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"Signal of Liberty."

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This paper takes the place of the Michigan Freeman. The Executive Committee regret that owing to circumstances beyond their control, its publication has so long been delayed. They have now, however, the satisfaction of announcing to all the friends and enemies of impartial liberty, that they have made such arrangements as will secure its publication every week regularly, throughout the year. This paper will be sent to the subscribers of the Freeman. Those who are friends to the enterprise, and desire its advancement, are requested to patronize the paper and make immediate and vigorous efforts to extend its circulation.

In addition to the usual Anti-Slavery intelligence, the Committee intend that the Signal shall contain such information concerning the general topics of the day as the limits of the paper will permit, and they hope to render it, in all respects, useful to the cause, and satisfactory to its patrons.

In consideration of the pressure of the times, some of our friends who have subscribed for the Freeman for a year, and have paid in advance, have signified their willingness to relinquish the remaining numbers of the Freeman which are requisite to complete the year, and have subscribed anew for the "Signal of Liberty," to commence at the present time. If the subscribers to the Freeman generally would feel disposed to adopt the same course, it would help us materialIy in our pecuniary matters, and would encourage us in our enterprize. The terms for the present paper are the same as they were for the Freeman. Those subscribers to the Freeman who are willing thus to cancel their claim for the remaining numbers which may be due to them, and to commence anew with the Signal of Liberty, are requested to forward their names and the amount of their subscription without delay.