinators from a diverse and enthusiastic range of applicants. Paid staffers are: Molly Reno and Diane Hall, both creative and experienced local community organizers. TALENTED, EXPERIENCED LEADERSHIP Molly is the founder, and fortner director, of the Inmate Rchabilitation Program at the Washtenaw County Jail. She is active in the women's movement and is a member of Women Against Prison. a recently formed group opposed to all prison construction, specifically the new state women's prison slated for Pittsfiefd Township. Molly is also a part-time coördinator in the Outreach program of the U's Psychology department. Her course on community organizing will introduce students to community work. and a majority of them will work on Local Motion. Diane Hall is one of a half dozen local organizers who founded Local Motion last May. She was instrumental in formulatíng Local Motion'sconstitution and by-laws. She is active in the women's movement, devoting a good deal of her time to the Women's Community Center and the planned Women's Bookstore. She has been active in the Human Rights Party, and most recently has been involved in the coalition effort to channel Federal Community Development Revenue Sharing Funds away from corporate oriented programs like downtown beautification toward low and moderate-income community services, wtiich are high priorities according to the CDRS Act. Local Motion has rented office space at 225 E. Liberty, a convenient location neai the corner of 5th Ave. and Liberty, in the same building with sister organizations "Herself," the Feminist Federal Credit Union. Lesbians Opening. Sunstiucüues. and the Free People's Clinic, Office hours are now Tuesday and Thursday aftei noons from 1 -5pm. The phone number is 994-0370. In order to recycle as much monej as possibJe back to the member service organizations, LM is making every effort to minimie overhead costs. Thereloie. the office is rather spaisely furnished at this point. Donatfons of used or unwanted fuiniture. pbnts, :'.nd especiall) filing cabmets aml office equipmenfwoüld bé greatly appreciated. Five thuusand copies of 1 ocal Motion 's free promotional brochure will hit the siieeis t li K week. The pamphlet èxplams what Local Motion is. Imw the 2' ■ stireharge vorks. how funds are disbursed. and how to jmn. One year memberships cost 1 and ma be purchased al the office oi ai the coming faii . I ocal Motion's logo symból is a swift multi-seater bicycle. pedalled by several different kinds ot people: women. men. young and otd, black, wliite. blue jeans and businoN sinis. The bicycle motif highfighfs severa! importanl aspects of the concept behind Local Motion: the bic) cle is a vehicle that makes local suimv.,! mucli easiei . it's ecotogkally sound, and it's poweredby the united energies of man til kinds of people. l'iv k up soine brochures and help distribute them! nd ook for leaders 3,nnouncing the loca! Motion Communit} Fair. THE COMMUNITY FAIR The tan isLoca! Motion's gala kick -off dctivUy. The t-ur at Community High (oíd Jones School, . Bivision brtween nn and Lawrencej .ill run froin noon utrt'ri 5 pin on Saturda) . I ebruary I5th. Memtwrships to I ocal Moti sold for a hrmktog buck, which entitles the membei to a zippy membership card, and a vote in the electión of at-large communn board members, hich wrtl take place that afternoon at the fair Ml the membei organiaiions will have bewths displaying their acttvities. ( hild care will be provided. food ind drinks will be on sale, and entertainment will inciudc a Local Motion Mido Sliow . and several musical acts. Colleetron of the oluntary surcharge wiH begin at participating irasmïSïes alter the fair. Ask the people m the stores where you shop when collection wil] begin. TAKIN' CARE OF BUSINESS Business people around town are being contftcted right now, and arrangements for actual collection of the surcharge will be tailored to meet the specifk individual needs of local business people. If you work at, or own a local business and would like to serve as a Local Motion collection agent, or help out in any way, contact the LM office Tuesday or Thursday from 1-5 pm. Participation from a broad base of businesses is vital to the success of Local Motion. and to the survival of the community services which provide free or low cost services to the consumer community. It makes sense for business to Local Motion. LM is a non-profit, non-partisan, tax-exempt self-help coalition. Businesses need not contribute any of their own money. rather they serve as a collection vehide for their customers who want to recycle funds into