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Qub locations for cvcms, and film group phones and auditoriums in this calendar are on pages 24 & 25. ífMJÜDÜS 311 Moon in Libra MOVÍ ES ANN ARBOR Cinema Guitó: "Rule of the Game" (.lean Renoir) French subtilles, 7 i 9:05-, SI Cinema II: "Le Feu Follet" (Louis Malle) lrciK'h subtitles, 7 & 9, % Mediatrics: "American Graffitti" 7:30 & 9:3o S! New World Film ('oop: "Cabacít" (MLH4) 7 & 9:30. S1.25 YPSILANH Mud Cinema: "Papei Chase" wTimothy Boltoms, 7 & l). si DtTKOll Cass City Cinema: "Om Relations" (Laurel 4 Hardy) and short: "lf 1 liad a Million" itt.c' Fietds) 7 & 9:30, $1.50 Detroit I ilm rheatre III: "II 1 Had a Gun" ll taticüis I rufTaut) 7 & t. %2 (students SI i MUSIC ANN ARBOR Ark: Uw & Salí) Killen' 9pin, $2.50, foÖc Golden laK'on: Live entertüinmenl Bimbo's in Ana Arbor: Gaslightérs, 9:30 ragtime Bimbo's on the Hiil: Fryst teaturing Mike faytor, 9:30. r&r Blirtd Pig: Muskadine Blues Band, 9:30, S] blues Chances Are: Oicker, 9:30, SI I he Mili Lounge: Shades oí Blue. 9:30, no cover Mr. I IihkI's Party : CosmiC Cowboj , 9:30, SI c&w Pretzel Bell: R1D Boys.9:00, $1.50, bluegrass Rubaiyat: e I he People, 9:30, no coef YPSILANT1 Bimbo's: Litde Rubén & the Average American White Hand. 9:30. r&r Hurón Motel L l.ounne: Iris Hcll. 9:00, SI Suds I -iietory : Quail. 9:30pni. SI. r&r Ihe Underground: Red Eye Express, 9:30, SI DETROIT Baker's Keyboard: Pharoal) Sanders, 9:30 $3.50, jaza Poor Womeir's Paradise CütTeehouse: Lauri kPherson, 9 lo niidniht. Si ,50, lennnisl folk = Raven Callcry: Buffo & Ll.nno Phüpoe, 9:30 & MM Red Car pet: Fly, 9:30, SI .50, rAr Savo) Howlin Wolf, 10 & [2, eall 7Iihi lor cover info. Blues Ihc I nderpround Express: I lio Soulful Sonics. Destlnalion Love, & mivjih:' Samrn) Ward. 10:45 AL 12:45. $2, vml Watts C'luh'Mojmhiqiio: I xlher Phillips, 10:30 $3.50, soul Oiympia: Led Zepplin, sold oui EAST LANSING The Subte: WBlie Dixon, n & 12, blues Liard-;: Ki Bolh, 9:3Opm, s 1 , r&r SHOWCASE JAZZ presents GARY BURTON QUIÑI I I m concert K & 10:30 al MSI McDonel Kiva. tickets $3 availabie al ihc door or al MSU lakei office, Gaiy Hurton ill also be conducting workshops on improvisational tochnique and melodie developincni 2-4 pin il Rl. in Rm. 31 ol MSU Union, Sat. in McDoseJ Kiva). WAYNE The Red Door: Pa Webb &. Ule Voiinij Country, 9pm. no cover, cS TV 1 1 :30pm: Widc World Ín Cuneen: Fleetwood l h 1 l:( Rock Concert: Steppenwolf, Ch. EVENTS WN ARBOR Michigan Assembl) to sv the 1973 Paris Peace fVgreenients. Among the national and regional speakers who ill address the sscmb! are I red Branfman (director of the Indochina Resource enter in Wa ion. D.c ). 1 e nli lliu (.i Vietnamese uroman who wiU speaK uboui the currem situation n the Saigon ones in the south), Jean-Pierre Debris (a hrench citizen who was iinpuviK'il b) the Chieu regime in on foi spcuking mu againsí th wn I, BobChenowith (an merican former prisonei of 'at in Hanoi), Spm ti llill Audiuirmin Indochina Mobile tjduoatioo Project: muhimedia presentatton designad ii edúcate incik.iii'. about the Vietnamese will be .n Briarwood all da) displays including 20 6-fool panels of photographs froríl Indochina, original arlwork and poetr) b) etnamesc adultsaad Lhildreti and more. Pathy ('ro:iiii presents "1 evei Pitch" (a musical cornedy revue) 8pm, Easl Quad And. Si Info and reservations caH 7644186 between 6& 8pm. vreiiANii i u Pheatre production oi Shakespeare'] Richard III. Spm m Oinrk Aud. I MI umpus, ticket info: 487-I 221 DETROIT "China .huí the rhird World." a lectura by Chung-lu tsen, a foundei of the US-China Pcopic's I ricndship Association on Chhu's role m the worW toda) , 7:30 al Irmity Methodiüi Church, 13100 Woodward SWÜiii II Moon in Libra then in Scorpio O:55am Nailon. i! Freedom l)j M0V1ES ANN RBOR Cinema Guiid "Meel John Doe" (I rank Capia i. "Mi . Deeds Goes to fown" (Frank 1749, $1 each ('inem.i "Black Orpheus" (Marcel Camus) Brazilian-Portuguese tubtitles, 1 9, SI Mediatncv "American Graffïtti" sec I il World I 1 1 in Coop: 'T ibaret" see 131 and "O I uckj Man" (Maicolra McDowell) 7 & ld (Ml H 3, $1.25 YPSI1 Wil Mud Cinema " capulco Gold" (Bob Grosvenor) 7 & ''. $1 Hl 1 