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SUN COLLECTIVE: Barbara Weinberg, Kathy Kelley. llame Wriclu Toni Pomaiki, Dianne Ripley, David Fenton.Gaiy Keil. (Note: The SUN Colleetive is the group of peopie linally responsible lor the paper's content, direction and economics). MANAGING EDITORS: David I en ton and Barbara Weinbert: NEWS EDITOR: Ellen Holïntan ( ONTRIBUTING EDITORS: David Stoll (Local News); Ellen I rank (Movies); Bill Adler (Music); Pun Plamondon (World News); John Sinclair (founder); Michael Castleman, Linda Ross. STAFF CARTOONIST: Gary Keil PRODUCTION MANAGER: Kathy Kelley ADVERTISING MANAGER: David Sinclair ADVERTISING SALES: Torn Pomaski, Bill Byerley. OFFICE MANAGER AND COMPTROLLER: Dianne Ripley DISTRIBUTION AND CIRCULATION: I rank Bach and Peggy Taube. CALENDAR: Elaine Wright ART AND PRODUCTION STAFF: Torn Kuzma, Matt 1 airey, Chris Irayne, Mike Minnich, Vicki Morgan, Bill Koopman CIRCULATION AND DISTRIBUTION STAFF: Pat Curtis, Joel Aunutilte, Charlie Nelson, Cari Hopper, Stormy, Ace, Jake "The Shake' Woods, Lisa, Mark Mallory, Greg Fox, Darryl Brown, John Voisine. VOLUNTEER HELP THIS ISSUE: Margie Kelley, Rich Droviland, Peggy Skalsey, Denise Angela Rickman, Ron Robbins, Steve Kagan, Stephen Graham, Greg Lutz, Mark Clancy, Michael P. COVER: by Barbara Weinberg The SUN subscribes to Zodiac News Service (ZNS), Pacific News Service (PNS) and Liberation News Service (LNS). Ann Arbor SUN Vol. 3 Issue No. 4 Feb. 14-28, 1975 The Ann Arbor Sun is published bi-weekly by the Ann Arbor Sun, Inc., a registered Michigan non-profït corporation. Offices are at 603 E. William, Ann Arbor, MI, 48108. Business & editorial phone: (313) 761-7148. Home Delivery phone: (313) 994-4337. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: 8 issues for S2.00, 24 issues for S5.50, 48 issues for Si 0.00. All Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti subscriptions are home delivered. Second Class Postage Paid at Ann Arbor Mich v ' J