the organizations which serve their life needs. And people whose survival needs are met at low cost. or for free, have more money to spend on clothing, stereo equipment, records, books, films and eating out. Thus, LM improves sales for local businesspeople. LOCAL MOTION CAN WORK Many people have been wondering if Local Motion can succeed in these perilous economie times. Will the majority of people throughout the community recognize their personal stake in LM's success? Will they make a point of shopping at stores which display the LM sign, and then volunteer the Y'i surcharge on their purchases? One encouraging indicator that tends to confirm the belief that Ann Arbor is willing to support Local Motion happened by accident last week at the People's Food Coop. By mistake, the Food Coop cashiers began asking shoppers if they would like to contribute the voluntary 2% to LM. The response was enthusiastically positive, and S75 was collected in just one day! LM: CHANGE NOT CHARITY Local Motion makes sense for the entire community. Small amounts of money contributed by an enthused community through participating businesses add up to big money which is recycled into the organizations which provide basic human needs to business people, their employees, and their customers at no or low cost. So watch for the leaflets announcing the fair . and come celébrate by becomtng a member. Spread the word. bring your friends, get involved. I ocal Motion is working tbr your well-being. and the well-being of low and moderate income people throughout Ann Arbor. Local Motion is muoh more than just a charity. It is a community controlled financial recycling agency that supports the services youdepend on for health care. child care, legal aid, food, mental health, crisis intervention, female, gay and youth services. Local Motion is working fof change, not just charity. FEMINIST FEDERAL CREDIT UNION "Credit Unions," stated Roy Bergengren. a credit union pioneer, "demónstrate the practicality of tlie brotherhood of ma.n." Tlie Feminist Federal Credit Union is the t'irst to demónstrate the practicality of tlie sisterhood of women. Located at 225 Kast Liberty is Ann Arbor's branch of the first credit union in history to be set up by women for women. With sister branches in Detroit, hast Lansing and Plint, tlie Feminist Federal boasts 1.745 memboisand $375,000 in assets. This credit union. our credit union, is a place to pool women's resources so women who are saving money can lend it to women who need to borrow. We can invest our savings in louns. tu our sisters instead of investingin male-owned and controlled banking institutions with discriminatory lending policies and employment practiees. Now we can borrow where we are not discriminated againsi because of marital status or the credit rating of our husband or fatlier. With women. we can be honest about why we want a loan, whether it be for a divorce, an abortion, a vacation, or a means to become a self-directed person. The Feminist Federal has joined Local Motion because we are a self-help financia] institution designed to meet the needsof our membership. We see Local Motion ;isa community oriented approach to fund raising-freeing community service organizations from the erratic. undependable natine of city government. As goveininent grows, it becomes more like business, which is unresponsive to the needs of its pations. Uke I ocal Mot ion, Ihe difference between credit unions and banks or savings and loan associations is the difference between people with a common bond, setting up tlieii own financial system to help each ut her; and pmple giving up their savings to a Corporation whose goal s to makc money tor unknown stockholders, or to a government whose goal is to amass more power. For more information, drop by the office. Monday . Wednesday, 01 Friday, between I 2-5pr or 6-8pm,or cali 662-5400. One need only be a membei ota feminist organiza t ion and pay 5U( membership tee. lo open an account ol J5 01 more. CHILDREN'S COMMUNITY CENTER An alternative to the public eiementary schools wil] be opening. n late February 01 early March. at the Children 's Community Center (CCC). Already accredited by the state to touch young peopie through the eighth grade, the school plans to begin witli studentsages 5 and 6, aiu! grov, to the higlier grades over the years. The ('CC purchased a nou class room building lor the eiementary school, and is now in the process of bringing it up to code. "We'll be working on the whole Family plan." explained Annie Murphy. an accredited teacher at the CCC. "The older children can