KOI I CassCilj Cinema: "Horsefeathers" (Norman Mic.ul) Marx Uros & 9; ;" $1 Detroil I ilm rheulrc IJI: "Derby r (Roben Kaylor) 7 & 9, $2 Cstudents $1 ) MUS IC ANN ARBOR KtY Lou & Sally KlUen, see I-"ri 131 Blind l'i:'. MuskadiiM Blues Band, see I 'I Cha neet Are Clickcr, see I 'I Fhe Ilill I ounge: Shadesof Blue, see I l Mj Rood's Party: Phe Hardost) Bros, 9:30 Sl.c&w Pretzel BeU: KI I) Boys, see I 31 Rubaiyát: We Iho People, see i UofM School ni Music: Degree Recital kv Ordman, Irombúie. Recital Hall, Spm YPSILANTI Sud i actory: lan Ouail, see i ri. I ! i Birabo's: Littie Ruben 4 the American White Band, see I3J Huron Hotel & Lounge: Iris Bell, see 131 The i nderground: Red Eye I xpress, ee I Ï1 Dl IROIT Baker's Kc board: Pharouli Sanders, sec I , ! I Pooi Women's Paradisc: Rita Leasure and iean & Puin. 9 10 mklmi'hl. S .50, tl and conieniporarj folk Raven Galleo : Buffo & I laine Philpoe. see 131 Red Carpet: I l , see 131 Ilie Savoy: Howlin' Wolf, e 131 Circus Circus: Rush, see 131 rhe Underground Express: Suullul Sonics, Destination Love& Sanini) Ward.sce 131 Watts Club Mozambique: I vilu-r Phillips, sec 1 '31 MMMMiirn continued from page 23 I . LANSING Mie es: Wülie Dixon. sec 131 I izards: Keg Bolly. sec I ri. 13 1 SHOWCASE JAZZ presentsGARY BURTON 01 INI II m comer!, sec I ii 131 WAYNI I hc Red Door: Pa Webb & I he Yoüng Country, sec I . I TV 7:00pm: "Everything Yi.u Wanted to Know Ahoui the CIA Bul Dare Nol Ask'" formal ('IA informant Peter James discusses the hij brother. Channel 7 7:00pm: Community Dialogue, Cabie 3 EVENTS ANN ARBOR ! he Indochina Peacé Carnfiatgn invites you to oin many of the nalional speakers vñdting And Arbor loi the ( COROS W I IK in ,i Yicinamese Dinner. Salurday evening in l of M Residential College. Authentic Vietnamese prepara tions olchicken, tish and ic::ci. ihics. live Vietnamese tolk music and severa) til m and shde presentations. n eu-iiin.!.' lo honor the _iul anniversar) ol the Paris Peace Accords, $3 contribution tor dinner. American Imitan I'OW WOW ; 2 noon to nudnighl ,it Michigan L'nion Ballroom sponsored by Native American Student A$soci&tion Pcjchy Cream presenta "lever Pitdi" sec I .' 1 Indochina Mobile Education Project at Briarwood Mail, sec 131 YPSILANTI I ll ' I he.itre proiluction ot Shakespeare's Richard lli. see t31 MSU Umversity ctivmes Board; Special Projcets presenta SI N 111 (publishej of Marvel Comics & creator ol characters at' Spider-Man, the Huik, etc.) Lecturing on "COMiC BOOKS & the WORLD AROUND US-" 2:3Opm m IOKB Wells Hall MSI and at Spm at Erickson Kiva. Tickets: S ,it door ot at Union ticket office. Moon in Scorpio On this day in 1848, the freat) of GuadalupeHildali:o was ligned. endmg the MexieanAmerican War and ceding 1 13 of Mcmco's land to the l .S. MOVIES NN ARBOR Cinema Guild: "La Doice Viu" it rederico lellini) Italtan snbiitles. 8pm, % 1 ( inem.i II: " Slier lock Jr." (Biister Keaton) 7 K 9. SI New World Film (dop: "h" (Malcolm McDouell) 7 & 9 (Nat Sd) SI. 25 YPSII ANTI Mud Cinema: "AcapulcffGokJ" see 2 I MUSIC NN ARBOR rk: Shape note singmg, 6: JOpm, Iree, an and all elconie Bimbü's in nn AiIhu: Mothers & Care) Piicc, 2-5:3Opm, c&w :Ga?liphters, 9ptn, ragtime Blind Pig: I hc Siik Purse. 9:30, 50c dassical ( lumces Are. 1 luhtnin' Red. 9:111). blues Del Km: live jazz in the afternoon Dooley.'s: Craiji Marsden Mr I loods Parl : Mike Sinith and lus Country Volnnteers, 9:30, 5örf. ciw YPSILANTI Himbo's. Littie Ruben & [he Average American White Hand. see 131 Hurón Hotel iV Lounge: iris Heil. 9pm, iio cover The Underground: Red I e Express, sec 131 Bowen Field House: World Conimunity Food Bank presents "The Dramatics" wRna Scoti. "24 Caral Black." "The Brotherfcood," and "Junio" of ihe Ohin PJayers. 6:3Opm. ets in advance, S6.S0 at the door. Profits go i" save the starving children. A Simsei Production. DETROIT Baker's Keyboard: Ph.imah Sanders, see ' Poot Women's live jazz, 2-5pm, SI. 50 Raven Gailerj ; Buffo iV Rlaine Phiipoe, see 131 Red Carpet: Fly.see 131 Ihc Savoj : Howlin' Wolf, sec 131 The Underground Express: Soul lul Sonics. ination Lmc & singing Sammj Ward see I '31 E. LANS1NC The Sfabies : Ilic Crusadefs, 8:30 & 10:30 ju I i:irds: Pim.' Ridge Band, 9:30pm, country rock WAYNE The Red Door: Fa Webb S. The Youn; Country see 1 , 3 I EVENTS ANN ARBOR American Indian PO W WOW: I2noon-5pm see 2 . 