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SO,YOU DIDN'T WIN THE POUND OF COLOMBIANA ff% YOUCANSTILL T lj SUBSCRIBE! f(lj! j IM yL Yes, friends, the SUIM's With your subscription If you subscribe J rJM isrfPW'T "Win a Pound of Colomto the SUN you'll enter a now, while you're jLd0T9&m'r Efcx -íLív bian" Contest is now ofworld which doesn't exist in thinking about it, and feS é& MnffwvO ficially over, and only one the daily newspapers or on you take out a full ? j!L w" -JTTct "PJDO of you won the Big Prize in teevee. You'll read the stories year's (24 issues) sub"IJDO our Super Drawing last Friday behind the "news" as reported by scription, we can supply you afternoon. But that doesn't mean the conglomérate media, and our with your choice of five TRIBE RECORDS releaeverything's all over with - not by a long shot. The news analysts will put these stories into ses produced by some of Detroit's leading black SUN has lots more ideas up its collective sleeve, and perspective so you'll hopefully be able creative musicians - Wendell Harrison, Marcus you can keep up with them - plus the significant to figure out what the fuck it all means to Belgrave, Harold McKinney, Phil Ranelin, and cultural and political happenings around the área you. Regular features on health care, new the collective improvisational unit known as and the world - by subscribing to Ann Arbor's scientif ie discoveries, the energy problem, Ann Tribe. You won't find these records offered Community News Service. Every two weeks Arbor politics, the University's latest machinaby any other newspaper in the country (with you'll receive your copy of the SUN, in the tions, the international scène, and consistent covthe happy exception of TRIBE magazine, mail or, if you live in Ann Arbor or Ypsi, erage of contemporary music and culture which canpublished by the Tribe collective in Dedelivered directly to your door the day it not be found elsewhere all come your way every two troit), but that's another of the unique hits the streets. weeks in the Ann Arbor SUN benefits which comes with reading and following the Sun. ANDWE LLGIVE YOU A FREE RECORD! Now we'll keep on offering different records from time to time t&Mllfm & If you still don't care to subscribe to the SUN (and that's with our subscriptions, but the supply of these TRIBE RECORDS f f certainly your prerogative) but want to get the TRIBE RE is extremely limited, due to the fact that the musicians press them vA, CORDS or TRIBE MAGAZINE instead, please address your themselves and don't have hundreds of copies to throw 4V ,-■ inquiries to TRIBE, 81 Chandler, Detroit, MI. away on promotions. So you must act now, and V iNfia 48202. They're trying to do it the same way we i when you do be sure to ■ list your first, second uuw8 UZK' are, and we all need W all the help we can get. and third choices. k 'TjJÉÍ Ê V A X ' . I', Ml I. n h a r a tW fl V . , m ViJ i o V wtmni. . KMbvcrr-oanMtHa3wungr(1hMb, Xx 'M &f ' 1 I - Yes, I want a oneyear subscription and a copy of the record I have ndicated below. My NAME _____ check for S5.50 is enclosed. (Checkoff your first, second and third choices as supplies are limited.)_ A Message From the Tribe; Philip Ranelin:_The Time Is Now; Harold McKinney: ADDRESS - Voicesand Rhythms of the Creative Profile; Marcus Belgrave:_Gemini II; Wendell Har " rison:_AnEveningWiththeDevil. cTy state - I don't want a record right now but would like to enter a trial subscription at S2.00 for 8 issues. Please start my sub with Issue Number send check to the Ann Arbor SUN, 603 E. William St., Ann Arbor Michigan 48108. i. - _ _ _ _ _ _■ wmm - - Mkaa - - _ ■ _ _ _ ,mm-mm - - - _- - __ _t _ __ _ _ _ __ __ _ __ _ __ __ _ mmm _„ . _ _„ - _ J