help the younger ones. and as they get older. to take on more responsibility." Besides just the children helping each othei , the CCC. which now has children from VA up to 6, works cooperatively, involving the parents as well. Five kindergarteners are ulready enrullcd ut t lic ('CC They will move into the new building as soon as it is finished. At that time, more young people can be added both al ilie preschool and elementary levéis. The school is also looking tor people who want to be involved in developing un ulternutive cducation program to work at the school. Initially, the school will have a tuition fee. "It's too bad that tree schools aren't tree, while public schools ;nc." s;inl Muiphy. "We are trying to tlnd ways to make the school tuition tree. hut in the mean time, parents who want an alternative to the public schools are having to pull it together someway." ANN AR60R HEALTH CARE COLLECTIVE Take your feet out of the stirrups! Join the women's project of the Ann Aiboi Health Care Collective at a multi-media event focusing on the neglected and discriminatory prattices of the health care establishment toward women. Women's Health, an afternoon of films, workshops, and discussions. will take place lebrüary 22 at the Public Health School, ICW S. Observatory. Registration will begin at I 2:30, and the kick-off film event. "Taking Our Bodies Back." will begin at 1 :00 p.m. hollowing the film, participants will bfe invitcd to foin one of the workshops. The workshops will be on the following topics: Consuming or Consumcd?- Drugs, Contraceptivos, and the Law, plus, Over-The-Counter Drug Intelligence: Nutrilion and Preventive Health Care: Women's Mental Mealth-Nature vs Nurture. socialiation, roles: Women as Health Care csploitation of the "feminine" nature, agitation for change: Health legislation-ls Ahorlion in Dangcr, hos can the system be humanized? What is Congress doing? Health insurancc. Also, througliout the afteinoon, meinbcrs f'rom the Free Peopie's Clinic, Women's Community Center. Women's Crisis Centet . l'Lmned Parenthood, Feminist Federal (redil ion and the new Women's Bookstore will liave literature tables and information booths foi those interested in browsing and talking with othei women active n health issues. For (hose interested in more information on ilie Conference, please teel free to cali the Free People's Clinic at 761-8952. PEOPLE'S FOOD CO OP With depressing financia! staiistics dominating the news. one piece ofgood fortune is the opening of a new place to get low-COSt, high quality lood. To beat the Inniger pangs away In the tlowntown. and Model Cities area of Ann Arbor. the People's Food Coop has opened its new brancn at 2 1 2 North Fourth Avenue. I he New People's Food Coop will be open every day of the weck except Mondaos and I hurïday. "The new store is larger and more efficiënt." said Brian Millei. one of the PFC coördinator "Now we can get to more people." The new storefront will have basieally similar stock to the original Packard Streel coop. with a single change in providing dairy producís from a local dairy. (Would yoti believe it's actually going to have milk in returnable boules, au ecologically sound idea') Bul Miller stresses that the coop stock is up to the people who use the coop. "It's up to the people who go there if' they wanl to add to the siock." he explained. II' someone wants something. he or she should research the item and talk to a coordinatOl . 01 order it direetly if he or she is familiar enough with the system." Likc the original coop. the new PI ( sells at cosí with a 20 percent markup to cover operating expenses. This makes forjusl about the lowesi pi ices in town for food items. Stock includes a broad range of things. from organic peanut hut tor to seeds, mits. grains. cheese, baked goods and honey. As with any cooperative effort. the People's Food (Dop can only lunetion with the assistance of the people who use it. Individual input includes attending coop meetings, working at the store, or helping with restocking and clean up. Anyone who wants additional information can cali the Coop: Other members of Local Motion include: Drug Help, Ozone House, Commumty Center Project, Free People's Clinic, Legal Aid, Childcare Action Center, Corntree Childcare Coop, New World Media Coop, Ann Arbor Sun, Consumer Action Center, Women's Community Center, Women's Crisis Center, Welfare Rights Organization, Lesbians Opening, Herself, Itemized Fruit and Vegetable Ceop, Sunstructure Women Against Pnsons, Tenants Union, Gay Liberation Front, Student Legal Aid, and others. CHANGE NOT CHARITY