1 Youiii! Socialist Alliance class "Socialisin & the Black Struggle" 7:3Opm in Room 431)4. Michigan Union. YPSILANTl I ll llK.ihc present-. Shakespe.ire's Richard II!. see 13! DETROIT uvei 30 sniall puhlishers ot books and magazines lieadquartered in Michigan will he represented in the tirst SMAL1. PRESS 1 Vllllill to he lield at the mam Detroit Public Library (5201 Woodwaid al Kirby) durins! the month of lebruary. OPEN HOl'SI-: trom l-5pm in the exhibí) hall ;il M.iin I.ibrarv ÜMUDffii 3 MOVIES ANN ARBOR Ann Arhor I Bm Coop: "l'atlls nliildix " (Stanley Kubriek) 8:4Íonly, J1.25 and "Los Olividados" 1 1 mis Bunuel i 10:30 only si New Worid I ilm Coop: "Pink I lamingp" " & ') (Nal Su) S1.25 MUSK ANN ARBOR Blind Pig: Boogie Woogie Red "Blue Monday" V:3fipm. $1 Chances Are: .Ir. Walker .k the All Stars with the Mojo Boogie Band, 9,:30, $2,50 l'teizel Bell: Diamond Reu. l)m. si . c&w YPS1LANT1 Bimbo's: Justtce Wil.l. 9:30. r&r Suds I ;iliiv: Squecze, 9:3(lpm. $.50, r&r DETROIT Watts Club Mozambique: Grady late, 10:30 $3.50, jazi i:. lansim; The Stablcs: Pharoah Sanders, 8:30 & 10:3(1 .ri Liiirds: Friends Ruad Show, 9:30pm, mime, maeic, r&r EVENTS ANN ARBOR FUTURE WOR1DS LEC1 I K 1 si Rll S presents JI SS1CA TUCHMAN on "Determination of Governmcni Decisions on Technology". Sis. Tuchrnan will dlsctus hei role in tryiii!; to get cnvironmental lcgislation pased in Congress and the problems slie has come up against. Xpm in Rackham. ENVIRONM1 NTA1 II M1NISM: I st meeting (seminar). E"he course wül meel 1 evenin? a weck and is open to anj wonnin. 7-Hlpm ai the Guild House. Ki2 Monioe. Cali Sue 668-6478 lor mío. Class will be limiied to 20. Lee. ture: "The Indian Movement". Bob Yellow Bird. Ipm al WAshtenaw Comm. College, I.S H. Lecture Hal No. 1. Interview: "Women and the ludían Movement", Regina Brave Dion al 1 :30pm on WPAG Radío. 1050 AM, 107. i 1-M. Open Discussion "The Indian Movement", Regina Brave l)icm. Bob Yellow Uird, Jpin al Altee l.loyd Hall, l'iloi Program Main I vent "Wounded Knee and the I orí Meigs Irealy" Regina Brave Dixon, Bob Yellou Bird, l'aul Johnson, 7:3Opm al l'h síes & slronom Bdg. No. I 70 I . (bet. 1'. Univ. & ('liurch, '.z block N. o! S. Univ.] Moon in Scorpio then in Sagittarius 7:1 lam On lilis da v in 19M . armeil levolutionary actlOQ uas initiatéd in Luanda, the capital of Angola, b) Ml'l A (Movimento Popular de Libertacao de Angola), the AWiol KI VO1 i I ION bepins. MOV ÍES ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor lilm Coop: "Ivan the Terrible, Pan 1" (Sergei lisenstem) 7. 8:45, 10:M), SI. 25 New World 1 lm Coop: "400 Blows" 7 & 9 (Nat Sci) SI. 25 Ann Arbor Health ('are Coliective: "Hospital" (1-rederick Wisemanl a documentar on heallh care in the Kucnfl Room (Michigan Union Isi lloor) 7:30. tree. Discussion atterwards. MUS1C ANN ARBOR Bitnbo'j on the Htli: iist. 9pm, no cover, r&r Blind Pie: Goody Good) Spare Change Strut Band. 9:30. SI Chances Are: Good 1 míe. 9:30 UofM School of Music: Baroque Trio, Xpm. Rackham Auditorium (violin. doublé bass, oboe, harpsichord) YPSILANTI Bimbo's: Justice Wíld, see 2 .'3 Suds I actory: Squee.e. sec Ion. 23 DETROIT Raven C.allery: Bulto i i lame Philpoc. 9:30 .V 10:30, $3 RedCarpet: Maüic Panda, 9:30, SI. 50. r&r Ihe Savoy: Don Preston Hand. i 0 & 12. $4,r4) Ihe Underground Fxpress: Sou! ful Sonies, Destination Love & singing Sammy Ward 111:45. 12:45. S2, SOUl Watts Club Mozambique: Grad) late (te 23 t. LANSING The Stables: Pharoah Sanders, see 23 I i,nds: Country 1 lied w Alien Lee, 9:3Opm, bluegrass TV S:50pm: Community Announcements, Cable 3 8:3Opm: Ann Arbor City Council meeting. Cable 3 9:3Opm: One Man 's China #5. "One Nation Many ('copie". Thia fita n deioted to the 50 nnllion Chinese who are ethntcally ooi Chinese at al!. Ch. 56 IO:()Opni: Soundstage with Donovan .md Dave Mason. Ch. 56 Moon in Sagittarius MOVIES ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor l-ilm Coop: "Woflien in I ovo" (Ken Russell) 7 9 ;,o. SI. 25 New Wirld 1 ilm Coop in coopera t ion with