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TUE E 9 w Êm wr E jk Kí ■J''?'1 ■ ■fajtt'T::'niii Bi' I m ' i (ScauENBunN N T V ílS' KENAAOOD Believe us, nothing you can buy is likely to give you more enright with recording of every kind. joyment (or longer lasting enjoyment) than a good stereo sysWe've given these speakers the kind of stereo receiver they tem f rom Hi-Fi Buys. deserve. the Kenwood 1400. It will power them cleanly and In terms of real enjoyment that goes on for year after year, clearly in large rooms, and it has a continuous power output no product we know of offers more than a really good stereo of 10 watts per channel minimum RMS at 8 ohm load from system. The system we're featuring here not only will make 20 to 20,000 HZ with no more than 0.5% total harmonie dismusic come alive in your living room, but offers a level of pertortion. It's sensitive FMnd AM circuitry will bring in the formance one found only in the costno-object category. It's stations you want free of fuss or fuzz. To fill things out with based on the remarkable Advent loudspeaker. A pair of Ada record player that will give records gentle and effective vents provide the full ten-octave range of music with absolute treatment, we've picked the Glenburn automatic turntable clarity at all listening levéis and a musical balance that sounds with Shure 75E magnetic and base and dust cover. So come in and evalúate this system at Hi-Fi Buys. 11 A 618 S. Main St.. Ann Arbor 769-4700 Mon., Wed., Fri.-Tues.. Thurs.. Sat.. 10-6 - BANK FINANCING 60 DAY LAYAWAYS FREE PARKING BankAmericard