the H nenas of the SUN: "Day of ilie lackal" 7 & 9 30. SI 25 YPSILANTI Mud "American Gruflitti'" 7 & 9 SI MUSIC ANN ARBOR Ark: Hout Am.iteur Nmlu, 'ipni. S. 75. folk Bimbo's on the HUI: fryst, see 24 Blind Kg: Otherside, 9:30, M. jazz Chances Are: Goodtime, 9:00 Mr. Hood's Part} : Gemini, 9:30,50, tolk UofM School ol Music: Degrce Recital: Alan Haukms, bassoon, Kpm. Recital Hall YPSILANTI Bimbo's: Justice Wild, sec 23 Huron Hotel & Lounge: Iris 'Bell, 9pm, no cover Suds Factory: Wlii Kids, 9:3Opm, $.50, rfti DETROIT Raven Gatttery: liutïo & 1 laitw Phttpoe, sec 2;4 Red Carpet: Magie l'.mda. sec 24 The Savoy: Don Preston Band, sec 1 ues. 2 4 1 he Underground Express: Soulful Sonics, Destination Love and Samnu Ward, sec 2 4 Watts Club Mozambique: Grady late, sec 2 '3 E. LANSING The Sla bles: Pharöah Sanders, sec 2 3 tv Mm . 6:5Opm: ('omimimiy Announcements, Cable 3 7:00pm: Conimunitv Dialogue, Cable 3 7:00pm: Woman "Women Jt ChBdren ín China." Ruili Stdel iipiesl, who luis traveld extensively in the People's Kepublic öt" China studymg [he rolo of woman, chitd care facilities and urban neighborhood oiganizatton C h. 56 8:(i(tpni: Cbmmune.hour lonn documentary provides an in-depth study of a commune in Peopfe's RepuWic of China .exploring ihe inicrnal workings of the commune. ( 1 1 1 :30pm: "In Searcti of Howard Hughes" Unauthorized biography hosted hy Petei I wlord Ch. 7 EVENTS ANN AKBOK University Theatre Program Guesl Arttet-in-Resídence series presen u HK1 n & ROS1 S, a Documentary of the I urly i aiior Revohition lold ín soiiii & words, Spm ín I'nwcr Center AdvaiK-e Sales & info 764-O4SU PAM I DfSCUSSION: 'TTw Indiansand the Criminai lintice System", 2pm at the I ayenOub Lounge (córner ofSüte Si. s. i niv.) LECJURE: 'The Indian Movement", Regina Brave Dixon L Uoh Vello Bird, 4pm al School of Social Work, 2nd tloor And Moon in Sagitturius then in Capricorn 4:43pm A MOVÍ ES ANN ARBOR Indochina Peace Campa ign: "On the Waterflront" .nul "One Éyed Jacks" uiih Marión Brando, 7:30 & 9:30 (Nal Sen S2 (doublé bilí) Aun Arbor I ilm (dop: "Woinan in fha Dimos" (Hiroshi ["eshisahara) & 9: Ï0, Í1.2J WomenN Studies I tlm Sene: "Chisholm: Pursumga Dream." Documentar) ot'Shtrle) ('hisholni's strugple durinj: iho ll)2 Presidcntial campain aainst racism and sexism. YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: " VmerEcan Graffifti" ee -;!' MUSIC ANN ARBOR Ktk: Skunk's Miserj Btring Band, 9pm, íl, folk Golden I atcon: Live entertairunenl Kmbo's on the Hiü: 1 ryst, see 24 Blind Pig: Synergy, 9:30, si. jazz Chances Aro: Goodtime, 9pm !i I lood's Party: Diamond Roo. 9:30, SI c&v, Pretzel Bell: Rl I) Boys,9pm, SI. bluegrass Rubaiyat: l)ini & the Continentals, ' no covor l'ol'M School ol luMi : I acult) Recital, John McCotlum, tenor: Nancj Hodge, piano. Spm Rackham continued from page 25 YPSILANTI Bimbo's: Little Rubep & the Average American White Band, 9:30. r&r Huron Hotel & Loonge: Iris Bell. 9pta, SI Suds J-aclory: Vtkiz Kids, see Weds. 25 DETROIT Raven Gaflery: liuiïo & Elairte Philpoe, see 24 Rcil Carpe l: Magu Panda, sec 24 The Sa voy: David lij om hoi e, 10 A 1 2, $5 I lic Underground Express: Soulful Sonics, Dcstination l.ove & Sainmy Ward, sec 24 Watts Club Mozambique: c'.ruily late, see 23 t. LANSING The SnMes: Pharoah Sanders, sec 23 1 Ilickory Wind, 9:30pin, country rock WAYNL The Red Door: Pa Webb & ilic Young Country 9pm, no cover, c& TV 6:50pm: Commtmity Announicments, Cable 3 7:0()in: Coimnunity Dialogue, Cabie 3 I 2 mitiniuht: Announcements, Cable 3 EVENTS ANN ARBOR Comic Opera Gnild presen is Johann Strauss" "Die t'ledertnaus" 8pm in Lydia Mendelssohn rbeatre, $3. Invo 665-6074 Peachy ('reani presenls "I evei Puch" (a musical Comedy revue) 8pra, tast Quad Aud $2. Info and rescrvalions cali 764-41X4 between 6 and 8ptn I ranscendental Mcditation, 8pm in the Union Kuencl Rin. tree YPSILANTI EMÚ Theatre presen ts Shakespeare's Richard 111, Hpm at Quirk Aud 1 Ml! Campus. I kket info: 487-1221 University Theatre Program presentí BRKAI) tí ROSES, see Wed. 25 mi ? Moon in Capricorn MOVIES ANN ARBOR t'irKina II: "Adrift" (Jan Kadai) C.cch, sublilles, 7 & 9, SI Mediatrks: "Save the li;:er" witli Jack Lemmon. 7:30 & 9:30, SI New World I ilni Coop: "Anierican CiralTitti" 7&9:15 (MLB3)$I.25 YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: ■"American tjr.itïitti" see 25 DETROIT ( ass City Cinema: "Dcad Rcckoning" (John Crotnwell ) with Humphrev Uouart 7 & 30 $1.50 Detroit 1 ilm III: "Shadows of our l'orpotten Anccstors" (Serge Parajanov) 7 & 9 (in Rackham Aud. 80 l'arnsworth), S2 (students SI) MUSIC ANN ARBOR Ark: Paul Sievel, 9pm. $2.50, folk Golden l'alcon: Uve entertainment Bimbo's in Ann Arbor: Ciaslihters, 9pm, ragtime Bimbo's on the Ilill: Trysl lealuring Mike Taylor, 9pm, no cover, r&r Blind Pig: Silvertone-;. 9:30, SI. r&bc&w Chances Are: Good Time, 9pm Tlie Hill Lounge: The Buil Winkles,9:30 no cover Mr. flood's Party: Merrimal County, 9:30, Sl.c&w Pretel Bell: RID Boys. 9pm. SI .50, blucsrass Rubaiyat: We Ihe Peoplc, 9:30 UofM School of Music: Contemporary Directions, 8pm, Rackham Aud. YPSILANTI Bimbo's: Uttfe Ruben & ihe Average Amencan White Hand, sce 26 Huron Hotel & Lounge: Iris Bell, see 26 The Underground: Ezekial Lonprspur, 9:30, $1 Suds I actory: Gabriel, 9:30pm, $1, horns DITROIT Baker's Keyboard: Art BJakey, 9:30, $3.50. jazz Poor Woman'j Parad ite: Cindy Laverty, 9 to midnight, $1.50, blues piano Raven Gallery: Bufïb & Klaine Pfailpoc, see 24 Red Carpet: Magie Panda, see 24 The Savoy: Secret Life. 10 & 12, $2, r&r The Underground Express: Soultul Sonics, l)L'sliiuilKn luvc & Sanimy Ward, see 24 Watts Out) Mozambique: (r.idy Tnte, sec 23 lord Auditorium: Queen, 8pm, tickets S6.50, 5.50, 4.50 at Bo Ollice or by mail F. LANSING The Siabli's: Pharoah Sanders, 10 & I2ptn,jaz2 Lizards: Hickory Wind, see l'hur. 26 WAYNh The Red Door. Pa Webb & the Yotfflg Country, see 26 TV 6:50pm: ('ommuntty Announcements, Cable 3 7:00pm: Comrmrnjty Dialogue, ('abel ? l0:0Üpm: Bergman I ilm festival: "The Sitence"Ch. 56 EVENTS ANN ARBOR Comic Opera (íuild presente Dte lledermaus sec 26 Peathy Creara presents "Kever Pitth" sec 26 Universtty Theatre Program presents BRI-.AD& ROSES, see Wed. 25 YPSILANTI I MU Theatre presents Shakespeare's Richard 111. see 26 Moon in Capricorn MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema II: "Les Biches" (Cbude Chabroi) Frcnch, subtitles, 7 & 9, SI Modiatncs: "Save the Tiger" sce 27 New World lilm Coop: "Ameritan Gratïitti" sec 27 and "Sex In Ihc Cinema" 7, 8:30 and 10 (M1B4) SI. 25 YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: "The Wild One" with Marton Brando and "Rebel Without a Cause" wilh James Dean, 8pm, SI DETROIT i 'ass City Cinema: "Three Slranuers" (Jeqa Negutesco) 7 & 9:30, SI. 50 Detroit lilm Theatre UI: " l'he Rise ol' Louis XIV" (Robert Rosseilini) 7 & 9, 52 (studentrSD MUS1C ■ ANN ARBOR Ark: Paul Siebel, see Iri. 27 Gulden lalcon: live entertainment Bimbo's in Ann Arbor: Gaslighters, see 18 Bimbo'j on the Hill: fryst, see 24 Blind Pig: Silvertones, see 27 Chances Are: Good Time, 9pm The Hill Lounge: The Buil Winkles, see 37 Mt. Ftood's Party: Merrimac County, see 27 Pretzcl Bell: RID Boys, see 2.H Rubaiyat: We The People, see 27 UofM School of.Music: Deree Rceital; Cynthia lergusen, violin. 8pm, Retiial Hall YPSILANTI Bimbo's: Little Ruben & the Average American White Band, see 26 Huron Hotel & Lounge: Iris Bell, see 26 The Underground: Ezekia] Lonjispur, see 17 Suds l'actory: Gabriel, see (ri. 27 DETROIT Baker's Keyboard: Art Blakey, see Jri. 27 Michigan Concert Palace: The Strmwbs Poor Woman's Paradise: hve Wonda and Barb Haagerty, 9im-midnight, $1.50, contempcirary and original tolk Raven Gailery: Buffo & Klame Philpoe, sec 24 Red Carpet: Magie Panda, see 24 The Savoy : Tim Weisberg, 1 0 & 12, $5, jazz The Underground Express: Souiful Sonics, Destination Lovc & Sammy Wurd, see 24 Watts Club Mozambique: (rady Tale, see 23 E. LANSING The Sfabies: PharoaJ] Sanders, see 27 1 iards: Ilickory Wind. see thur. 26 WAYNE 1 he Red Door: Pa Webh & ihe Young Country, sec 26 TV 6:50pm: Communiiy Announcements. Cable 3 7:0(lpm: Community Dialogue, Cable 3 12 midnight: Cönrniunit) Annouacements, Cable 3 EVENTS ANN ARBOR Coinit Opera GtlikJ presents Die I ledermaus, 2 & 8m (cvening $3, matinee $2.50) see 26 Andrcw Koek tpabrishei of Periódica] Lunch) will be reading fiction at the DEL RIO in the atternoon (2pm) Peaehy Crcam presents "I ever Pitch" see 26 Univcrsity Theatre Program presents BRf'.AD & ROSES, see Wed. 25 YPSILANTI I Ml' Theatre prevenís Shakespeare' Richard III, see 26 DKTROIT Bizarre Bazaar: Garage Sale' Basement Sale! Rea Market! Crat't Show! Art I-air! 30 booths in all, sellinj! antiques, lurniture, knick-knacks, leatlier goods, original cral'ls, original ,irt. stained glass, t'antastii' clothtn;: Idam-Hpni at the Birminfiham Masonic Temple, 357 Woodward (just north ot' Big Beaver (16 Mile Road. Á Benefit tor Cominon Ground, Crisis Intervention C enter suniii f Moon n Capricorn then in Aquarius 4:1 7am MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema II: "A Married Woman" (Jean-Luc Godard) t rench, subiitles, 7 & 9, $1 YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: 'The Wild One" and "Rebel Without a Cause" see 28 MUSIC ANN AKBOR Ark: Jam session, 2pm, all weieome tor tree; Paul Siebel, see In. 27. Also-6:30pm shape note sinuing Bimbo's in Ann Arbor: Austin Moro's Big Rock-Jaz? Band, 2-5:3Opm: the Gasliphters, 9pm, ragtime Bimbo's on the HUI: Tryst, sec 24 Blind Kg: Golliurd Brass Lnsemble, 9:30, 504 Chances Are: Good 1 ime, 9pm Del Rio: Live tree jazz in the atternoon Mr. Ilood's Party: Mike Smith and His Country Volunteers, 9:30, 50!, c&w LloCM School ofMusic: f)egree Recital: Christine Mulder, violin, 2:3Opm, Recital Hall; t-'acuity Recital: Louis Nagel, puno, 4pm, Rackham Aud.; Degrec Recital: Cathy Hilbish, soprano. 8pm, Recital Hall; Dcree Recital: Joanne Burke, clarinel, 8pm, Stearns Buildin YPSILANTI Bimbo's: to be announced Huron Hotel & Lounge: Ins Bell. 9pm. no cover The Underground: Ezekial Lonpspur, 9:30 DETROIT Bakei's Keyboard: Art Blakey, see Iri. 27 Poor Women's Paradise: live jazz, 2-5pm, $1.50 Raven Gallcry: Buffo & t'laine Philpoe, see 24 Red Carpet: Magie Panda, see 24 The Savoy: lim Wetsberg, sec 28 The Underground Express: Souiful Sonics, Destination Love & Sammy Ward, see 24 Watts Club Mozambique: Grady Tate, see 23 Mqsonic Auditorium: John Mayall with special guest stars Kelt' Hartley Band and April Wine, 7:30, Tickets 7.50,6.50,4.50 available by mail order oniy lo Masonic Box Office. 500 Temple, Detroit 48202 WAYNE The Red Door: Pa Webb the Young Country, see 26 EVENTS ANN ARBOR Acu-pressure Massage Workshop. Healing sa!c bascd on acupuncture pressure points. lOam-Spm. Please cafl 662-8858 lor further informa tion DETROIT Bizarre Bazaar, noem te 6pm, see 28 Moon in Aquarius MOVIES ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor Film Coop: "Stagecoach" (John I onl) ')pm, SI. 25 Cinema duld: "The Ceremony" (Nagisa Oshimai Japanesc, subtitles, 7 & 9:05, $1 MUSIC ANN ARBOR Blind Pig: Blue Mnnday witll Bougie Woojút Red, 9:30, $1 YPS1LANTI Bimbii's: l.illlc Rutoen and the Average American White Band, see 26 Suds Factory: Possum Kreek, 9:30pm, $.50 r&r DETROIT Raven Gallery: Snnny Terry & Brownre McGhee. 9:30 & 10:30, S3.5O Watts ('liih Mozambique: Marlene Shaw, 10:30. Ï3.5O, jazz E. LANSING llie Brewerv: Mahofany Rush, 9:30, r&r The Stablos: George Benson, 8:30 & 10:30 ja Li.ards: Iriends Road Show, 9:3üpm: mime, maptc, r&r TV 2:00pm: Woni.m and Chiidren in China, see 25.7ptn,Ch. 56 EVENTS ANN ARBOR l'uturc Worlds Let ture Series presents a PANIl. DISCUSSION on luture Knergy Systems: WHAT FORM? 8pm in Rackham Auditorium (Geothermal power, solar power, tidal power, wind power and energy ereated from organic wastes). Chinese New Year of the Hare (4673) Moon in Aquarius then in Pisces 4:46pm MOVIES ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor lilm Coop: "The Ruling C'lass" (Peter Metliik) 7 & 9:45, SI. 25 Cinema Guild: "Wings" (William Wellman) 7pm, $1 ; "Ben Hur (Fred Nible) 9:30, SI New World lilm Coop: "Animal Crackers" (Mar Bros.) 7 & 9 (Nat Sci) $1.25 MUSIC ANN ARBOR Bimbo's on the Milt : Tryst, 9pm, no cover, r&r Blind Ptg: Duddy "G"and the Nihl Train, 9:3O,$l,r&bjazz Chances Are: Moppy, 9pm, r&r UofM School of Music: Trumpet Student Recital, 12:3Opm, Recital Hall and JAZZORAMA, 8pm, Hill Auditorium, SI lillUBIIHMIK YPSILANTI BimboV Lirtle Rubén & the Average American Whiic. Bami. tee 26 Suds lactorv: Possum Kreek, sec Mon. 210 DETROIT Bakert Keyboard: An Blakey, see I ri. 2il Raven Gallery: Sonny lerry & Brownk McGhee, see 210 fheSavoy: Muddj Waters, 10 A 12. kir cover info 96.1-71(11). blues The Underground Express: Olhei Biothers Duo. Pamela Valencia, Conlagious Oihers and siiiLNiiü Sammy Waid. 10:45, 12:45 $2, soul Watts Club Mozambique: Mariene Shaw, see 210 I . LANSING Hie Siablos: George Bcnsoti. see 2: 10 Lizards: Countr) I ried , Allen Lee. 9:30pm, Bluegrass TV 6:50pm: CotnmunilN Annottncements, Cabli 3 7:()0pm: Community Dialogue, Cable 3 9:3Opm: One lan China ?6 "A Circa i Treasurehouse. This segmenl explores C hmese medicine and i ts new applications includinj acupuncnire. ( h. 56 IO:OOpm: Soundstage: "Herbie and Chick" Herbie Hancock and Chick ('orea. Ch. 56 12 midnight; Community Announcements CaMc 3 ÜOlliSlI li Moon n Pisces MOV I ES NN RBOR mi Arboi Film Coop: "Mauit Sade" (Peier Brook) 7 & '). M. 25 (Hierna Guild: "Wings" and "'Ben Uur" ee 23 I I riends of ihe SUN International I Hm Series: "The l nquiei Ueaih ot .tullus and l'lhel Roscnhcr?" (U.S.) 7 & 9. MLli 3. SI .511 YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: "Serpieo" uith Al Patino, 7 & 9:30. si MUSIC ANN ARBOR Ark: Hooi Niie. 9pnï, S.75. fuik liimbo's uu the [lili: Iryst. see 21 I Blins; Pia: Bete Noir, 9:30, SJ.jazz Chances Are: Mopp) . see 21 1 Mr. f lood's Party: Eric Glatz, 9:30, 50v'. folk Pietel Bell: ('liarlie Mooie, 9pm. 'SI, blueiirass YPSILANTI Bimbo's: Linie Ruben & the Average American White Band. see 26 Huron Hotel & I ounge: Iris Bell, 9pm. nu cover I he Undergroufld: Ketch, 9:30. r&r Stuis I aciory: Possum Kreek, see Mon. 210 DETROIT HaKer's Ke board: Art Blakey. see I -ii. 27 Raven GaUer) : Sonny Terry & Brownie McChee, see 210 Is ivoy: Muddy Waters, see 21 1 llie l ndefground Express: Othei Brothers Duo. Pamela Valencia, Contagious Others, and Sammy Ward. soe 1 I Watts Club Mozambique: Mariene Shaw see 2 10 li. LANSINc; I h e Stables: Gcome Benson see Í10 TV 10:01) midmiUit: Announcements, Cable 3 EVENTS YPSILANTI Christine Rochefort (trom France) wilt s(.eak on the WOMEN'S 1 Ifl MOM Ml N ! in France at I 2 noon in the Guild Room and lpm in the Towei Room I Ml Campus DETROIT I he Iriends Road Show vill pertorm mime. manie and roek & roll at ihe Escape Lounge (Joy and Greenfield) Moon in PLsces MOVIES ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor lilm Coop: "North hy Norlhwest" (Altred Hitcncock) 7 & 9:30, SI .25 Indochina PeaceCampaign: "Seven Das m May (John t-rankenheimerl and "I ecuthne Action" ( Miller) 7:30 & 9:30 (Nai Sci) S2 (doublé bill) . Cinema Guftd: "Thelpx-Box Incident" ( w Uli.mi Weliman) 7pm, $l;"Gertrud" (C"arl rheodoi Dreyer) 9:05pm, SI Women's Studies I ilm Series: "Francés 1 lahert) : Hidden & Seeking" A still photographer, partner of documental? ñbnmakei Roben Flahert) reminisccíabout hei lile (n beautitul old woman) YPSILA.NTI Mud Cinema : "Serpieo" see 2, I 2 MUSIC N ARBOR Bimbo's on ihe Ihll: Tryst, see 2t 1 Blind IV: Sil veranes. 9:30, SI, r&be&i Chances Are: Moppy, see 2 I I Golden I alcon entertainment Mr. I lood's Partj : Diamond Reo 9-30, 75 Pretzel Hcll: RJ n Hny. Spm, SI, btuegrass Rubaiyst: Diño & the Con unen tais, 9:30 no covet I oi1 School o Music: 1 e une Demonstralion "HOLOGRAPH1C I'ROJI CTORS AND READ1 KS ïo) Classrooros and research" 8pm, Rackham Aud YPSILANTI Himho: l.uiic Rulien & the Average American White Band, see 2 ( Hurón Hotel & Lounge: Iris Heil. 9pm, si The Underground: Keich, see 2 12 SikU Factory: Possuui Kreek, see Moa. 210 ül TROIT li:iker Keyboard: Art Blakey, see I ri. 27 Raven (ialler : Sonny Terry L Bruwnte McGhee, see 210 The S.ivi! : Mudd) Waters, see 2' I 1 Ihe Underground I xprea: Other Brothers Duo, Contagious Öthcrs, Pamela aleneia, and S.immy Ward see 21 1 Watts Club Mozambique: Mariene Shaw, see 210 E. LANS1NG The Stabies: (come Bcnson. see 2I0 Lizards: Tate Blues Band. 9:3Opm Blues WAYNF I be Red Door: Pa Webb & the Country Youne, 9pnt, no cover .&. TV 6:50pm: Cotnmunits Announcements, C'ahlc 3 2:00pm Community Dialogue, Cable 3 12 midnight: Announcements, Cable 3 EVENTS DETROIT Ihe I nends Roadshow uill perlorm at the Escape Lounge, see 2 1 2 iüJlili HUy I I I m Jt-S J Vl-V !! it Moon n Pisces then in Aries 5:23am MOVIES ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor I ilm Coop: "Ihe Producers" (Mei Brook) 7,8:45, 10:30. SI Cinema Guild: "'The St. Valentine's Da) Massacre" (Roger Comían) 7 & ():iis. SI Cinema 11: Ann Arbor Premiere: "Seduction ol Mimi" (Lena Wertmuller) Italian, stiblitles, 7 & 9. $1.25 Medíanles: "linie Big Man" with Dusttn Hoffman and l ave Dunawaj . 7:30 c. 9:45, SI YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: "Serpico" see 212 DETROIT Cass City Cinema: "The Pawnbroker" (Sidney l.amiit) 7 & 9:30, SI. 50 Detroit I lm Thealre III: "WeddJOg UI Blood" (CJaude Chahrol) 7 ü 9, S2 (studeats si ) MUSIC ANN ARBOR Ark: Michael Coone) . Joe Hickerson, Barrj U'Neill, Sam Hintun. 9pm. $2.50, lolk (jolden faicon: Live entertainment Bimbo's in Ann Arbor: Gaslighters, 9pm. raptime Bimbo's on the Hdl: Iiysi. see 21 I Blind Pig: The Othersute. 9:30, SI, jazz Chances Are: Moppy, see 211 The Hill Lounge: Mojo Boogie Band, 9:30, no cover, r&r Mr. llood's Party: Jaubone. 9:30, SI. c& Pretzel Bell: Rl Í) Boys, 9pm. $1.50, bluegiass Rubaryat: We The Peóple, 9:30. no covei YPSILANTI Bimbo's: Little Rubcn & the Average American White Band. see 26 Iluron Hotel & Lounge: Iris Bell, Set 213 The l ihIoiltouihI: Kok 11. set 212 Suds i actor] Potsuin Kreek, 9 JOp'm. $i,r&r DETROIT Baker's ke board: n Btekej . see I ri. 27 Pooi Womcn's Paradise: Linda Sheevey, 9 io inutnifhi. $1.20, contemponr) pianist and vocalist Raven düllcrv: Sonnj Ferry Jt Brownit McGhee. see 210 1 lio Sa voy: Muddj Waters, see 2 1 I Uk' Underground Express: Othei Hrtv Duo, Pamela alencia, Contagious Others and Sammy Ward, vee 211 Watts Club Mozambique: Mariene Shaw, see : io Cobo Arena: Rod Stewart and Faces, i. tickets: 7.50, 6.50 avaikible ly mail order .ni to Cobo Box OlTice, 9iil I . Jetïerson. Detroil 48226 1 . I NSI(, Ihe Siabl-,: George Benson, 10 A 12pm, jazz I izards: fate Wues Band, see fhur. 2 1 i TV I0:00pm: Bergman Fihn Festival "Dreams" ( h. S6 EVENTS DETROIT Ilie I neiuis Road Sho will perform ai the I scape LcuiiiL-e. see 212 Moon in Aries MOVIES ANN ARBOK Cinema Guild: "Maltese Kalcon" (John I li nston) with Hutttphrey Bogurt, 7 & 9:5. SI Cinema II: "Seduction of Mimi" see 2.14 Medialrks: ■■Linie Big Man" sec 214 New World I ilm ('uup: "Ihe H.inlci 1 hev Come" wnh Jimm CHrf, 7 & 9, $1.25 YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: "Scarecrow" w i t li Gene Hackman, 7 & 9, SI DFTROIT ( ;i c'ii Cinema: "I .11 City" t J hn Houston) Detroit I Uní Ilieaire II: "Torment" (All Sjoberg) 7 & 9, $2 (students ñ i MUSIC ANN ARBOR Ark: Michael Cooney, luc Hickerson, li;irrv O'Ncill, S.uii Hinton, see I ri. 214 Golden Falcón: Live entertainment Bimbo's m Ana Arhor: I he Gailighters, see 214 Bimbo's on the HUI: rryst, sec 21 1 Bhmt Pig: l"he Other Stde, 9:30, jazz Chances Are: Mopp) , see 21 1 Ihe HUI: Mojo Boogie Band., sec 214 Mr. lïood's Party : JWborte, sec 214 Rubaiyai: We The People, see 214 Pretzel BeM: RI I) Boys, see 214 YPSILANTI Bimbo's: I mie Roben & the Avenjge American White Band see 26 Huron Hotel & Lounge: lm Bell, 213 Fhe Underground: Keich, see 212 Suds Factor) : Possum Kreek, sec In. 214 DETROI1 Baker's Keyboard: An Btakey, see 1 ri. 2 7 Michigan Concert Pulace: RH) Speedv Pooi Women's Pjjradise: Musicand Art I air COI I I I HOUS1 Hl NI I IT, 6pm tonndniL'hl. SI .50 Raven Gallery: Sorui) lerry &. Brownie McGhee, see 210 Savo) Miuldy Waters, sec 21 I [he l nderüround Express; Other Bros. Duo Pjmelu Valencia, Contagious Othcrs and Sanimy Ward, see 21 1 Watts Club Mozambique: Mariene Sluw. see 210 TV 7:00pm: Soundstage, "Herbie & Chick1 see 2ll.Ch. 56 I0:30pm: Gerald I ord't America: " News". Projtram l'ocuseson the men ;mi! women of the Whtte llniísi' prest corps, Hun elite smup whose iives .iro geured to Gerald Ford'severj move. Ch EVENTS N ARBOR i ()' vi MOTION i ik .11 Communlty Hi-ii School, noon u 5 (with information aboui the differeni community organizations al ready participa tin; in I ocal Motion), inusit . sliilo sho v oí local social sen ce activtties and more Membership i;inls uill be on sale tor SI Como Joki Us!